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Veteran Singers Park Ji Yoon, Kim Jong Seo, and Son Ho Young Confirmed for tvN "Opera Star"

The Singers Park Ji Yoon, Kim Jong Seo, and Son Ho Young have been confirmed for tvN’s “Opera Star.” A representative of “Opera Star 2” stated on January 9, “For male singers we have Kim Jong Seo, Son Ho Young, The One, and Park Ji Hun

Ulala Session’s Lim Yoon Taek snaps a photo with Jay Park

Ulala Session‘s Lim Yoon Taek recently unveiled his surprising friendship with singer Jay Park. Lim Yoon Taek posted this photo on his Twitter and wrote, “For the first time in a while, all the street dancers got together

Ooh La La Session's Im Yoon Taek With Park Jae Bum

Ooh La La Session, Im Yoon Taek, Park Jae Bum, street dancers, moonlight, childish Group Ooh La La Session's member Im Yoon Taek revealed a playful picture taken with Park Jae Bum.  Im Yoon Taek posted a picture on his twitter along with the comments, "It has been a while since the street dancers came together! I love performing on stage but sometimes I miss dancing under the moonlight like I used to when I was 16

Park Ji Yoon To Comeback After Three Years

Park Ji Yoon is coming back after three years of inactivity. She recently released her new single, "Quiet Dream" on various online music sites. Park Ji Yoon herself wrote "Quiet Dream" with the editing help of Yong Lin from the band Dear Cloud

Yoon Mi Rae points out that Jay Park and Tiger JK look alike

Korea’s hip hop queen Yoon Mi Rae sparked a hot topic online after she pointed out that her husband and Jay Park looked alike. On February 3rd, Yoon Mi Rae tweeted, “Even when I look at them, they’re similar,” before posting side-by-side screenshots of Tiger JK and Jay Park

Park Ji Yoon returns to the music scene with single, “Quiet Dream”

Singer Park Ji Yoon (30) has returned to the music scene with a new song for the first time in three years. The singer released her single, “Quiet Dream“, from her upcoming 8th full-length album to reconnect with her fans

Park Ji Yoon "JYPE Did Not Want Me Back"

Park Ji Yoon appeared on the cable TV show “Lee Mi Sook’s Bed Scene” episode that was broadcast on February 7. On the show she spoke about leaving JYPE and also her hardships because of rumors. She stated, “After my 6th album my contract with JYPE was about to expire

Park Ji Yoon "I was scared to perform on stage after the scandal with Kangta"

Park Ji Yoon opened up about her scandal with Kang Ta. On the 7th broadcast of Story On 'Lee Mi Sook's bad scene' Park Ji Yoon stated "there was a scandal with Kang Ta. At the time H.O.T was really populary and wherever you went over half the crowd was H

Park Ji Yoon prepares for her comeback

Park Ji Yoon has just revealed that she is working on her comeback. On February 7th, the singer posted a picture of herself playing the guitar on her Twitter. She tweeted, “Last day of recording

Park Ji Yoon opens up about her personal struggles with former agencies

Veteran singer Park Ji Yoon has revealed that she felt betrayed and abandoned by her former agencies. On February 7th, Park Ji Yoon guested on cable channel Story On‘s talk show, ‘Lee Mi Sook’s Bad Scene’, where she opened up about her past struggles

Park Ji Yoon talks about fan reaction to rumors of her past scandal with former H.O.T member Kangta

Park Ji Yoon opened up about a dating rumor that spread like wild fire back in the 90′s. The singer guest-featured on the February 7th episode of cable channel Story On‘s ‘Lee Mi Sook’s Bad Scene‘ and said, “There were some rumors that suggested I was dating H

Park Ji Yoon Interview

Park Ji Yoon, age 30, is famous for her songs "Coming-of-Age Ceremony" and "I Know How."  She was titled "Sexy Queen of All Singers" because of her sexy dance and provocative appearance.   Then, one day, the "Sexy Queen" disappeared

Park Ji-yoon To Make Comeback After 3 Years

After three long, quietyears, singer Park Ji-yoon will be making a comeback! The 30-year-old singer will be releasing her 8th full length album. She preceded this by releasing a single titled "Quiet Dream"

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun will pre-release their song

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun, who will appear on MBC Music’s Music and Lyrics, will appear on a radio program together for the first time. They will appear on the February 21 episode of MBC’s Hope Songs of Noon This is Sweet Sorrow, which airs at noon

Park Ji Yoon reveals MV for ‘Tree of Life’

A legendary figure in the Korean music scene has returned. After a nearly 3 year hiatus, the beautiful and talented Park Ji Yoon (30) has reemerged and reinvented herself as a former teen idol turned indie artist-producer on her hypnotic, melodic new album, ‘나무가 되는 꿈 Tree of Life’

Park Shin Hye says to Yoon Gun, “Please, buy this for me”

Actress Park Shin Hye recently captivated singer Yoon Gun’s hearts by acting cutesy. In the February 24 episode of MBC Music’s Music and Lyrics, Yoon and Park meets for the first time to complete a song together

Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye’s first date on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Actress Park Shin Hye and Singer/Songwriter Yoon Gun who star in MBC Music‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘ captured the hearts of many viewers. ‘Music and Lyrics’ is a reality/romance show that collaborates a top actress (Park Shin Hye) and an amazing songwriter (Yoon Gun) to write a one-of-a-kind song

Music and Lyrics: Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun look like a couple in real

The Music and Lyrics stars Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun are in the limelight for being seen as if they were a couple in real. In behind-the-scene cuts, the twosome catches the eye because they look close and friendly

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun Lovey Dovey Together?

Actress Park Shin Hye and singer Yoon Gun enjoyed a late-night club date. The two are currently appearing together on romantic reality program "Music and Lyrics." In the revealed pictures from their late-night date, Park Shin Hye is wearing a cute dotted ribbon hairpiece and Yoon Gun is looking at her lovingly with a glass in his hand

Latest broadcast of ‘K-Pop Star’ brings tears to J.Y. Park & questions about Kim Na Yoon

The March 4th live broadcast of ‘K-Pop Star‘ were filled with many regrets and left many in tears, including J.Y. Park. On this day, the top 10 finalists were given the mission “My Story” to sing a song, released around the time they were born, that they could relate to