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TEEN TOP’s pretty boys pose for a picture

Earlier this week, TEEN TOP was chosen as one of the top four idol groups who looked great in hanboks. As if to prove their ‘pretty boy’ reputation, TEEN TOP members Chunji and L.Joe shared a selca that boasted of their handsome looks

Kim Gu Ra "Jea became really pretty after debut"

jea Brown Eyed Girls Jea panicked at Kim Gu Ra's rude comment. On the 28th broadcast of KBS 'Immortal Songs 2' MC Kim Gu Ra introduced the singers of the show. He commented "This is BEG Jea", and Jea smiled brightly

Pretty as a doll

Soshi transformed into cute dolls for their new Japanese CF for ‘E-ma Nodoame’ candy. Similar to previous E-ma CFs, there are slow motion shots of the girls surrounded by colourful blobs of candy

Pretty in white, and so chic at the airport

ADDED on 02/13/11: New airport pictures of Jessica, and a Sica fancam that features Sooyoung, Tiffany and Hyoyeon SNSD recently appeared in a video message for fellow S.M. Entertainment label mate, Go Ara’s 22nd birthday

f(x) Sulli knew she’s pretty

A piece of writing done by f(x) member Sulli when she was nine years old has been garnering much interest on the Internet. The title of the writing, which appeared in the picture alongside Sulli, was About Me

Goo Hara’s boyfriend Yong Jun Hyung’s girlfriends were all pretty?

Group B2ST (aka, BEAST) member Yong Jun Hyung‘s pictures with his girlfriends from the past are all the buzz online. Recently on an online community board, some pictures have been posted tagged, ‘B2ST Yong Jun Hyung, past pictures with girlfriends’

Goo Hara pretty in Hanbok, ‘What’s she doing in a shopping cart?’

Kara member Goo Hara revealed a picture wearing Hanbok. Goo Hara tweeted on January 1st, “So sleepy. Haerong Haerong. Today wore Hanbok” along with 2 pictures. In one of the picture, Goo Hara is wearing a very cute modified Hanbok as she’s staring at the camera with her adorable and pretty face

Sung Si Kyung tells SNSD Yuri on the air, “You are so pretty”

Singer Sung Si Kyung openly proposes to SNSD member Yuri. A preview of ‘SNSD’s Christmas Fairy Tale’ was aired at the end of MBC’s ‘Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert’ on the 22nd

Sung Joon sings a song for ‘Shut Up Pretty Boy Band’

Sung Joon’s song “Jaywalking” from a TV series is receiving an explosive response. The song played in the February 14 episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday series Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Kim SooHyun Dressed As a Girl: 'So Pretty!'

Actor Kim SooHyun's past picture of him dressed as a girl is attracting much attention. In recent online community, Kim SooHyun's girl pictures had been posted up. In the picture is Kim SooHyun with long wig and white, spotless skin

"Uee Looks Pretty All the Time" by Ju Won!

On an interview show that was aired on the 18th of February, and interview of Uee and Ju Won was featured. In a drama, Ju Won and Uee were lovers. Uee was asked "Did Ju Won take good care of you in real life?" Uee's response to the question was "On cold days he always gave me hot packs and made sure I was wearing warm clothes

Han Ga In "Nothing is Pretty Except My Iris"

On the 18th of February, an episode of "Movies Are Good" featured an interview of Han Ga In, Um Tae Woong, Lee Jae Hoon and Suzy. They are all cast of the new movie "Introduction to Architecture." On the day of the interview, an annoucer asked Han Ga In "You are known for your flawless beauty

Sung Yuri's Childhood Pictures, "How Can She Be So Pretty?"

Actress Sung Yuri's childhood photos are attracting much attention. On the 19th the online community posted up childhood pictures of Sung Yuri under the title of 'Natural beauty Sung Yuri, she's like an angel with a beautiful heart too

Princess Lee Hong Gi? "bling bling pretty boy"

FT Island lead singer Lee Hong Gi transformed into a pretty princess. On the 20th he posted on his Twitter "Bbong!! Princess Hong Gi", along with a photo of himself wearing a tiara. In the photo, Lee Hong Gi is really looking beautiful with his pretty face and accesories

T-ara EunJung, Endless Past Pictures 'Tacky but Pretty'

T-ara EunJung's past pictures were revealed. Recent online community revealedp pictures of her when she was a model for a credit card company's manual. In the picture, EunJung is wearing a tacky outfit and hair

Brave Girls reveals secrets for keeping their bodies pretty

Brave Girls recently said that secrets for their beautiful bodies is exercising. On February 22, Brave Girls held a showcase for their song “These Days of You” in Seoul. The group members said, “We exercise all day long these days

IU looks pretty with bangs and without bangs

Singer IU recently showed off her attractive appearance with two different hairstyles. An online community posted pictures with the caption, “IU with bangs vs. without bangs.” The pictures feature IU attending at ‘The 1st Gaon Chart K-pop Awards,’ which was held on February 22

Miss A Suzy Showing Off Pretty Eyes

Miss A Suzy unveild a photo of herself. Suzy posted a photo on her twitter on Feb 23 with a comment saying "Here with Miss A fans after the comeback performance~ All pumped up to see many fans showed up!"

Yuna: Bubble Gum 'Pretty even in Comfortable Clothing'

SNSD Yuna's picture of her blowing a bubble gum was revealed. Recently, through UFO Town that allows people to receive replies from celebrities, Yuna posted a picture of her blowing a bubble gum. In the picture, Yuna is wearing comfortable, casual clothing

F(x) Amber and Kim Bum, Pretty Boy Look for Spring

Gentle and sweet "pretty boy" look is in for the spring. Kim Bum from Boys over Flowers and F(x) Amber each presents a unique pretty boy style that is expected to set the spring trend. At a recent launching show, Kim Bum appeared in black monotone jacket, blak round neck shirt, and grey cardigan