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SNSD to Receive Prime Minister’s Award

It looks like the girls have been gifted with another prestigious award. Beginning with their successful debut in Japan earlier in the year, the girls have been working tirelessly to spread their music to audiences around the world

Thai Prime Minister Names Her Favorite K-Pop Star and TV Drama

The Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, picked her favorite K-Pop star and TV dramas, reflecting the growing presence of Hallyu content in the Southeast Asian country. She sat for an interview with TV Chosun’s “Choi/Park’s Current Affairs Talk Board,” and talked about Korea and Thailand’s economic/cultural relationships, her political ideas, and passion for K-Pop

London Mayor and UK Prime Minister Danced to “Gangnam Style”

It looks like London Mayor Boris Johnson and UK Prime Minister David Cameron are the latest politicians to join the “Gangnam Style” bandwagon. In a keynote speech carried out at the Tory Conference on October 9, Boris Johnson spoke about the different products London exports to other countries, for example, cakes for the Champs Eslysees and bicycles for Holland, mosquito repellent for Brazil, and aerials for South Korean TVs

"The Prime Minister and I" Yoona's behind cuts

Yoona's behind cuts have been revealed. Pictures of Yoona behind the scenes came up online. They look like pictorials although they are just rough cuts of her. Yoona is standing with a tearful face in front of a jewelry shop

“Prime Minister & I” to be happily ever after

KBS Mon/Tues drama “Prime Minister & I” aired its final episode with heartwarming ending, Lee Beom-soo and YoonA’s reunion. Starting from December 30th in 2013, “Prime Minister & I”(written by Kim Eun-hui and Yoon Eun-kyung, directed by Lee So-yeon) has infected viewers with happy virus for about two months and finally came to an end with the final 17th episode on February 24th

“Prime Minister and I” Actor Yoon Shi Yoon Talks About YoonA’s Real Personality

Actor Yoon Shi Yoon earned the nickname of “bookworm” for always having a book in his hands, even on the drama set and was recently picked as the most clean-cut celebrity by industry insiders. In an interview with Sports Seoul, Yoon Shi Yoon talked about filming the drama, “Prime Minister And I” and his co-star, Girl’s Generation member YoonA

Chinese Fans Of YoonA Promotes 'Prime Minister and I' In Korea's Biggest Marts

A pat in back for Girls" Generation YoonA as she earned the support of her Chinese fans!YoonA"s newest drama "Prime Minister and I" is set to have its first episode later tonight in Korea and to let everyone know, her Chinese fans decided to fill shopping carts with her drama promotions! Fans are really nailing the promotion stuff as shopping carts are filled with "Prime Minister and I" poster and are waiting to be used by customers at the three biggest E-Marts in Korea

"The Prime Minister and I" Wrap-up

Every once in a while, and thankfully more and more often, a drama will come out which tries a progressive approach to the themes it handles and/or the very formula of Korean drama. In bigger or smaller ways, be it through their plot, their message, their characters or premise, they go for something new, even in the confines of a very limiting industry like the Korean drama one

RaNia To Go Cambodia With Invite From Cambodian Prime Minister’s Daughter, Soon To Begin Overseas Activities

RaNia, Saem, Jooyi, Di, T-ae, Xia Korean girl group RaNia will soon begin overseas activities. Their agency, DR Music announced today via RaNia Official Facebook Page that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's eldest daughter, a representative of a local broadcast station Bayon TV, has invited RaNia to Cambodia

Style Icon: Feminine and Menswear-Inspired "Prime Minister and I" Actress Chae Jung An

Having released four full-length albums, acted in over ten dramas, and acted in five movies, Chae Jung An is a veteran of the entertainment industry. Chae Jung An is currently starring in the 2013-2014 KBS drama "Prime Minister and I

Girls' Generation YoonA Sends Thank You Message To Crew And Fans Of 'Prime Minister And I'

Girls" Generation YoonA advances her "thank you" message to all the casts, staff and crew and also their loyal fans who always support KBS 2TV drama "Prime Minister and I". The hit drama will have their finale this week

Lee Bum Soo’s Reveals Thoughts on Wrapping Up “Prime Minister and I”

Actor Lee Bum Soo recently revealed how he felt about KBS 2TV drama “Prime Minister and I” ending its run via a handwritten letter which he posted on his Twitter on February 5. He began by saying, “When a project ends, memories remain

Lee Bum Soo shares his thoughts on the loss of his father and the cast of 'Prime Minister and I'

Lee Bum Soo warmed hearts this winter with his handwritten letter of gratitude to the cast, staff, and viewers of "Prime Minister and I" following its finale. SEE ALSO: [Drama Review] Emergency Couple Episode 4 Lee Bum Soo shared his handwritten letter on Twitter on the 5th: "Once the production ends, the memories will stick with me

YoonA relays her message of thanks to the crew and fans of 'Prime Minister and I'

YoonA thanked the cast, staff, and viewers of her KBS 2TV drama "Prime Minister and I", which aired its finale this week. YoonA shared on Girls" Generation"s official homepage on February 5, "Thank you so much to those who watched "Prime Minister and I" throughout the past four months and cheered on Nam Da Jung

"The Prime Minister and I" Lee Beom-soo and Yoona's contract is up

"The Prime Minister and I" ended happily. The final episode of the KBS 2TV drama "The Prime Minister and I" showed Da-jeong (Yoona) leaving on a trip by herself. Yoo-sik (Lee Han-wi) passed and Da-jeong was clearing things up around her when she told Yool (Lee Beom-soo) and In-ho (Yoon Si-yoon) her decision

'Prime Minister and I' airs its finale but which Mon-Tues drama broke its record in viewer ratings?

This week in K-drama land had its highs and lows with "Empress Qi" breaking its own record once again and "Prime Minister and I" coming to a not-so-stellar end in terms of ratings among Mon-Tues dramas

‘Prime Minister and I’ Ends with Sweet Ending, Unfortunate Ratings

Holding onto both smiles and tears, KBS’ Prime Minster and I came to an end on Tuesday night. The drama jumped from 4.9 to 6.1 percent with its final episode, but still remained in third place in the Monday-Tuesday drama competition

YoonA completes filming for 'Prime Minister and I' and to focus on preparing for Girls' Generation's comeback

There"s more exciting news for SONE! YoonA has already wrapped up filming for her KBS 2TV drama "Prime Minister and I" and will focus on preparing for Girls" Generation"s comeback! An SM Entertainment rep told Star News on the 4th, "After the finale of "Prime Minister and I", YoonA will focus on preparing for Girls" Generation"s new album

"The Prime Minister and I" Lee Beom-soo resigns

Lee Beom-soo chose a different path in politics. On the sixteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "The Prime Minister and I", Kwon Yool (Lee Beom-soo) asked a curious question to Nam Da-jeong (Yoona). "There's no GPS for where we're going but will you go?" Da-jeong asked, "Is there a destination? Then I have to go

′Prime Minister and I′ Sinks to All-Time Low

With just one episode remaining, KBS′ Prime Minister and I hit its all-time low. On Monday night, Prime Minister and I dropped to 4.9 percent, its lowest ratings ever since the drama began in December of 2013