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Fany goes Oops!

SNSD’s SM town sunbaes, Super Junior, were featured on yesterdays episode of ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘. The SuJu boys performed a string of songs in addition to a hilarious performance of ‘Oops!’ featuring Soshi’s Fany Fany Tiffany! SuShi anyone?oh gawd that was lame ‘Oops!’ originally features SM hoobaes f(x), however they were unable to make it thus Tiffany stepped in as the replacement (and a damn fine replacement might I add)

Oops! One Night of TV Entertainment Mistake Ends Up Revealing Ha Jung Woo's Breakup

Oops, really oops! SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment” had promoted that Ha Jung Woo had big plans to marry Goo Eun Ae. According to the press release from “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Ha Jung Woo said in an interview for the first time that he had marriage plans

The King 2 Hearts - Episode 6 - Screenshots Part 4 - A real KISS and Oops! Caught in the act!

Are they be able to mend the broken relationship? I think so :) Look how they drink and got drunk together! We got a real kiss scene finally! Until the King and Hang Ah's father came and spoiled everything! LOL! That was just romantic anyways~ and Please check my card for the next episode next week at http://www

"Gag Concert" Needs a New Segment Called "Oops, I Did It Again, I (Almost) Kissed an Idol"

Gagwomen and gagmen have great taste in idols.   On September 9, on the KBS comedy show “Gag Concert,” gagwoman Shin Bora almost kisses BEAST member Kikwang for a segment on the show.  During the segment, BEAST member Kikwang plays gagwoman Shin Bora’s new boyfriend who made her heart flutter with his honest confession

G.NA to return with “Oops” as a fiery redhead on White Day

Sexy songstress G.NA, who previously enticed with her first teaser photo, has set sights on White Day (March 14th) as her date of return with title track “Oops“! The singer gives you a better look at her new short hairdo as she becomes a fiery redhead, and keeps in theme with the red color by adding accents of red heels as well as the red hearts that decorate her top

G.NA releases 2nd image teaser for 4th mini-album "Oops!"

Female soloist G.NA is preparing to make her comeback soon with her 4th mini-album this month, and has already begun to tease fans with the release of her first image teaser. Following up, on March 6th, G

GNa releases a new song, “Oops!” showing off her lovely, sexy charm

GNa, who will be back performing again on March 14, has released a new song along with the cover photo of her new album.                Her agency, Cute Entertainment, announced her new release on Tuesday on their official SNS along with a photo of her wearing a bright-red bobbed hairstyle

G.NA has a solo selca party on “Oops” MV set

G.NA shared a photo from the set of her upcoming music video of “Oops“. On March 6th, G.NA shared the above picture and tweeted, “Picture time!♥ OOPS ♬ While filming my music video

G.NA releases 3rd image teaser for 4th mini-album "Oops!"

After revealing image teasers (1,2) for her new concept, G.NA unveils the 3rd image teaser for her 4th mini-album "Oops!." On March 7th, Cube Entertainment released a new set of photos for her new concept, posing with her short, vivid red hair

G.NA reveals more photos for comeback with “Oops” (ft. Ilhoon) from new mini album ‘Beautiful Kisses’

Sexy songstress G.NA has set sights on White Day (March 14th) as her date of return with title track “Oops“, and as the day approaches, more details are being dropped! In addition to releasing two new photos from her album jacket, we’ve also gotten details about her album title as well as featuring artist, and the singer’s real hairstyle underneath the red wig! So like you can see, the album will be called ‘Beautiful Kisses‘, which can’t be any more fitting as it is perfect for the White Day release

G.NA to Work with BTOB Ilhoon for New Song, 'Oops!'

G.NA, Comeback, Oops, Beautiful Kisses, BTOB, Ilhoon G.NA to Work with BTOB Ilhoon for New Song, 'Oops!' Singer G.NA will be working with BTOB member Ilhoon for new new title song, "Oops!" Today, G

G.NA is all about the red, white, and blue in new teaser photo for “Oops”

There are only three days left until the return of sexy songstress G.NA on White Day (March 14th). After releasing a series of sexy teasers and album details a few days ago, Cube Entertainment has just revealed the above album jacket photo for her 4th mini-album ‘Beautiful Kisses‘

G.NA releases 5th image teaser for "Oops!"

With only three days left until the release of her 4th mini-album, G.NA teases fans by releasing the 5th image teaser for her comeback. On March 11th, Cube Entertainment released the 5th set of image teasers for "Oops!," which features G

G.NA shows off her perfect figure through video teaser for “Oops”!

G.NA is getting ready to turn heads with her new title track “Oops“ with the release of a music video teaser! She’s already revealed several teaser photos, and now we have a video clip to further leave us waiting on the edge of our seats! This song will be part of her album called ‘Beautiful Kisses‘, which can’t be any more fitting as it is perfect for the White Day release

G.Na is a Beautiful Girl in ‘Oops’ Teaser

Finally ready to reveal more than pictures, G.Na released the first video teaser for her upcoming song, Oops. The teaser was released on March 12, showing G.Na being uncovered from a large blanket. She donned her red wig, while seductively lying on the floor and peering into the camera

G.NA Reveals 'Oops!' MV Teaser Video Online, 'Sexy Chic'

G.NA, Oops, Teaser, MV, Cube Entertainment G.NA Reveals 'Oops!' MV Teaser Video Online, 'Sexy Chic' Singer G.NA revealed the teaser video for new song, "Oops!" and revealed her amazing S-line body

G.NA reveals MV teaser for "Oops!"

After releasing various image concept teasers for her title track "Oops!", a music video teaser has finally been released on March 11th. The video begins with G.NA covered in a white satin sheet, which is elegantly pulled off her to reveal her attractively posing, highlighting her body lines as a medium-tempo track played in the background

G.NA Releases MV Teaser for "Oops"

With G.NA set to make her comeback this week,  she has revealed music video teaser for her title track “Oops“  As seen in the previously released teasers, we see G.NA sporting a short red haircut

G.NA sings of loving a younger man through MV for “Oops” ft. BTOB’s Ilhoon

G.NA is kicking off White Day with the release of her album ‘Beautiful Kisses‘ and the MV for her title track “Oops“! “Oops” is a fun dance track by composers Lim Sang Hyukand Son Young Jin, and sings of loving a younger man! The song also features the rap of labelmate, BTOB‘s Ilhoon, who fits right in with this whole concept, and even makes an appearance in the MV itself! So celebrate White Day with G

G.NA Releases Comeback Music Video "Oops" and Fourth Mini Album

G.NA has released her fourth mini album “Beautiful Kisses” as well as her title track music video for “Oops” today. “Oops” was written by Lim Sang Hyuk and Son Young Jin, carrying a sweet melody bound to captivate listeners and remind them of when they fell head over heels for someone