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Invincible Youth 2, Sunny gets Lee Dong Wook on the phone!

SNSD member Sunny could not hide how happy she was to get Lee Dong Wook on the phone. On the December 3rd episode of KBS’s ‘Invincible Youth 2′, each of the G8 members were talking about entertainers they would like to invite to the new home of G8

Gary’s relationships, “Three phone calls all day…It’s lousy but…”

Leessang member Gary revealed his simple life. Gary tweeted on January 3rd, “There were phone calls from exactly three people all day today”, opening up to reveal his simple life. Gary continued, “I didn’t necessarily seek out anyone either

Hwang Jung-min Blushes when Talking with Lee Hyori on Phone

On the episode of KBS 2 TV's "Happy Together" that aired on Jan. 19, actor Hwang Jung-min revealed he was a big fan of singer Lee Hyori, attracting attention from viewers. On the episode, all the male cast members, including Hwang, cheered when Lee Hyori's name was called as a close acquaintance of singer Um Jeong-hwa, who appeared on the episode

Why did After School’s UEE change her phone number?

After School’s UEE recently talked about how she deals with male entertainers who ask her out. In the February 22 episode of MBC’s Radio Star, UEE, ZE:A’s Lim Si Wan, MBLAQ’s Lee Jun, and Trax’s Typhoon appeared and showed off their senses of humor

Uee: "I Got Phone Calls from 2 Guy Celebrities"

Posted: February 23, 2012 4:26 PM EST Uee, Afterschool, radio star, lee joon Afterschool Uee revealed that she had been contacted from two guy celebrities. In MBC 'Radio Star' aired on the 22nd, Uee, ZE:A Im Shi Wan, T-Rex Jay, and MBLAQ Lee Joon were starred as 'Acting Idols' special

miss A Suzy Wants a Couple Cell Phone with Kim Soo Hyun?

Girl group miss A member, Suzy, brought up Kim Soo Hyun once again. On the recently aired episode of SBS “100 Million Quiz Show,” MC Kim Yong Man asked the question, “Which advertisement phrase cannot be said at a cell phone retail store by law?” While the program was receiving text message answers from viewers, the stars who appeared on the studio discussed about the topic of cell phones

Suzy, 'Couple Phone with Kim Soo Hyun': "That was just part of the script"

Miss A Suzy clarified her claim about wanting couple phones with Kim Soo Hyun. On the 2nd, Suzy wrote on her twitter one short word: "Script." This was assumed to be the explanation for her claim during the SBS '$10,000 Quiz'

Identity of Jay Park’s “Phone Girl” revealed

The special lady who joined Jay Park on stage for his performance of “Turn Off Your Phone” received the jealous cheers of 5,000 fans. Since then, she’s been nicknamed the “Phone Girl” because people didn’t have a clue as to who she was

Actress Han Ga In keeps photos of G-Dragon on her smart phone

Actress Han Ga In proved once again that she was an avid Big Bang fan. Han Ga In recently held an interview on the March 28th episode of SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘. The actress who is notorious for being a fan of Big Bang drew attention for being spotted not once, but twice at Big Bang concerts, and voluntarily confessed on a previous radio program that she was a huge fan of leader G-Dragon

Super Junior Leeteuk Reveals His Phone Number on Twitter

Super Junior's leader Leeteuk surprised fans from all over the world with one of his tweet. Leeteuk is known for teasing fans on the SNS as he told fans earlier that he was quitting the Twitterverse. The Super Junior member didn't stop there as he posted his real phone number on Twitter earlier today, getting his fans in a state of frenzy

Super Junior's Heechul Takes Proof Shot of Leeteuk's Phone After He Gave Away His Phone Number

Super Junior's Kim Heechul posted a proof shot of Leeteuk's phone screen on his Twitter after Leeteuk revealed his real phone number via his Twitter earlier today. Today, Kim Heechul, envious of Leeteuk tweeted along with a screenshot of Leeteuk's phone screen, "It's Kim Heechul

Miss A’s Suzy says, “I requested the phone number of a male idol — first”

On the latest recording of SBS‘s ‘Come to Play‘, Miss A‘s Suzy revealed a shocking story of a time when she requested the phone number of a particular male idol — first! On the next episode of ‘Come to Play’, the show will be featuring a special, ‘Suzy vs Suzy’ which will be showcasing a female diva from the 90s and Suzy who seems to have become a diva herself starting in 2010

SM Entertainment: "Leeteuk's Phone Number on Twitter Was Real"

Super Junior Leeteuk revealed his actual phone number on Twitter earlier today as an event to celebrate April Fools' Day with fans. As a result, his phone broke down because of the massive amount of phone calls and messages it received at the same time

Super Junior’s Leeteuk annoys an ordinary citizen by revealing his phone number

Super Junior’s Leeteuk annoyed an ordinary citizen by revealing his phone number. On April 1, a post under the title of “An ordinary citizen annoyed by Leeteuk’s thoughtless behavior” was uploaded on an online community board

miss A’s Suzy, “I asked a male idol for his phone number”

miss A’s Suzy recently said that she has asked a male idol star for his phone number. Suzy attended the recording for MBC’s Come To Play and talked about love affairs among idol groups. According to the production crew, Suzy honestly said, “I have asked a male idol star for his phone number

Leeteuk reassures fans that he will keep his cell phone number

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has revealed that he will continue to use his cell phone number that he revealed on April Fools’ Day. He tweeted on April 3rd, “I will be going off to the France concert! As it is our first solo concert, we will try to give our best performance! Ah! And I will continue to use that number! I will use it as a place for us to communicate

Leeteuk Unfazed by Criticism, Vows to Keep Same Phone Number

On April 3, Super Junior’s Leeteuk announced he would keep the same cellphone number and use it as a channel to communicate with his fans. Leeteuk tweeted, “Heading off to the France concert! Will do our best since it’s the first solo concert! Ah! And I’m keeping my cellphone number! I’m going to keep it as a place to communicate with you guys

Heechul takes proof-shot of Leeteuk’s phone after giving his number

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently revealed his own phone number as an April Fools’ Day prank on himself. He tweeted, “0101-4460-xxxx”. Moments later, he added, “Within 5 minutes, I got 200 calls”

MBLAQ's Lee Joon Had Secret Phone Calls with Jung Ryeo Won

MBLAQ's Lee Joon recently confessed that he once had secret phone calls with actress Jung Ryeo Won. On the latest episode of SBS "Strong Heart," Lee Joon revealed, "There was a time when [Jung] Ryeo Won started contacting me

Leeteuk Changes His Cell Phone Number

Leeteuk from Super Junior changed his phone number. On May 17, Yoon Jong Shin posted a captured screen of his cell phone and a phrase, "Ah, I'm becoming stupid these days." The captured screen of his cell phone was text messages he exchanged with Leeteuk