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Queen In Hyun's Man episode 14 Preview Preview Guards demand the door to be opened. BD inside the room with YW… telling his servants to open the door for them. BD was brought for prosecution. Minam was there too

Lee Hyori and Friends Attend Premiere for Uhm Jung Hwa's Film "Dancing Queen"

Uhm Jung Hwa’s friends went to watch the “Dancing Queen” VIP premiere show including: Lee Hyo Ri, Jung Jae Hyung, Hong Jin Kyung, Lee Young Ja, and Kim Wan Sun. Many other directors went to watch the premiere as well

Park Gyuri Is an MC Queen in Japan

Kara’s leader Park Gyuri will MC the 26th “Golden Disc Awards in Osaka” with Super Junior’s Lee Teuk. She will also MC the “Korean, Japanese Fashion Event KISS” with the famous Japanese model Uri Ebihara

Which Dancing Queen Will Still Be the Dancing Queen 10 Years from Now?

Netizens were recently surveyed on which female idol star they thought would still be hitting the stage as a "dancing queen" 10 years from now.  The survey was sponsored by a weekly movie magazine in time for Uhm Jung Hwa's upcoming film, "Dancing Queen

Eunjung’s bed scene in ‘Queen Insoo’ causes quite a stir

T-ara‘s Eunjung has been causing quite the stir thanks to her bed scene with actor Baek Sung Hyun. Due to the Lunar New Year holiday earlier this week, many netizens had missed catching their regular episode of ‘Queen Insoo’

T-ara's Eunjung's Bed Scene in "Queen Insoo" Rated 19 and Up

A steamy bed scene between T-ara's Eunjung and her "Queen Insoo" co-star Baek Sung Hyun has been the hot topic amongst netizens lately! An online community board recently updated with a few screenshots of a bed scene between the two stars on jTBC's weekend drama, "Queen Insoo

Uhm Jung Hwa and Hwang Jung Min’s celebratory ‘tear shot’ as ‘Dancing Queen’ breaks 2 million

Movie ‘Dancing Queen’ broke through the 2 million mark. Uhm Jung Hwa tweeted on January 29th, “I am so happy!! Dancing Queen has currently broken through 2 million. Congratulate us. I am really really happy and touched

‘Dancing Queen’ is #1 at the box office

The movie ‘Dancing Queen’, starring actor Hwang Jung Min and actress Uhm Jung Hwa has taken the box office by storm. ‘Puss In Boots’ which had been ranked #1 dropped 3 spots to #4

Han Hyo Joo becomes Lee Byung Hun’s Queen

Actress Han Hyo Joo will be appearing in the movie ‘King of Joseon’.Han Hyo Joo will be playing the role of the queen who suffers conflicts between the real king and the fake. Lee Byung Hun will be playing 2 roles, that of the real king ‘Kwanghaegoon’ and the fake ‘Hasun’ and this is the first time Lee Byung Hun and Han Hyo Joo are working together on a project

Lee Hyori? Hyori’s transformation into an enchanting party queen

Is that really Lee Hyori? After her perfect transformation into sexy Marilyn Monroe last month, Lee Hyori stepped up as the 1/2 of the ‘concept couple’ with the news of her relationship, and now she has transformed into an enchanting party queen

Sandara Park transforms into a queen for a day

Group 2NE1′s Sandara Park shows off her royal dignity. Sandara Park posted on her me2day on the 13th, “Thank you Blackjack. I love you. You did such great job Lackjacks. Thank you. The crown jjang!” and she attached the royal image above

Ham Eunjung makeup free selca, Queen Insoo looks tired…

Ham Eunjung showed off completely makeup free yet perfectly beautiful face. T-ara Ham Eunjung tweeted on December 7th, “The leisure of a drink. Gotta go out at 3am again but aigo happy. At least this” along with cute pictures

Lee Hyori & Leessang’s Gil become ‘Super Star K’ judges in movie ‘Dancing Queen’

Singer Lee Hyori and Leessang member Gil set out to support the comedy movie ‘Dancing Queen’. According to a ‘Dancing Queen’ insider, Lee Hyori and Gil okayed the cameo appearance thanks to their friendship with Hwang Jung Min and Uhm Jung Hwa

Uhm Jung-hwa hits it big with Dancing Queen

Here’s a look at the first big movie hit of the new year, the feel-good comedy Dancing Queen, starring Hwang Jung-min as a Seoul mayoral candidate and Uhm Jung-hwa as his wife who still hasn’t given up her dream to become a singer, well into her ajumma years

4 Minute's Hyun A voted No. 1 For Dancing Queen In 10 Years

Hyun A was voted No. 1 in a poll for 'Who would be most likely become a dancing queen in 10 years?'. Countless netizens participated, 4 Minuite's Hyun A, who is on unit team with B2ST's Hyun Seung with a song 'Trouble Maker', won the poll with 56% rating

Korean Box Office Hits: Dancing Queen And Broken Arrow

Posted: February 11, 2012 9:58 PM EST Dancing Quen with Um Jung-Hwa and Hwang Jung Min, and Broken Arrow with Ahn Sung-Ki attracted 30 million audience together. According to the Korean Film Commission, the movie Dancing Queen and Broken Arrow are steadily gaining their popularity since their release on January 18th

"The Moon that Embraces the Sun" Kim Soo Hyun and His Queen

Recently, a picture of "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" actor Kim Soo Hyun and actress Kim Min Seo was posted online. The picture shows Kim Soo Hyun giving Kim Min Seo a passionate shoulder massage. The picture was taken by a member of the production staff on February 13, while the two were in between shooting scenes for the MBC drama series

Eunjung & Young Actors End Filming in Queen Insoo

T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung and Baek Sung Hyun have ended their starring in JTBC weekend drama Queen Insoo.On early February 2012, the production team of Queen Insoo published the behind the scene photo of the last shooting of Ham Eun Jung, Baek Sung Hyun and other young actors

IU The CF Queen! Photo Shoot

IU has been chosen to be the Saem Cosmetics's official endorsement model. Photos from her recent photo shoot have been released to the public.  The photos show the cute but mature side of IU.  IU is named as the "CF Queen" of 2012

Sum of 3 Jeon Mi Seon Ratings = 110% – Real Ratings Queen

The actress Jeon Mi Seon is indeed the queen of ratings. In Happy Together Season 3 broadcast on February 16th, 2012, MC introduced the guaranteed checks by Jeon Mi Sun on viewership ratings who is currently starring in KBS2 weekend drama Ojakgyo Brothers