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miss A"s "Colors" album spoiler

miss A

miss A reveal the spoiler of their new album!

The girls provide a sneak peek of the tracks that”s included in their 7th project album “Color”. Besides featuring some short preview of their new tracks, the girls” teaser images are added for viewing pleasure, the girls look absolutely stunning!. ... Read more

miss A keeps fans on their toes with "Colors" album highlight reel!

miss A keeps fans on their toes with

After blessing us with the sexiest of solo teasers and MV teasers, miss A is now granting us a sneak peek into their upcoming album “Color”s with an album “spoiler” or highlight reel! . ... Read more

EXO say "Call Me Baby" in early released title track for "EXODUS" album!

EXO say

SM Entertainment and EXO have given fans an unexpected gift with an early release of “Call Me Baby“!

“Call Me Baby,” the title track of EXO”s upcoming second album “EXODUS,” has a strong and addictive hook and melody with witty lyrics. . ... Read more

Veteran coming out with 15th album

Veteran coming out with 15th album
More detailed information about veteran singer Lee Moon-sae”s upcoming album “New Direction” was revealed on Thursday.It is his 15th album, and the first in 13 years, but Lee still influences the music industry because many of his hits like “Old Love” and “Gwanghwamun Sonata” are still sung by modern artists. ... Read more

Lyn croons a remake of Girls" Generation"s "Baby Baby" for Hwang Sung Jae"s project album

Lyn croons a remake of Girls

The ever so talented Lyn is here to once again enchant us with her voice, this time singing a rearranged version of Girls” Generation“s “Baby Baby“!

This is actually part of producer and composer Hwang Sung Jae“s project album, and Lyn has taken part in it to sing a remake of the female idol group”s song, adding a whole new spin. . ... Read more

Details and tracklist for EXO"s 2nd album "EXODUS" revealed

Details and tracklist for EXO

EXO”s upcoming 2nd album “EXODUS” will have a total of 10 songs by top composers from all over the globe, as well as labelmate, SHINee“s Jonghyun!

On March 26, SM Entertainment announced, “EXO”s second album “EXODUS” will be released on March 30 digitally on Melon, Genie and Naver Music and physically in stores.” . ... Read more

Kyuhyun to be featured in Lee Moon Sae"s 15th album

Kyuhyun to be featured in Lee Moon Sae

Super Junior Kyuhyun once again prove his charm to his seniors as he is going to be featured in the veteran singer and songwriter Lee Moon Sae”s upcoming 15th album “New Direction”.

Lee Moon Sae is going to have a duet track with Kyuhyun titled “She Comes” in the album which will be released on April 7. It is revealed among fans that Kyuhyun is the first idol singer Lee Moon Sae has collaborated with since his debut. The sunbae and hoobae singers are connected with their songs “At Gwanghwamun” and “Gwanghwamun Love Song” making a sentimental link to each other.. ... Read more

[Album Review] F.T. Island - "I Will"

[Album Review] F.T. Island -


Track List:
1. Intro
3. Black Chocolate
4. BPM69
5. Do You Know Why?
6. Hey Girl
7. To The Light
8. Time To
9. Shadow
10. Please
11. Light. ... Read more

F.T. Island rock on with everything they"ve got for "Pray" + 5th album "I Will"

F.T. Island rock on with everything they

F.T. Island has released their MV for title track “Pray“!
The title song to their long-awaited 5th album was composed by leader Jonghun, and the lyrics were penned by Jonghun, Hongki, Jaejin, and Seunghun. The album holds 11 tracks, including “Intro“, “Pray“, “Black Chocolate“, “BPM 69“, “Do You Know Why?“, “Hey Girl“, “To The Light“, “Time To“, “Shadow“, “Please“, and “Light“. . ... Read more

Confirmed: Girls" Generation to have a Korean comeback with 5th full album in May

Confirmed: Girls

Girls” Generation will be coming back in May!
There has been various rumors about the girls” comeback, but it seems like it”s finally been confirmed for May. The girls will have a Japanese comeback on April 22nd with “Catch Me If You Can“, and then release a 5th album in Korea. . ... Read more