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A Pink Performs "My My" Remix Ver. on Music Core

Rookie group A Pink sure has been busy since their debut last April. Despite "My My" being released in November, they won their first music show win last week on M! Countdown.Today on Music Core they performed the remix version of "My My

The Pink Wave Has Struck Japan

Just saw this on Twitter while trending #getwellsooyoung… Doesn’t this just look AWESOME ?!! The power of 9 has most certainly hit the Land of the Rising Sun (or Soshi in this case ) SNSD HWAITING !!! by: Kenneth@snsdkorean sources: http://twitter

The pink SEA.

Yes, not an ocean, but a SEA! In this case, I’m referring to South East Asia. image from wikipedia – but they got the colour wrong! Recently, some of the biggest communities in the SEA area have created a union known as SONESEA to form a stronger bond amongst SONEs in the region

It’s over 9000!!!!!!!!! (imagine the 9 is pink and bold because I can’t format titles)

What is? SNSD’s power level – duhh. Vegeta would probably Hoot his pants if he ever met the girls. Remember this from your childhood? Unfortunately for us, we don’t have tiny capsules that can give us full sized motorbikes and such… but Japan of course, has their own fascination with the idea of convenience

A Pink GSL Tournament

A Pink performing at PEPSI GSL AUG.CODE S Tournament (for gamers) on September 10th. Credit: Topstarnews (Korean)

A Pink at baseball game

A Pink was the special guests at a baseball game. Credit: Spdstudio (Korean)

Lizzy, smokey eyes+baby pink lips, “More beautiful than a rose”

After School’s Lizzy shows off sexy makeup for a mature look. Lizzy tweeted a short message along with the photo above on the 25th, “Have delicious dinner lol Woo~

A Pink's Oh Ha Young Graduates from Middle School

The youngest member of A Pink Oh Ha Young recently graduated from middle school! On February 3 at Seoul Yang Cheon Gu’s Shin Wol Middle School the graduation was held. A Pink’s agency A Cube Entertainment wrote on the official twitter, “Finally the youngest member Oh Ha Young has graduated from middle school

Kim Sa Rang, a goddess in pink descends for a fan meet

Kim Sa Rang‘s fan signing took place at the Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong, Korea.The fan signing with Kim Sa Rang was to mark the opening of the ‘Bequem Pop-up Store’. Bequem is a fashion company established by singer Chae Yeon as the CEO

A Pink Jung Eun Ji's Graduation Picture

Girl group A Pink member, Jung Eun Ji, is gaining attention for her graduation picture. A picture was recently uploaded on a well-known online community with the title, “A Pink Jung Eun Ji’s Graduation Picture” on February 5

A Pink: Most Promising Rookie Girl Group 2012 by MTV K

February 6, 2012 10:11 PM EST MTV K ranked the top 10 rookie girl groups of 2012during last week’s episode of Studio 5. The groups include from Dal Shabet and Piggy Dolls to Chocolat and spotlight artist A Pink

A Pink member Jung Eunji’s shocking past photo

Group A Pink’s Jung Eunji‘s past photo is heating up the internet. The photo above was posted on the 5th on an online community board under the title, “A Pink Jung eunji’s graduation photo”

A Pink's Hong Yoo Kyung is the Daughter of a Multimillionaire?

A Pink member Hong Yoo Kyung is quickly becoming a hot topic due to rumors of her being an "Uhm Chin Ddal" (A shortened phrase meaning "Mother's Friend's Daughter," referring to individuals whose mothers will mention in front of their own children to compare with them

MBlAQ Hints Their Interest for A Pink

Posted: February 9, 2012 4:36 AM EST mblaq, interest, A-pink, Eunji Idol group MBlAQ hints about their interest for girl group A Pink. MBlAQ will come out in the corner "This Week's Idol" on MBC Everyone's "Weekly Idol"

Cube CEO congratulates A Pink’s Eun Ji & Bomi on their high school graduation

A Pink‘s ’93-line’, Yoon Bomi and Jung Eun Ji have graduated from high school! Bomi and Eun Ji both received congratulatory messages from Cube Entertainment‘s chairman, Hong Seung Sung, who also took the time to snap some selcas with his artists

Father of A-Pink’s Yookyung owns company worth $90 million

A Pink‘s Yookyung is the daughter of a businessman that is worth 100 billion won or approximately $90 million USD. Yookyung’s father, Hong Ha Jong, is the CEO of DSR Corporation, a company that specializes in steel wire, rope and sling products

MBLAQ Has Their Eyes On A Pink?

Idol group MBLAQ expressed their liking towards girl group A pink. MBLAQ attended MBC Everyone 'This Weeks Idol'.  During the show, MBLAQ member Seungho complimented A Pink by saying "A Pink members are really kind and upright

MBLAQ members fight over A-Pink’s Eunji

The MBLAQ members have their eyes on girl group A-Pink. The boys who are actively promoting their song “This Is War” recently guest-featured to film the February 11th episode of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘

A-Pink Yu-Kyung Tells Her Fans To Be More Friendly

Posted: February 11, 2012 11:35 PM EST On the 11th, Hong Yu-Kyung from A-Pink tweeted to let her fans know that she is accessible person. Hong Yu-Kyung was known for her wealthy background as the daughter of DSR Wire Corporation CEO

A Pink surprises Mario with a visit and give encouragement

The ladies of A Pink surprised Mario backstage to congratulate the singer on his comeback. After a long hiatus, Mario has returned to stage with his new song “Text Message” on the February 12 edition of ‘Inkigayo’ and for this special occasion, the members of A Pink personally went to his waiting room to cheer for him