Keyword: Park Han Byul Before Plastic Surgery

Park Han Byul shows off perfect figure through pictorial

Actress Park Han Byul showed off her perfectly flawless figure through a Blu Pepe pictorial recently. Park Han Byul’s fashion sense is well known enough for many in the industry to refer to her as a fashionista

Park Han Byul’s ‘Happy Birthday’ selca ready to blow a kiss

Park Han Byul revealed a selca for a friend’s birthday. Park Han Byul tweeted on January 21st, “Lana Lana!! Here in Korea, it’s your birthday. Happy happy birthday! I will be the first to wish you a happy birthday through Twitter!! Oomhahahaha! It’s my gift, my picture”, along with a picture

Park Han Byul giddy like a child over winter gears

Actress Park Han Byul finds a clever way to deal with the extreme weather of outdoor filming in the winter. Park Han Byul tweeted on the 20th, “I’ve finally got my hands on the turtleneck sweater which is 3 times the thickness of a conventional sweater

Park Han Byul shows off the fruit of her labor

Actress Park Han Byul tweets a follow up tweet to her battle with hunger. Park Han Byul tweeted on the 13th, “H&T photoshoot was very entertaining today! It was finished in ultra quick time, the atmosphere was great, and I love the photos! hehehe you all did a great job

Park Han Byul, “I want to eat.. so agonizing”

Actress Park Han Byul talks about the difficulties of shooting a pictorial wearing revealing outfits. Park Han Byul tweeted on the 13th, “Shooting H&T catalog! I want to eat a lot but the outfits all reveal the stomach

Park Han Byul’s arm size shock the netizens

Actress Park Han Byul‘s selca becomes a hot issue among netizens. Park Han Byul tweeted on the 6th, “In the middle of a catalog photoshoot! Today 20 outfits… tomorrow another 20… I just got done with 5

Park Han Byul feels the chills

Actress Park Byul has a hard time dealing with the chilling temperature. Park Han Byul tweeted in the cold morning of the 4th, “Ahk. The weather has gone insane. Chicken skins on my face and neck… I want to wear the military issued turtleneck sweater but I’m not able to go to the barrack and I’m so cold

Park Han Byul reveals how she and her crew burn time between takes

Actress Park Han Byul has a rather simple way of spending her time between takes. Park Han Byul tweeted on the 3rd, “Was it about 12am last night? The concentration level of the shop girls and the serious look on my manager oppa

Park Han Byul poses adorably on the snow, “Done filming!”

Actress Park Han Byul is drawing attention with a picture taken standing in the snow in a cute pose. Park Han Byul tweeted on December 27th, “Thank you for rooting for me even in the late hours. Filming just ended! I don’t know if that’s why but the snow looks prettier

Jay Park reveals new song teaser, inspiration = Se7en & Park Han Byul

Singer Jay Park revealed the teaser video clip of his new digital single album. Jay Park revealed the teaser clip for his new song ‘Star’ through Youtube and various search engines. In the clip, Jay park is showing off a colorful performance to the strong and sophisticated beat of the song increasing the anticipation for the new album

Park Han Byul’s double nosebleed

Actress Park Han Byul tweeted in the wee hours of the 18th, “Double nosebleed… Today, the 5th episode is hilarious and entertaining. lol the folks who can’t catch on its original time slot please watch it on VOD hehehe so funny

Park Han Byul shows off her gifts with 4 cute selca

Actress Park Ha Byul strikes again with more beautiful selcas. Park Han Byul tweeted in the early morning of the 11th, “I got a gift! A self written card, mask pack, mist, and the Christmas special limited edition smoothing balm, which is perfect for my dry skin

Beautiful Park Han Byul caught on camera sleeping on set

Actress Park Han Byul revealed a proof shot from the set of her drama. Park Han Byul tweeted in the afternoon of December 8th, “Fell asleep again during outdoor shooting. Strange how you get sleepy like you can’t take it because it’s cold

Park Han Byul's extremely thin ankles catching attention

Actress Park Han Byul's ankles are becoming on issue online. Recently, Park Han Byul posted a photo from a photoshoot on her Twitter. In the photo she is wearing shorts with a baseball jacket. Byt more than the fashion what catches the eyes are her thin ankles

Park Han Byul's Skinny Ankles

Actress Park Han Byul's skinny ankles have caught the attention of fans.  Park Han Byul posted a picture of herself on her twitter.  In the picture, Park Han Byul is wearing a baseball jacket with short shorts

Se7en and Park Han Byul's Not So Happy Valentines Day

Se7en and Park Han Hyul, the official cute couple, began the Valentines day seperately. Park posted a comment on her twitter saying "Ouch! Finally over. I thought It was late night because it was dark outside

Park Han Byul's Midnight Snack

  Actress Park Han Byul revealed herself enjoying a midnight snack.  On the 14th, Park Han Byul posted pictures on her twitter along with the comments, "Ah!! End of filming for today! I thought it was still night time since it was dark out, but the time

Park Han Byul Reveals High Calorie Midnight Snack

Actress Park Han Byul revealed her high calorie food intake. The actress uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption “Ahh! Filming is done for today! I thought it was night because it was dark, time has already… It should be the start of the day for some people

Se7en and Park Han Byul unable to spend Valentine’s Day together

Singer Se7en and actress Park Han Byul who have been dating for 11 years were unable to spend Valentine’s Day together. Park Han Byul shared a few photos from her filming set and wrote via her Twitter at 6:20 in the morning, “Ahh! Finished with our shoot for today! It was still dark out so I thought it was still nighttime but… the time… looks like it’s a brand new day for some of you! I was able to endure the rough morning, thanks to a burger and my banana milk~ Have a good day everyone

A Photo of Park Han Byul With Kang Ji Sub.. 'Where Is Se7en'

Park Han Byul posted a photo on her twitter on Feb 15 with a comment saying "In the middle of filming 'Showing A Bold Front'. Kang Ji Sub began to get really into twitter! Low motivation with low number of followers