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NUEST performs a special version for &

On June 3rd, the boys of NU’EST held a special event known as JRON’s Happy Day in celebration of JR’s and Aron’s birthdays (June 6th and May 21st, respectively). It’s been almost three weeks since they held the joint birthday celebration with fans and in conjunction of NU’EST’s 100 days since debut, Pledis Entertainment has uploaded a special version of FACE, performed at the event

NUEST take off the masks for comeback teaser photo

It’s been hinted slowly by the members that NU’EST would be making a return to the music scene soon after debuting in March with FACE and Pledis Entertainment has now revealed the first comeback teaser photo of the group

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA looks playful in predebut picture

A predebut picture of Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA being playful has recently amused fans. On June 28th, a picture titled, “YoonA being playful like a kid,“ was uploaded and shared on a portal site

NUEST unveils new &

After releasing a short MV teaser for upcoming song Action, the boys of NU’EST take it one step further as agency Pledis has released a new 1-minute teaser. JR had previously let fans know of this new teaser during the group’s first movie date with fans in Busan

NUEST Returns With &

Pledis Entertainment’s boygroup NU’EST is back with their first mini-album titled ‘Action’. Having announced their comeback last month, photo and MV teasers have gotten fans excited about the full release

NUEST is selected as the best new singing group of 2012

New singing group NU’EST, recently released their first EP “Action,” was selected as the best new singing group of 2012, a survey conducted by an overseas website. For two weeks, nearly 250,000 people participated in this survey, conducted by an overseas website named  Seoulbeat

NUEST Voted Best Newbie Group By International Fans

The international fans have spoken and the best rookie group is? NUEST. According to NUEST's agency PLEDIS Entertainment on July 17th, a popular English k-pop news site Seoulbeat held an online vote for two weeks, where 250,000 people participated

NUEST appears at the &

New group NU’EST recently gave an opening performance at the ‘K-Dream Live Concert,’ which was held at Tokyo Dome in Japan. Even though the group performed in Japan for the first time, they gave splendid performance and received big cheers amid a storm of applause

NUEST starts performing their follow up song Not Over You

New group NU’EST completed performing “Action” and started performing their follow up song “Not Over You.” The follow up song is a modern rock, which includes fresh and exciting guitar sounds

NUEST performs Action on Simply K-Pop

After a long wait, the urban-electro band, as they introduce themselves, NU’EST is finally back in the K-Pop scene with a single new “Action.” This time they wil be gracing Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop with an “action” filled choreography not to mention their heavenly visuals

NUEST releases a sweet MV for &

Boy group NU’EST recently wrapped up their promotions for Action and followed up with Not Over You at the beginning of August. Last month, through the group’s official Twitter, the five members were eagerly looking for their ‘Sandy’ as it was anticipated that they would be filming the MV for Sandy, another song on their first mini-album ‘Action’

NUEST finally releases the MV for &

The boys of NU’EST may have spent this past weekend in sunny Southern California because of KCON 2012 and the Pledis auditions in Los Angeles, but they have released a new special MV for their loving fans! It’s been a while since fans last heard of the news for the Sandy MV, which had been in the works for a while

KpopGaga is back with Nuest Showkase, and a chance for overseas fans to win!

Singapore organizer KpopGaga is back with their monthly installment of Showkase, and this time it features rookie boygroup Nu’est. One of the top 3 candidates voted in the poll held by KpopGaga. With this being their first time in Singapore, a splendid performance is being anticipated

Face to Face with NUEST in Malaysia!

Calling all Malaysian L.O.Λ.E! Event organizer, Rhythm Land announced today that they will be bringing NU’EST to perform their showcase in Malaysia. The showcase titled “The Face to Face in Malaysia” will be held on 15th December 2012 at the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre

NUEST teases with short &

Following the release of various concept photos, NU’EST has revealed a glimpse of its upcoming music video for ‘Hello’. ‘Hello’ is a slow ballad that involves a love triangle, evidently portrayed by the main leads in the music video

NUEST say, We envy B.A.Ps success

NU’EST recently talked about B.A.P, who debuted with them around the same period. On February 13, NU’EST held a press interview and a showcase at the Interpark Hall in celebration of the release of their second EP, Hello

A Pink Chorong's predebut photos revealed/

A Pink's leader Park Chorong garners much attention with her predebut photos.Fans commented after seeing her predebut photos. They mentioned, "Chorong doesn't age at all","Pretty leader","So cute" and etc

NUEST to return on August 22nd with 3rd mini-album Sleep Talking

LOVEs have a reason to be excited as Pledis Entertainment revealed through NU’EST‘s official Twitter that the boys would be back on August 22nd with their third mini-album Sleep Talking

NUEST is Sleep Talking in latest MV

Pledis‘s boy group NU’EST is back with yet another MV for fans to fall in love with. The five member group is making its comeback with third mini-album Sleep Talking and on August 22nd, the boys released a fantastical, colorful MV of the same name

NUEST to hold a fanmeeting show in Spain

  How can the Spanish Kpop fan start in an awesome way the month of November? Of course by taking part at the first Fanmeeting Show of the group NU’EST. This kind of event, organized by LiveNation Spain, is the first in its genre in Spain