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Girls’ Generation Donate 8 Tons of Rice to Gangnam Ward Office

Girls’ Generation donated 8 tons of rice to Seoul Gangnam ward office (ward chief Shin Yeon-hee).   The donated rice came from the 'rice wreath' Yoona, Sunny, Tiffany and Sooyoung received from fans during presentations of dramas and musicals

Girls' Generation Tiffany, Lovely Office Girl in VOGUE Photo Shoot

tiffany, girls generation tiffany vogue girl photo shoot tiffany vogue girl photo shoot tiffany vogue girl photo shoot Girl group Girls' Generation's member Tiffany turned into a lovely career woman

Girls' Generation's Tiffany is the New Office Girl in Upcoming "Vogue Girl" Photo Shoot

Girls’ Generation member Tiffany will be featured in a photo shoot for the September issue of “Vogue Girl.”  The concept of the photo shoot was a portrayal of a fresh, chic, and modern office girl in her first week at work

Office Girls Episode 9 Recap And Screenshot

It’s a no brainer decision really, for me to break my longstanding rule in not jumping into a recap series midway. On one hand is my arbitrary rule, on the other is the chance to recap the moment somewhere down the line when Zi Qi kisses Xing Ren and makes her swoon (you all know it’s gonna happen, right?)

Preview of Drunken to Love You’s Followup Drama Office Girls with Roy Qiu and Alice Ke

All good things must come to an end, and with that said, next week comes the grand finale of Drunken to Love You which means Office Girls (小資女孩向前衝) premieres in two weeks. This drama flew completely under my radar, mostly because the only actor in the cast I’m a fan of did all C-dramas for the last two years so I wasn’t expecting to see him back doing a TW idol drama, and finally getting his due as a leading man in Taiwan as well

Office Girls Episode 16 Recap And Screenshot

Absolutely nothing important happened in episode 16 of Office Girls, other than Mina and Lao Yu getting back together. The only reason that is even important is to wrap up the flimsy thread and hie those two off to Paris next week and off my screen

Brown Eyed Girls' Jea to Appear in "Immortal Song 2" Lunar New Year Special

Brown Eyed Girls leader Jea is set to take the stage on “Immortal Song 2” for the show’s upcoming Lunar New Year special, according to reports from local news agencies. Jea, a noted vocalist, is the latest in the list of remarkable singers to participate in the show

Wonder Girls Reveal Movie Trailer "The Wonder Girls"

The Wonder Girls came back to the music scene in Korea with their single “Be My Baby” and now they are preparing the promotion of their movie "The Wonder Girls" through an American channel television called "TeenNick

The Wonder Girls Release Teaser for American Single "The DJ Is Mine"

The Wonder Girls has finally revealed the teaser for their latest English track titled “The DJ Is Mine,” featuring the School Gyrls. It’s been announced that the song will be part of the official soundtrack for their Teen Nick movie titled “The Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls’ Sohee, “We Got Married’s” Kwon Risae, and “High Kick S3’s” Baek Jin Hee Are Triplets?!

Recently, Wonder Girls’ Sohee, “We Got Married’s” Kwon Risae, and “High Kick S3’s” Baek Jin Hee have been a hot topic among Korean netizens for their striking resemblances to each other

Lee Min Jung's Film "Wonder Radio" Opens at #2 on Box Office

The ever-so-beautiful Lee Min Jung’s film “Wonder Radio” started off as #2 on the Korean Box Office. According to the official film association that handles the box office numbers (KOFIC), “Wonderful Radio” had 43,235 viewers on its first day, it was right behind “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Wonder Girls Yoobin and Sohee: Huge Contrast in Skin Tone

On a recent visit to Taiwan, the Wonder Girls and miss A were featured guests on Taiwan TTV's special program for the Entertainment Awards. As soon as the Wonder Girls arrived in Taiwan on January 6, they were directed towards the press conference, where they began an on-site interview with the media and press

2NE1, SNSD, and Wonder Girls at Forefront of U.S. K-Pop Invasion

K-Pop girl group’s representing the top three entertainment agencies in Korea (JYP, SM, and YG Entertainment) plan to release their albums one after another in the United States beginning this January

Wonder Girls Looking Fierce For "The DJ Is Mine" MV

Earlier this week, JYP Entertainment announced that the Wonder Girls official American debut was imminent by revealing the teaser for their title song "The DJ Is Mine" which will be featured on their Teen Nick movie "The Wonder Girls" original soundtrack

Wonder Girls Appears at the 2012 CES for Samsung and Monster Cable Booths

On January 11, U.S. time the Wonder Girls appeared at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). They made an appearance alongside JYP, Nick Cannon, and the School Gyrls. The Wonder Girls were at the Samsung Electronics Booth and Monster Cable booths

The Wonder Girls to Become a Group of Six with Sunmi?

Recently, a photo of the Wonder Girls, featuring Sunye, Yeeun, Yoobin, Sohee, Hyelim, AND Sunmi, has been circulating various internet portals, drawing a lot of hype about Sunmi’s possible return to the group

Is Your Favorite Star’s Company in an Office or a House?

From office buildings to residential homes, the look of management agency's buildings have been a hot topic for netizens for some time now. Recently, the pictures of major agencies have been making the rounds on the Internet with the title “Idols’ Office Buildings

Wonder Girls Become Teachers for a Day

On January 14, the Wonder Girls took time out of their busy schedule to visit a center that offers support to multicultural families in Seoul. With about 30 kids in attendance, the Wonder Girls became teachers for a day

Girls’ Generation receives ‘Best Jewellery Wearer Award’ from Japan

Top girl group, Girls’ Generation, were recently awarded with a ‘Best Jewellery Wearer Award‘ from Japan. On January 11th, the members attended the ‘23rd Jewelry Wearer Awards‘ at the Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center in Odaiba

The Wonder Girls send a video greeting to allkpop fans at CES 2012

Although the Wonder Girls were extremely busy with their appearances at the Monster booth and other areas of CES 2012, they still spent a few minutes with us to send a video greeting to allkpop fans! The Wonder Girls just released their new US single, “The DJ is Mine,” and are also looking forward to the premiere of their Teen Nick movie, “The Wonder Girls“! Make sure to check out their US single and show them lots of love and support while they are here, stateside!