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A pink’s Park Cho Rong wears a ‘banana’ wig

A picture of A pink’s Park Cho Rong with a unique hairstyle was recently released. On February 23, a picture was posted on A pink’s agency, A Cube Entertainment’s official Twitter account with the comment, “Do you know ‘banana hair,’ which is very popular these days?” In the picture, leader Park is making a surprised face while putting bananas on her head

4minute teases fans with ‘Mae-Rong’ pose

4minute‘s leader, Nam Ji Hyun recently uploaded a taunting photo of 4minute. On May 12th, the idol uploaded the above photo and left a short message, “Mae-Rong“. ‘Mae-Rong’, which is a common act done by children, is mainly used to taunt or tease the viewer

A Pink’s Park Cho Rong dedicates her first written song to her fans

A Pink’s leader Park Cho Rong revealed that the first song that she wrote the lyrics is ‘especially meaningful.’ On May 9, A Pink released their first official album, Une Annee. This album contained the title song “Hush” and Park’s own written song “April 19

'Respond 1997' A Pink's Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bomi Appear as Cameos

respond 1997, a-pink, park cho rong, bomi A Pink Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bomi tvN drama "Respond 1997" has a lot of aspects that are different from other dramas. From its ability to reminisce on the sweet memories of the 90's to the new cameo actors in each episode, providing a fresh new feeling each episode