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SHINee Onew’s smoothest of smiles

Group SHINee member Onew revealed a sweet selca. On December 25th, Onew posted on SHINee offical Me2Day, “Did you have an enjoyable Christmas? We spent a meaningful Christmas too performing.” Onew added, “I believe that all of you are joyful too with family and friends

SHINee's Onew Won't Be Performing in Paris Due to Ankle Injury

SHINee's Onew has unfortunately injured his ankle.Onew was planning to perform alongside his teammates for the "Music Bank in Paris" tour on February 8. However, due to his ankle injury, he will not be standing on stage

SHINee’s Onew unable to perform in Paris due to injured ankle

SHINee member Onew has suffered a injury to his ankle. Onew was scheduled to perform with the rest of the SHINee members at KBS 2TV‘s K-pop festival special, ‘Music Bank in Paris‘, but was unable to, due to an ankle injury

Onew hurts his ankle and sits out in France

SHINEE's Onew's ankle injury is giving his fans a hard time. Due to his injury he had to sit out during SHINEE's performance during K-Pop Festival KBS "Music Bank in Paris" held in France's Bercy Stadium

SHINee reveals teaser photos for Onew

Following the release of half-naked teasers for SHINee‘s Minho, and Taemin, the group is back with new teaser photos featuring Onew! The boys of SHINee will be dropping their 4th mini album, ‘Sherlock’, that is said to be “world class” with quality music that the boys have been diligently working on for a while

SHINee Onew Unveils Teaser Images for "Sherlock"

After unveiling the teaser images of SHINee members Taemin and Minho, it's leader Onew who graces us with his teaser images. SHINee are making a comeback with their new mini album titled "Sherlock." On March 10, the teaser images of Onew were revealed through SM Town's official website

SHINee’s Onew Gives a Sneak Peek into “Sherlock” MV Set

On March 15, SHINee’s Onew shared a couple of photos from the MV set of their upcoming single, “Sherlock.” He shared the photos with the caption that read, “From the MV set of ‘Sherlock’!” In one of the photos, Onew is seen stretching his legs in an awkward position, giving his fans a good laugh

Onew is the only SHINee member who didn’t kiss Dara?

Onew of popular Hallyu group SHINee revealed that he is the only member of SHINee who has yet to film a kiss scene with 2NE1‘s Dara. On Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2′, the SHINee members had a discussion about an advertisement for a beauty product (Etude House‘s new line of lipsticks) with the popular 2NE1 member

SHINee’s Onew to make a sitcom cameo with CSJH’s Sunday on ‘Oh My God x2′

Following fellow member Minho‘s venture into the world of sitcoms, SHINee‘s Onew will be giving his own hand at acting with a sitcom debut through SBS Plus‘s ‘Oh My God x2‘! Onew will be acting alongside SM Entertainment labelmate CSJH‘s Sunday

SHINee’s Onew makes a cameo appearance in ‘Oh My God x2′

SHINee’s Onew will appear on a sitcom following Min Ho. Onew will make a cameo appearance in the April 23 episode of SBS Plus’ Monday sitcom Oh My God x2. Onew will play the role of a man named Onew who tries to hit on Bora (Sunday)

SHINee's Onew to appear in "Oh My God X2"

On April 23rd, SHINee'swill be appearing on an episode of the sitcom "Oh My God X2." Onew will be appearing in the episode as a love interest with fellow SM Entertainment member, CSJH's Sunday. Onew and Sunday will play lovers, but with a twist, in the episode that will air on Monday

Who does SHINee’s Onew give a diamond necklace to?

SHINee’s Onew recently gave Sunday The Grace a diamond necklace as a present and drew a lot of attention. Onew made a cameo appearance in the April 23 episode of SBS Plus’ Monday sitcom Oh My God x2 and enjoyed dating Sunday, who plays the role of Bo Ra in the sitcom

Shinee’s Onew and legendary singer Ha Choon Hwa pair up for ’1000 Songs Challenge’

Legendary singer Ha Choon Hwa and SHINee‘s Onew recently paired up as a couple for ’1000 Songs Challenge’. Throughout the challenge song performances, Onew showed a lot of affection towards Ha Choon Hwa with back-hugs and hand holding

SHINee’s Onew perfectly sings a teuroteu song

SHINee’s Onew captivated the female audiences by perfectly singing a teuroteu song. In the episode of SBS TV’s Challenge 1000 Songs that aired on April 29 at 8:10 a.m., Onew teamed up with Ha Chun Hwa and competed against the team of Jeon Won Joo and Ahn Jung Hoon at the finals

lee yo won new film for 2013

This article is member-submitted and does not represent Soompi in any way. omg i am super excited for the 2012 for lee yo won. her new film perfect love/perfect number wii be showing this year and now i recently read that she has been cast for a new film

SHINee’s Onew opens a Twitter account?

Fans are speculating that SHINee‘s Onew has possibly opened a new personal Twitter account. A new Twitter account with the handle @skehehdanfdldi has been opened under the name ‘Lee Jinki‘, which happens to be the birth name of SHINee leader Onew

Yeon Jeong-hoon announces he wants to have a child in 2013

Actor Yeon Jeong-hoon and his wife Han Ga-in made a surprise announcement. Yeon Jeong-hoon appeared in a talks how program and revealed his plans for children for the first time in 7 years of marriage with Han Ga-in

JYJ preparing to release new album in 2013

JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu are scheduled to make their way to Los Angeles in the United States soon. They have been confirmed that they are meeting with local officials regarding their next album

Pledis Entertainment to debut 17-member boy band in 2013

Earlier this year, Pledis Entertainment announced plans for debut a new boy band named Seventeen in 2013. The group will consist of 17 guys with an average age of 17. Although they previously estimated the end of this year as the group’s debut date, the agency has pushed back the plans for the group’s debut to next year

SBS "Beautiful You" releases OST Part 2 singlefeaturing Girls' Generation's Sunny, f(x)'s Luna and SHINee's Onew

Part 2 of the SBS drama "Beautiful You" OST has been released on August 22nd! The new single for the drama features a collaboration track between Girls' Generation's Sunny and f(x)'s Luna, while SHINee's Onew sings solo for the song, "In Your Eyes