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Tony An rocks ’90s fashion for ‘Respond 1997′

Tony An shared a photo of himself dressed in ’90s style fashion. The singer and CEO of TN Entertainment recently shared the photo above on his official Twitter page with the message, “I filmed a sitcom called ‘Respond 1997‘ today

The cast of upcoming drama "Respond 1997" takes a picture together in parody of H.O.T.

The main cast of the upcoming drama "Respond 1997" has gathered together to take a parody picture of the historical famous K-Pop group, H.O.T. The story line of "Respond 1997" takes the viewers back in time to the 1990s when the nation's famous groups H

"Respond 1997" Seo In-guk's Kyeongsang-do romance

Known as the 'memory reviver' for the 20s to 30s, cable tvN drama "Answer to 1997" Seo In-guk melted hearts with his 'Kyeongsang-do romance' from the very beginning. On the episode of this drama on the 24th, Yoon-je (Seo In-guk) started to feel something confusing for his childhood friend Si-won (Jung Eun-ji) and was reviewed that he did his part well

"Respond 1997" Eunji Doesn't Mind Getting Her Hands Dirty for Acting, "Homeless Idol?"

A Pink, Eunji eunji natural acting In a photo of the tvN drama "Respond 1997," A Pink Eunji is seen in a big box in a dirty old alley, looking as if she slept in it Fans who viewed the photo commented, "Eunji, where did you sleep?" and, "Is Eunji now a homeless idol?" They also wrote, "Eunji's countryside Korean accent is really good!" and, "She's from the 2030 generation but she reminds me of myself

Sin Bong-seon in "Respond 1997" as fan club chief

Comedian Sin Bong-seon made an appearance in the drama "Respond 1997". "Respond 1997" showed Sin Bong-seon as head of the H.O.T fan club. She appeared in front of fans who had been lining up all night to get tickets to the concert and announced she was hiring new staff

[Spoiler] "Respond 1997" sudden adult-rated video

Eun Ji-won was caught watching porn in his room. tvN drama "Answer to 1997" on the 14th showed Do Hak-chan (Eun Ji-won) getting caught by his father while watching porn. Hak-chan started watching porn with the lights off in his room

'Respond 1997' Jung Eunji and Seo In Guk Break Stereotypes

tvN, Respond 1997, Jung Eunji, A Pink, Seo In Guk Viewers seem to have an aversion to seeing idols turn into actors and there are many reasons for that. The biggest reason is the lack of acting abilities and experience

[SPOILER] INFINITE’s Hoya makes a shocking confession on ‘Respond 1997′

Member Hoya of popular boy group INFINITE has given fans and viewers of his sitcom quite a surprise On the most recent broadcast of tvN drama ’Respond 1997‘, which aired on August 1st, Hoya’s character Junhee made a surprising confession when he revealed the identity of his secret crush to Siwon (A Pink‘s Eunji)

Eun Ji Won has a chance to criticize his own acting from 1998 in ‘Respond 1997′

Through a recent episode of ‘Respond 1997‘, actor Eun Ji Won had a chance to watches his past self on screen with his character, Do Hak Chan. During the episode, Do Hak Chan and his girlfriend Mo Yoo Jung (Shin So Yool) had sweet time to go out together

'Respond 1997' A Pink's Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bomi Appear as Cameos

respond 1997, a-pink, park cho rong, bomi A Pink Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bomi tvN drama "Respond 1997" has a lot of aspects that are different from other dramas. From its ability to reminisce on the sweet memories of the 90's to the new cameo actors in each episode, providing a fresh new feeling each episode

A Pink’s Eunji and Seo In Guk remake COOL’s “All For You” for ‘Respond 1997’ OST

A Pink’s Eunji and Seo In Guk, who are receiving much love for Sung Siwon and Yoon Yoonje roles on tvN’s drama ‘Respond 1997’, have lent their amazing vocals for the series’ OST

"Respond 1997" Seo In Gook Confesses to Jung Eunji

respond 1997, seo in guk, jung eunji "Respond 1997" and its loveline finally marked its beginnings.  Teasers of the upcoming episodes of tvN "Respond 1997" were revealed and acquired over 27,000 view on its YouTube channel, which is a sign that a lot of fans are waiting eagerly for what is to come next

'Respond 1997' Celebrities Love It Too

tvN, Respond 1997, Seo In Guk, A Pink, Jung Eunji, Super Junior, Tony An tvN's weekend drama "Respond 1997" has been causing a widespread syndrome of sorts, characterized by good acting, a unique perspective of the first generation of idols and their fan girls

[Spoiler] "Respond 1997" Song Jong-ho kisses Jung Eun-ji on the forehead

Song Jong-ho kissed Jung Eun-ji on the forehead. On the eleventh and twelfth episodes of the tvN drama "Respond 1997", Yoon Tae-woong (Song Jong-ho) and Seong Si-won (Jung Eun-ji) met up late at night

"Respond 1997" Jung Eunji, Who Will She Choose?

respond 1997, jung eunji, seo in gook Jung Eunji's future husband is the topic to talk about online. On the Tuesday episode of "Respond 1997" Si Won (played by Jung Eunji) and Yoon Jae (played by Seo In Gook)'s love story began

'Respond 1997' Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji Recording Picture Revealed

tvN, Respond 1997, Seo In Guk, A Pink, Jung Eunji, All For You 'Respond 1997' Seo In Gook and Jung Eunji Recording Picture Revealed Singers Seo In Guk and A Pink member Jung Eunji have revealed a picture from their recording session for their project single "All for You

[SPOILER] Eun Ji Won’s first kiss in 14 years for ‘Respond 1997′

Eun Ji Won acted for tvN‘s drama ‘Respond 1997′! and had the first kiss in 14 years. After the upcoming episodes 13 and 14 were released, a clip of Do Hak Chan (Eun Ji Won) and Mo Yoo Jung (Shin So Yul) which was disclosed and two main characters had a kiss after meeting each other for the first time in six years

BtoB’s Sungjae takes a friendly snapshot with Seo In Guk and A Pink’s Eunji who star ‘Respond 1997′

Member Sungjae of boy group BtoB has recently updated fans with a friendly snapshot with Seo In Guk and A Pink‘s Eunji, who stars in drama ‘Respond 1997‘ . The photo of Sungjae and the ‘Respond 1997′ stars was released on the 4th, drawing much attention from the fans of the three singers

After School’s Juyeon makes a surprise cameo in high-rating drama ‘Respond 1997′

Juyeon, a member of the girl group After School made a cameo appearance on the 14th episode of hit tvN drama series, ‘Respond 1997’. Juyeon plays a role of a resident physician. She praised herself saying that her acting abilities come out naturally and she acted effortlessly

Seo In Guk and Eunji confess their true love for each other in ‘Respond 1997′

Seo In Guk and A Pink‘s Eunji have officially expressed their true love with a kiss scene on the September 4th episode of ‘Respond 1997‘. In the past episode, Siwon (played by Eunji) confessed her love toward Yoon Jae (played by Seo In Guk), but he could not respond to her as he knew that his brother Tae Woong also fell in love with her