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T-ara’s Hwayoung experiences a wardrobe malfunction on ‘Inkigayo’

T-ara won the ‘triple crown’ on January 29th’s episode of ‘Inkigayo‘, but unfortunately, it looks like the public is more preoccupied with a member’s wardrobe malfunction on stage

Core Contents Media’s official statement on Hwayoung’s wardrobe malfunction

Although T-ara fans have the group’s triple crown win to celebrate, their achievement is being overshadowed by Hwayoung’s wardrobe malfunction scandal which has caused an uproar for viewers who watched yesterday’s broadcast

T-ara Hwayoung's Twin Sister Thanks Fans For their Support Following Wardrobe Malfunction

Yesterday, T-ara's Hwayoung experienced a wardrobe malfunction during the live broadcast of SBS's "Inkigayo". Her twin sister, Hyoyoung, from sister group 5Dolls came to her sister's rescue asking and thanking fans for their support

[Update Eng sub] Angel Antics a la Soshi Olympics!

UPDATED: all English subbed parts added! As promised here is the KBS2 Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2 episode starring SNSD! Grab a snack and make yourself comfortable (maybe you want to hold off on the drink because you might choke and/or spit it at your screen while laughing; you’ve been warned… )

Rainbow’s Go Woori at the ‘Idol Swimming Olympics’

Group Rainbow’s Go Woori feels the heat of the competition. Go Woori tweeted on the 24th, “Just before the start of Idol Olympics Swimming Competition. >_< my heart is pumping hard hehe Hwaiting!!" and she revealed the photo above

Infinity Challenge Winter Olympics Special fixed games?

‘Infinity Challenge’ was taken aback by the ski ramp challenge results of the ‘Infinity Sangsa’ office workers. On the January 21st episode of MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge’, the office workers of ‘Infinity Sangsa’ visited Pyungchang, Kangwon-do for the lunar new year

Se7en’s ripped pants, embarrassing wardrobe malfunction

Funny, Web Buzz Se7en‘s embarrassing story of ripped pants has been revealed. Singer Se7en tweeted on February 28th, “I can be cool revealing this because it’s already passed

Se7en Experiences "Wardrobe Malfunction" During “Inkigayo” Performance

Se7en revealed that his pants had ripped during his performance of “When I Can’t Sing” on SBS “Inkigayo” last week. On February 28, Se7en tweeted a photo with the caption, “It’s all in the past now, so I’ll coolly confess it… on ‘Inkigayo’…my pants had ripped

Lee Seung Gi to be a torchbearer for the London Olympics

Korea’s favorite all-round entertainer, Lee Seung Gi, will serve as a torchbearer for the  upcoming London Olympics. On March 14th, a representative from Lee Seung Gi’s company, Hook Entertainment, stated, “Lee Seung Gi was chosen as a torchbearer for the London Olympics to be held on July

Lee Seung Gi runs as the London Olympics torch-bearer

Lee Seung Gi is running as the 2012 London Summer Olympics torch-bearer. In order to run as the 2012 London Summer Olympics torch-bearer in this July, Lee is going to visit London at the end of June and run down a street, holding a torch

Lee Seung Gi and Han Ga In to Join the London Olympics Torch Relay

Two of Korea’s most beloved celebrities Lee Seung Gi and Han Ga In will participate in the 2012 London Olympics torch relay. According to reports in local news agencies, the two will be runners and torch bearers, representing Korea and Samsung Electronics, an official sponsor of the Olympics

Lee Seung-gi To Bear The Torch At London Olympics

The triple threat entertainer, Lee Seung-gi can add another accomplishment to his resume: London Olympics Torchbearer. Lee's agency, Hook Entertainment, confirmed on March 14th that the star was chosen as a torchbearer for the London Olympics in July

Lee Seung Gi & 2012 London Olympics Torch!

Lee Seung Gi will represent Samsung and Korea to be one of the torch-bearer! If you want to see him, you might want to visit London around the third week of June :)

Korean Uniform for London Olympics Unveiled

Models wearing the Korean national team's official uniform for the 2012 London Olympics pose at the National Training Center in Taeneung on Monday. The Korean national team's official uniform for 2012 London Summer Olympics was unveiled at the National Training Center in Taeneung, Seoul on Monday

Narsah’s wardrobe malfunction and Son Ho Young’s ill-mannered hand

Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls recently surprised people by wearing an embarrassing dress. On April 29, Narsha tweeted a picture with the comment, “Ready for the 2012 Hollywood Bowl? Yes, we are—emcees Son Ho Young and Narsha

2PM & Coca-Cola want you to “Share the Beat” for the London 2012 Olympics

The boys of 2PM have been long time endorsers for Coca-Cola and they’re working together once again for the “Share Your Beat” campaign. The “Share Your Beat” campaign is for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics and they want fans to create and send in their own Victory Beat to help cheer on the athletes

Lee Seung Gi carries Olympic torch in England for 2012 London Olympics

As we reported back in March, actor/singer Lee Seung Gi recently traveled to England to be a torchbearer for the torch relay of the 2012 London Olympics.As one of main sponsors of the 2012 London Olympics, Korean Conglomerate Samsung reserves the right to recommend a number of torchbearers, and thus, they chose Lee Seung Gi, their endorser for Samsung’s refrigerator line

Singer Lee Seung-gi carries torch in U.K. for London Olympics

  Lee Seung-gi Lee Seung-gi, a Korean singer and actor, completed what he dubbed a once-in-a-life-time mission as a torch bearer for the upcoming London Olympics yesterday (Korean time), according to his agents

FT Island’s Lee Hongki Takes First Solo Magazine Photo Shoot for the London Olympics

FT Island’s Lee Hongki took his first ever solo magazine photo shoot for the latest photo spread of fashion magazine, Dazed & Confused. The July issue of the magazine featured a photo shoot titled, “Musicians’ Olympic,” which is organized to celebrate the upcoming London Olympic

‘Infinity Challenge’ cast reported to have booked tickets to London for the London Olympics

MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge‘, which is currently on a hiatus from broadcast due to a strike, has been earning interest for the cast’s decision to take off to London for the London Olympics