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Kara Park Gyuri confesses “(Ki) Sung Yong, I love you”

Kara member Park Gyuri confessed her love for soccer player Ki Sung Yong. On the January 22nd installment of MBC’s ‘LuluLala’, the cast set out to make resolutions for the new year. The MC’s of ‘Lulu Lala’ discussed about one of the plans which was to make a ‘National song of cheer for London Olympics‘

Park Kyung Lim purposely put on numerous NG’s during a kiss scene with Jo In Sung

Park Kyung Lim must have been a huge fangirl of handsome actor Jo In Sung back in the day. During the episode of ‘Strong Heart‘ that aired on March 6th, Park Kyung Lim made a hilarious statement saying, “Although I’m a bit shy for saying this myself, Jo In Sung and Hyun Bin were all mine back then

Rooftop Prince releases its sound tracks sung by Baek Ji Young, Jay Park, and Ali

A soundtrack album for SBS’s drama series Rooftop Prince hit the shelves on April 17. Through her song “After a Long Time,” Baek Ji Young perfectly expresses the heartrending love between Lee Gak (played by Park Yoo Chun) and Park Ha (played by Han Ji Min) with her voice

JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo wears the same clothes with Park Sung Kwang

Comedian Park Sung Kwang and JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo recently wore the same clothes. On May 3, Park tweeted a picture with the comment, “I can’t sleep because I’m still working. Undiscovered picture, which was taken in Japan, released

SBS ‘Running Man’ to re-visit Thailand in upcoming episode with soccer player Park Ji Sung?

Nearly one year after SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘ shot a dazzling race in Thailand, reports have surfaced that the popular variety program will be returning to the country to shoot another foreign episode! That’s not all, however, for the upcoming episode will also feature one of the biggest names in the soccer world, Park Ji Sung of Manchester United

Park Yoo Chun and Lee Tae Sung show off their friendship, “Cheer up Yoo Chun! You’ll be your father’s proud son.”

Lee Tae Sung cheered for and comforted Park Yoo Chun who is grieving over losing his father. On the afternoon of May 11, Park posted on his Twitter, “I miss you so much. So much, dad…” After reading Park’s post, Lee Tae Sung comforted him by saying, “You’ve done well so far, and you can do your best to be his proud son

‘Running Man’ reveals details for this week’s episode with Park Ji Sung

As mentioned previously, Park Ji Sung will be appearing on the upcoming episode of ‘Running Man.’ Soccer sensation Park Ji Sung of Manchester United will be assigning a special mission to the members for a different race from the usual

Running Man: The cast are off to Thailand along with Premier Leaguer Park Ji Sung

The cast of SBS’s I Love Sunday-Running Man are off to Thailand along with Premier Leaguer Park Ji Sung. On May 21, according to a source, the cast and Park are to jet off to Thailand through the flight departing at 8:00 p

IU to guest-feature alongside Park Ji Sung on ‘Running Man’

While viewers are highly anticipating Manchester United‘s Park Ji Sung‘s appearance on next week’s continuing episode of ‘Running Man‘, it has been revealed that singer IU will be serving as a guest as well

VIXX’s Ken and Leo receive praise from Sung Shi Kyung and Park Hyo Shin

Upcoming rookie group VIXX received praises from legendary singers Sung Shi Kyung and Park Hyo Shin. It’s not often those two give praises to anyone, so netizens were surprised to hear that they were impressed with main vocalists, Leo and Ken, from a rookie boy group

IU and Manchester United's Park Ji Sung Share an Awkward Meeting on "Running Man"

Two worlds met on SBS’ Sunday variety “Running Man” when singer IU appeared alongside Manchester United midfielder Park Ji Sung. The young singer and the football player, who joined the “Running Man” cast as episode guests, were said to have an awkward first meeting

Kim Seon-ah has dinner with Park Ji-sung

This man is Park Ji-sung. He's wearing a suit but it's still Park Ji-seong.   Who is the woman in shorts? We can't see her face because her arm is blocking it but her slim legs and thin waist seems unusual

IU becomes outraged at Park Ji Sung?

IU became outraged when she found out about the spy’s existence. On the episode of SBS’s Running Man that aired on June 3, IU expressed her anger by saying, “No way.” when Park Ji Sung eliminated her

Guess who’s the ideal type girl of football star Ji Sung Park—it’s among SNSD!

English Premier Leaguer Ji Sung Park’s favorite female idol star was recently released—SNSD’s Yoona. In the episode of SBS’s I Love Sunday-Running Man that aired on June 3, World Cup for Park’s Dream Girl was featured off the bat

Football star Park Ji Sung hits up IU’s concert

English Premier leaguer Park Ji Sung proved that he was a huge fan of IU. On June 3, Park hit up IU’s solo concert titled “Real Fantasy,” which was held at the Peace Hall in Kyung Hee University

Park Ji Sung Shocks Everyone By Coming To IU's Concert!

iu, park ji sung Park Ji Sung Shocks Everyone By Coming To IU's Concert! Soccer player Park Ji Sung made an appearance to IU's very first solo concert. On June 3, singer IU held the last Seoul Concert of her national tour, and Park Ji Sung was reported to have attended the concert

'Running Man' Park Ji Sung, Picks Yoona (SNSD) As Ideal Girl: "Do You Have Time?"

park ji sung, running man, yoona, girls generation, snsd 'Running Man' Park Ji Sung, Picks Yoona (SNSD) As Ideal Girl: "Do You Have Time?" Soccer player Park Ji Sung chose Girls' Generation's Yoona as his ideal girl type and sent her a video message

Park Ji Sung selects YoonA as his ideal type + sends her a video message

Manchester United’s Park Ji Sung caught the attention of many viewers for selecting his ideal type as none other than Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA. On the June 3rd episode of SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘, Park Ji Sung was given a secret spy mission of eliminating both ‘Running Man’ members and fellow guest, IU

Park Ji Sung kept his promise to IU by attending her concert

  Soccer player Park Ji Sung kept the promise he made to IU. IU held her first solo concert ‘Real Fantasy‘ on June 3rd at Kyung Hee University’s Peace Hall and Park Ji Sung was present

Park Ji Sung Keeps His Promise to Watch IU's Concert

Soccer hero, Park Ji Sung, attended IU’s “Real Fantasy” concert on June 3, delighting and exciting fans that attended the show. IU addressed the crowd, “Today, there is a face that you all will recognize