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[Skin Care Tip] Remove dead skin cells to keep your skin hydrated

If you want to have soft, smooth skin, focus on removing dead skin cells before going into moisturizing steps. Of course, a suitable amount of dead skin cells on the skin might protect the skin to some degree, but a layer of unnecessarily accumulated dead cells can be the culprit in ruining your makeup

Added new stills and updated cast for the Korean movie "Over my Dead Body"

Added new stills and updated cast for the Korean movie "Over my Dead Body" (2012)Directed by Wu Seon-hoWith Lee Beom-soo, Ryoo Seung-beom, Kim Ok-bin, Jeong Man-sik, Yoo Da-in, Sin Jeong-geun,... MoreSynopsisThe story revolves around three main characters and a body

Joo, Ko marriage report dead wrong

Ko Joon-hee and Joo Jin-mo Just hours after Ilgan Sports said that actors Joo Jin-mo and Ko Joon-hee were set to marry in September, both parties denied the report through their agencies. "There is no wedding and they aren't even dating", said a spokesperson from Joo's agency

[Spoiler] "Ghost - Drama" So Ji-sub tells Kwak Byeong-gyoo "Kim Woo-hyeon is dead, I am Park Ki-yeong"

Hyeok-joo (Kwak Byeong-gyoo) couldn't help but be surprised. On the episode of "Ghost - Drama" on the 4th, Ki-yeong revealed that he wasn't Woo-hyeon (So Ji-sub). Hyeok-joo was in shock at the unbelievable death of Yeong-seok (Kwon Hae-hyo) and was determined to catch the criminal himself

Actress Nam Yoon-jeong found dead

By Yun Suh-young Actress Nam Yoon-jeong was found dead in her home Wednesday in an apparent suicide, police said. She was 58. According to Yeongdeungpo Police Station, Nam left a pessimistic note about her life

Movie of the week "Over my Dead Body"

Movie of the week "Over my Dead Body" (2012)Directed by Wu Seon-hoWith Lee Beom-soo, Ryoo Seung-beom, Kim Ok-bin, Jeong Man-sik, Yoo Da-in, Sin Jeong-geun,...SynopsisThe story revolves around three main characters and a body

Singer BoA, Funny Playing Dead Picture "She Had This Kind of Side?"

BoA, Music Bank, Twitter Singer Boa, Funny Playing Dead Picture "She Had This Kind Of Side?" Singer BoA revealed a picture of herself playing dead. BoA wrote on her Twitter on Friday, "I'm playing dead in the Music Bank waiting room

BoA Plays Dead Before Performing on Music Bank

Singer BoA is gaining much interest for revealing herself playing dead. On August 10, she tweeted, “Playing dead at Music Bank’s waiting room. It is getting late. I’m tired.” Along with the tweet, she attached a photo

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong found dead on furniture? “I am beyond solitude.”

Group JYJ that consists of Kim Jun Su, Park Yoo Chun, and Kim Jae Joong revealed pictures of them playing dead. On the afternoon of August 24, Kim Jae Joong uploaded pictures on his Twitter with the caption, “Lonesome Kyung Tak beyond solitude

Morgan Freeman is Dead!?

Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman Falsely Reported as Dead by Facebook Page The death hoax of Morgan Freeman, who was declared dead, sparked panic however the actor is reported to be alive and well

Two singers from '60s and '70s dead

Jo Mi-mi and Choi Hun, two leading trot singers from the '60s and '70s, have died. Jo, 65, died Sunday after a bout with liver cancer. Yesterday, 64-year-old Choi died of cancer of the esophagus.Jo was diagnosed last month and told that her advanced cancer was inoperable

TV Personality Woo Jong-wan Dead in Apparent Suicide

Fashion guru Woo Jong-wan was found dead at his home on Saturday afternoon. The 46-year-old TV personality was discovered hanging by his dressing gown belt in the living room by his sister.She told police her brother had been under serious stress due to financial difficulties

Lee Joon Gi kisses the dead Shin Min Ah?

Lee Joon Gi kissed Shin Min Ah. On the eleventh episode of Arang and The Magistrate that aired on September 19, Eun Oh(played by Lee Joon Gi) kissed the dead Arang(played by Shin Min Ah) In this broadcast, Arang was endangered because of lord Choi(played by Kim Yong Gun)

COOL’s Yuri Isn’t Dead, but my Faith in Korea’s Media Is

It isn’t totally uncommon for news agencies — even fairly reputable ones — to accidentally misreport news, or even to completely drop the ball when covering a breaking news story.  Americans will recall how both CNN and Fox News, two of the largest and most turned-to news media outlets in the country, accidentally reported that President Obama’s healthcare mandate had been struck down by a Supreme Court ruling (in fact, the Court had voted 5-4 in favor of ObamaCare — in their haste to break the story first, the networks had misinterpreted the verdict)

Wonderful Days Episode 17 Review: Ok Taec Yeon Lies to His Kids “Your Mom’s Dead”

In Wonderful Days, episode 17, Kang Dong Hee(played by Ok Taec Yeon) lied to his kids that their mother died. Previously, Dong Hee told the twins that he was their father. Kang Dong Joo(played by Hong Hwa Ri) was disappointed and did not talk to him, while Kang Dong Won(played by Choi Gwon Soo) said to Dong Hee, “I’ll forgive you

2NE1 Meets 'The Walking Dead': Dara Uploads Instagram Photo With Steven Yeun!

(Photo : Instagram) 2NE1 may just have a new fan in "The Walking Dead" star Steven Yeun! Recently, 2NE1 member Dara Park uploaded a selca on Instagram showcasing none other than Steven Yeun, who portrays Glenn on the widely popular show "The Walking Dead

Dara snaps a photo with 'The Walking Dead' actor Steven Yeun

2NE1 Dara shares a photo taken with 'The Walking Dead' actor Steven Yeun who plays the role of 'Glenn Rhee' in the hit American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series.She captioned, "It was very nice meeting you :) with #StevenYeun"

Jo Hyun Gil, producer of ‘IRIS’ and ‘Athena’ found dead in a car

Producer Jo Hyun Gil has been found dead in Seoul’s Gangnam Cheongdam-dong. Jo Hyun Gil was 48 years old and participated as the producer of many famous dramas such as ‘IRIS‘, ‘Athena‘, and movies such as ‘71 Into the Fire‘, ‘Wet Dreams‘, and the ‘Marrying the Mafia‘ series

Producer of "Iris" and "Athena" Found Dead in Assumed Suicide

Cho Hyeon Gil, head of H Plus Communication and producer of such popular dramas as Iris and Athena: Goddess of War, was found dead in his car on January 2.The producer and his car was found in the parking lot of a restaurant he owns in Gangnam

'Iris' Jo Hyun Gil Producer, Who Supported KARA's Disbandment in 2011, Found Dead

KARA, Jo Hyun Gil. 'Iris' Jo Hyun Gil Producer, Who Supported KARA's Disbandment in 2011, Found Dead Yesterday, producer Jo Hyun Gil was found dead in his car that was parked in front of his restaurant