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f(x)’s Amber with Long Hair? Nope, It’s Just her...

Recently, photos of f(x)’s Amber with her sister have surfaced various online communities. Titled “Amber’s Sister Revealed: They Look Alike,” the photos show Amber fooling around with her sister at a clothing store

Lee Hyori flaunts her mustache and armpit hair on a past variety show

Past clips of Lee Hyori have caught the attention of netizens. On the January 10th episode of MBC’s “Good Day”, past clips of Lee Hyori were played. In the clip, Lee Hyori was featured on a variety show program where she brought laughter around her by flaunting her fake armpit hair and mustache that were created with black tape

Jung Il Woo Dyed His Hair in the Chosun Dynasty?

Viewers of MBC's hit drama, "The Moon That Embraces the Sun," noticed a slight flaw in the drama's recent eighth episode involving a hair change with actor Jung Il Woo.  The January 27 episode featured Han Ga In being reunited with Jung Il Woo while running away from being taken hostage

Super Junior’s Leeteuk considers growing out his hair

Super Junior member Leeteuk shared an older photo of himself where he sported a longer hairstyle. The singer posted the photo above on January 29th and wrote, “There was a time in my life when I had this kind of look

Sunny: I Didn’t cut my hair!

I’m sure you all remember this picture from the 2nd teaser right? Sunny and Seohyun were present during the recording of the 46th episode of KBS2′s “Hello” which aired on October 9th live through Daum

Won Bin styles his own hair for a recent photo shoot

A few still-cuts from actor Won Bin‘s 2012 Spring photo shoot set have been revealed. The actor who is currently a model for an outdoors brand recently completed the photo shoot at a studio in Seoul

Kim Bum’s selca, a beautiful man with the new long hair

Kim Bum returned to the fans as handsome as ever. Kim Bum posted on his Me2Day on November 30th, “Thank you very much all of the officials and the fans who have come to the production report of ‘Padam Padam’ despite the bad weather

Sandara Park is bewildered wearing a cute apple hair

Group 2NE1′s Sandara Park transforms into a cute rabbit. Sandara Park wrote on her me2day page on the 28th, “We are in Japan right now. We are performing at the Ontama Carnival happening in Yokohama Arena today

Kim Won Joon, hair band + horn rimmed glasses ‘ total flower boy’

Singer Kim Won Joon sent new year’s greetings for lunar new year. Kim Won Joon tweeted on January 23rd, “Hello 2012″, along with a picture. In the picture, Kim Won Joon is holding his newly released album smiling somewhat shyly

Park Min Young ‘winter goddess’ with long hair

Actress Park Min Young revealed a changed hairstyle. Park Min Young tweeted on January 14th, “Tada! Long haired Min Young you haven’t seen in a while Ppororong~” along with a selca. In the picture, Park Min Young’s hair is long and brown, which is different from the short hair she was sporting in a drama until recently

Simon D, red hair, red eyes selca ‘Under eye circles pop’

Hip hop duo Supreme Team member Simon D revealed a selca looking somewhat tired in red hair. Simon D tweeted on January 11th, “I couldn’t sleep so my eyes are red but can’t tell because of the hair color” along with a picture

Hyomin confesses she’s suffering from hair loss

Members of T-ara reveal they are fatigued due to their continuous schedule. Hyomin is especially suffering from hair loss. T-ara’s ‘Guerilla Interview’ was conducted by KBS ‘Entertainment Report’ on the 7th

Choi Jung Won sick of MD image? Total transformation with lion hair

Choi Jung Won made a transformation with lion hair. Choi Jung Won posted on her Me2Day, “The year of Imjin, have a prosperous new year and I hope you achieve all that you want..Thank you for all the love for ‘Brain’

Running Man, Gary explodes grabbing Song Ji Hyo by the hair in jealosy!

‘Running Man’ member Gary exploded at Song Ji Hyo in jealous rage. On the January 1st installment of SBS‘s ‘Running Man’, the ‘Math Race Special’ was put on with the Hallyu idols Super Junior member Choi Siwon, SHINee member Minho, Wonder Girls member Sohee, f(x) member Sulli, and Sistar member Hyorin

Han Ye Seul arrives with ruffled hair but still looks radiant

Actress Han Ye Seul‘s ruffled hair is a slight let down to otherwise a perfect look. Han Ye Seul attended her fan signing on the 28th, at the Seoul Yeongdeungpo D-CUBE CITY. Han Ye Seul looked radiant on this day

Hyomin looks adorable even with ‘duhbuk’ hair

Hyomin presents the bowl cut. T-ara Hyomin tweeted on December 24th, “Duhbuk” with 2 pictures.(Duhbuk hair refers to the style of haircut Hyomin is wearing in the picutre. It’s a kind of bowl cut mostly) In the picture, Hyomin is sporting a hair style that seems gender neutral with bangs in the front

Does Hyomin regret cutting her hair?

Group T-ara’s Hyomin might be missing her beautiful long hair. Hyomin tweeted a short message on the late night of the 18th, “Long hair…” and she attached the photo above. In the photo, Hyomin looks a lot more feminine and youthful with her long hair

T-ara’s Jiyeon shows impeccable fashion sense despite hair rollers

T-ara‘s Jiyeon is demonstrating an impeccable fashion sense through her drama, ‘Dream High 2‘. While the idol is drawing strong interest for her acting, her fashion is also making headlines in the news

Top comes back with sky blue hair and an oxygen mask

Top, Big Bang, YG Entertainment, GD&TOP, Big show Top of Big Bang has turned his style upside down. Big Bang's agency YG Entertainment posted a picture of Top on their official blog on the 6th. Top, who had shocked fans with his white hair during his performances as 'GD&TOP' in 2010, chose to dye his hair sky blue, leaving fans wondering about his overall stylistic concept

IU looks perfect even with short hair

Singer IU‘s pictures with short hair have been revealed. Recently on an online community board, a few pictures have been posted tagged, ‘IU, who can perfectly carry short hair too’. The pictures of IU transformed with short hair is from the photo shoot for the French sports apparel brand ‘Le Coq Sportif’