Older Sister Hongki Ft Island

FT Island"s Hongki reveals his pretty sister who has an idol-like visual

FT Island

FT Island”s Lee Hongki has a pretty sister and he is a proud oppa to show her off to you.

On his twitter and instagram, Hongki posted two photos of his younger sister. He wrote along with the pictures, “Come and catch me in Andong… I”ll treat Andong”s steam chicken to five people.” and “#LOVEGO333 when are you gonna start”. ... Read more

F.T. Island"s Hongki joins the million club on Instagram

F.T. Island

F.T. Island“s Hongki has reached 1 million followers on his Instagram account!

Hongki joined 16 months ago in February 2014, and he”s been showing off his quirky personality and communicating with fans through the SNS account since it was opened the account. He updates fairly frequently for fans to enjoy his craziness (in a good way). . ... Read more

F.T Island"s Jonghun and AOA"s Yuna are brother and sister in preview for web drama "Prince"s Prince"

F.T Island

The preview for upcoming web drama, “Prince”s Prince,” is out, starring F.T Island”s Jonghun, AOA”s Yuna, and actor Lim Yun Ho!

The web drama seems like a lighthearted comedy about Jonghun dealing with his younger sister (Yuna)”s addiction to games. Lim Yun Ho comes off as a cold and intimidating character, but the drama overall seems like some lighthearted fun. . ... Read more

Dal Shabet"s Subin and F.T Island"s Hongki get together for rocker version of "Joker"

Dal Shabet

An unexpected pair, Dal Shabet”s Subin and F.T Island”s Hongki, came together recently for a collaboration cover of Dal Shabet”s latest track, “Joker“!

They performed the rock version, but don”t let the name fool you.  Despite F.T Island”s recent promotion with a heavy rock concept that might have you suspecting some guitar banging and energetic drumming in this rendition, this is more of soft rock, a soothing version that is super easy on the ears and enjoyable regardless. . ... Read more

Ha Ji Won spends a meaningful day with her older sister on "Go Go with Unnie"

Ha Ji Won spends a meaningful day with her older sister on

On this week”s airing of OnStyle“s “Go Go with Unnie“, actress Ha Ji Won was seen spending a meaningful day with her older sister at Grasse, France for a special vacation together. . ... Read more

An older sister worries about her 24-year-old brother"s love for INFINITE"s Sungjong

An older sister worries about her 24-year-old brother

On an episode of KBS 2TV“s “Hello” on May 11, INFINITE”s Sunggyu appeared on the show, only to have to listen to someone”s love for another member of the group, Sungjong!

. ... Read more

F.T. Island"s Hongki reveals he"s received surgery on his buttocks twice

F.T. Island

On this week”s episode of “Weekly Idol“, F.T. Island”s Hongki revealed that he received a surgery on his butt twice to get a boil removed, drawing out sad laughter from the viewers. . ... Read more

Lee Wan says he"s prettier than his older sister Kim Tae Hee in "Match Made on Heaven Returns"

Lee Wan says he

Kim Tae Hee is known as one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea, and many know her younger brother actor Lee Wan looks a lot like her! Lee Wan, however, thinks he not only looks like his sister, but is prettier than her. . ... Read more

F.T Island"s Hongki talks about how he dates

F.T Island

F.T Island”s Hongki appeared on the April 20 installment of KBS 2TV“s “Hello” and honestly, openly talked about relationships as usual.  

Leader Jonghun stated, “I worry before I date,” while Dal Shabet”s Subin added, “I am in a “some” relationship or do some “push and pull” when I”m in the stage of thinking about it.” . ... Read more

Ai Shinozaki also denies dating F.T. Island"s Hongki

Ai Shinozaki also denies dating F.T. Island

It seems F.T. Island”s Hongki is not the only one who”s being pestered about his relationship with Japanese singer, idol, and gravure model Ai Shinozaki.

Though the dating rumors have already been denied, it seems many are speculating that the two stars are more than just friends. Ai Shinozaki was recently questioned on the April 14th broadcast of a Japanese radio show on MBS Radio. She firmly stated, “There”s nothing between us.”. ... Read more