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Park Gyuri Is an MC Queen in Japan

Kara’s leader Park Gyuri will MC the 26th “Golden Disc Awards in Osaka” with Super Junior’s Lee Teuk. She will also MC the “Korean, Japanese Fashion Event KISS” with the famous Japanese model Uri Ebihara

Goo Hara and Park Gyuri Are Each Other's Mirror Reflection

Kara’s beautiful leader Park Gyuri and member Goo Hara have made an interesting picture together to entertain their loyal fans. On January 11, Goo Hara posted a picture on her Twitter with the following message, “Wearing our rehearsal clothing like couples, Gyuri unni and I are on the same level

Kara’s Park Gyuri, Jung Nicole, and Goo Hara spark a goddess debate

Recently on an online community board, some pictures of the members Park Gyuri, Jung Nicole, and Goo Hara of the group Kara have been posted from a press conference in Japan. Park Gyuri is wearing a classy black dress with sparkles with beautifully wavy hair and perfect makeup accentuating her beauty

Kara Park Gyuri kisses Bang Yong Guk on air!

Kara Park Gyuri kissed rapper Bang Yong Guk on air making Jung Hyung Don and possibly many more fans jealous. Park Gyuri, Bang Yong Guk, and Jung Hyung Don went shopping together to the seafood market on MBC’s ‘LuluLala’

Kara Park Gyuri confesses “(Ki) Sung Yong, I love you”

Kara member Park Gyuri confessed her love for soccer player Ki Sung Yong. On the January 22nd installment of MBC’s ‘LuluLala’, the cast set out to make resolutions for the new year. The MC’s of ‘Lulu Lala’ discussed about one of the plans which was to make a ‘National song of cheer for London Olympics‘

Kara Park Gyuri’s greetings from her bed with zero makeup

Kara member Park Gyuri revealed a makeup free selca from her bed. Park Gyuri tweeted in the morning of December 29th, “Sleep tight” along with a picture taken on her bed. In the picture, Park Gyuri does not seem to have a trace of makeup on her face but the beauty of her facial features are not lost

Goo Hara, Park Gyuri, and Kang Ji Young Show Off Their Beauties with No Makeup

KARA members, Goo Hara, Park Gyuri, and Kang Ji Young, showed off their shining beauties even without any makeup. On February 4, Goo Hara uploaded two pictures on her Twitter with the caption, “We are very tired today

KARA Park Gyuri to Undergo Throat Surgery Tomorrow

KARA’s Park Gyuri will undergo a throat surgery tomorrow, February 21. Since November, Gyuri has been having problems with her vocal cord including the nodules and polyps. When she was diagnosed with the condition last year, doctors urged her to undergo the surgery immediately and that pushing back treatments may forever end her career as a singer

KARA’s Park Gyuri will have an operation for her vocal cords

KARA’s Park Gyuri will have an operation. Park will have an operation on February 21 for the growth of vocal fold nodules and polyp in her vocal cords. She was first diagnosed with a vocal cords nodule in November of last year

KARA’s Park Gyuri to undergo vocal cord surgery

KARA‘s leader Park Gyuri will be undergoing surgery. On February 20th, KARA’s agency DSP Media reported, “Park Gyuri will be undergoing surgery on February 21st to remove nodules and polyps that have been found in her vocal cords

KARA's Park Gyuri To Get Vocal Cord Surgery

KARA's leader, Park Gyuri is going under the knife. For her vocal cords. According to DSP Media on February 20th, Park's been having nodes and polyps develop on her vocal cords since last November. She will be receiving surgery for this on February 21st

Park Gyuri diagnosed with vocal cord nodules

Kara's Park Gyuri has been diagnosed with vocal cord nodules. Gyuri felt something wrong with her voice during her rehearsal for the musical "200 Pounds Beauty", and headed to the hospital for check up

[news] Kara's Park Gyuri diagnosed with Vocal Chord Nodule and needs 3 months recovery

KARA's Park Gyuri has been diagnosed with Vocal Chord Nodule and needs to halt activities and undergo surgery.According to KARA's agency, Park Gyuri will be receiving surgery and treatment this coming 21st of February for her vocal chord nodule

MBLAQ’s Seung Ho proposes to KARA’s Park Gyuri

MBLAQ’s Seung Ho recently proposed to KARA’s Park Gyuri. In the 6th episode of KBS Joy’s MBLAQ’s Hello Baby, which will air on February 23, the group members ask several girl groups members to be the babies’ one-day mother

Park Gyuri As a Paris Princess

The leader of girl group KARA, Park Gyuri, was apparently a cool Parisian in the past. A surprising photo has been released to the public as proof. In the afternoon of February 27, Park Gyuri uploaded a photo of herself sitting at a quaint little cafe in Paris

KARA Park Gyuri Expresses her Anxiety Following Vocal Cord Surgery

On February 21, KARA’s Park Gyuri underwent surgery to remove the nodule and polyps found in her vocal cords. While she assured her fans that she was ok following the surgery, Gyuri left another tweet today and expressed her anxiety

Park Gyuri tweets about her vocal cord surgery

KARA’s Park Gyuri spoke out about the her vocal cord surgery after her operation. Gyuri tweeted “Why are my vocal cords so stressed? I’m afraid to even voice a sound.” Later she added, “I’m already crying this early in the day

KARA’s Park Gyuri, Aftereffect for Vocal Cord Surgery "Neck Tension"

KARA’s member Park Gyuri wrote on her Twitter “Why is my neck continuously tensed? With the way things are going, it seems I won’t be able to make a voice out of fear.” Park Gyuri was diagnosed last November of vocal card polyps, had a vocal fold nodules removal surgery on February 21

Kara’s Park Gyuri says “I’m scared that I might not be able to make a voice”

Kara’s Park Gyuri recently burst into tears, suffering the aftermath of the operation of her vocal band. On February 29, Park tweeted, “I’m not feeling well with my throat. I’m scared that I might not be able to make a voice

KARA’s Park Gyuri shares photos from her childhood days as a magazine model

KARA leader Park Gyuri shared a few old photos from when she used to be a magazine model. On April 4th, the singer shared the two photos below which were discovered by her fans via her official Twitter page and wrote, “Wow