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After School Uee Made NU'EST Member Baekho's Name

After School’s Uee revealed that she made NU’EST’s member Baekho’s name! Currently NU’EST is preparing for their debut, and Uee revealed that she made member Baekho’s name. Baekho means “White Tiger” in Korean

After School’s UEE reveals she gave NU’EST’s Baekho his name

After School‘s UEE has shared a surprising secret about NU’EST‘s Baekho. UEE uploaded a new photo onto her me2day on February 9th, and wrote, “It’s been a while since I’ve been in the practice room

NU'EST's Baekho and Actor Yoo Seung Ho Are Twins?

A photo of new boy group NU'EST's Baekho helping out the coal service was recently revealed. The photo is from the end of last year, when Pledis Entertinment participated in volunteering work at the coal service

NU’EST releases teaser of member Baekho

Just the other day, Pledis Entertainment released a teaser for NU’EST’s debut track, “Face.” Today, they released a teaser of member Baekho, who shows off his masculine charm and Kendo skills

NU’EST Reveals First Individual Teaser Featuring Baekho

On March 5, Pledis Entertainment’s new boy group, NU’EST, revealed their first individual teaser featuring Baekho. In the 40-second teaser, Baekho puts his kendo martial arts skills on full display, leaving a strong and powerful impression to all the fans anticipating the group’s debut

NU'EST unveiled Baekho teaser!

Check out the individual teaser of NU'EST's first member Baekho!

NU’EST’s Baekho shares an adorable photo of Minhyun with his niece

A heartwarming photo of Minhyun with his niece has captured the hearts of NU’EST fans because of the “family guy” image the member exudes. NU’EST‘s Baekho recently updated his me2day with the photo above and wrote, “Yo! Our Minhyun is holding a baby

Nu’est’s Baekho Finds Saesang Fans Fascinating

Rookie boy group member Baekho from Nu’est has revealed his thoughts on saesang fans!During an interview with WSTAR News, the members of Nu’est discuss their feelings about having fans and the possibility of saesang fans

NU’EST’s Baekho is backed up by After School’s UEE

Baekho of rookie group NU’EST seems to be enjoying some limelight for his relationship with After School’s UEE. Baekho recently posted a picture on his me2day account with the comment, “This is a jacket what UEE picked out in person for me! And the jacket is designed by Park Yoom Soo, one of the top designers in Korea

After School’s UEE gifts NU’EST’s Baekho with a jacket

After School‘s UEE has once again shown her support to rookie group, NU’EST, as their senior and labelmate. NU’EST’s Baekho recently wrote on his Me2day, “This is the white tiger jacket UEE noona picked out for me! She says it was made by designer Park Yoon Soo~! UEE nuna even personally picks out our outfits for us! I really like the jacket

NUEST performs a special version for &

On June 3rd, the boys of NU’EST held a special event known as JRON’s Happy Day in celebration of JR’s and Aron’s birthdays (June 6th and May 21st, respectively). It’s been almost three weeks since they held the joint birthday celebration with fans and in conjunction of NU’EST’s 100 days since debut, Pledis Entertainment has uploaded a special version of FACE, performed at the event

NUEST take off the masks for comeback teaser photo

It’s been hinted slowly by the members that NU’EST would be making a return to the music scene soon after debuting in March with FACE and Pledis Entertainment has now revealed the first comeback teaser photo of the group

NUEST unveils new &

After releasing a short MV teaser for upcoming song Action, the boys of NU’EST take it one step further as agency Pledis has released a new 1-minute teaser. JR had previously let fans know of this new teaser during the group’s first movie date with fans in Busan

NUEST Returns With &

Pledis Entertainment’s boygroup NU’EST is back with their first mini-album titled ‘Action’. Having announced their comeback last month, photo and MV teasers have gotten fans excited about the full release

NUEST is selected as the best new singing group of 2012

New singing group NU’EST, recently released their first EP “Action,” was selected as the best new singing group of 2012, a survey conducted by an overseas website. For two weeks, nearly 250,000 people participated in this survey, conducted by an overseas website named  Seoulbeat

NUEST Voted Best Newbie Group By International Fans

The international fans have spoken and the best rookie group is? NUEST. According to NUEST's agency PLEDIS Entertainment on July 17th, a popular English k-pop news site Seoulbeat held an online vote for two weeks, where 250,000 people participated

NU'EST Baekho, The Scariest Senior Celebrity Is After School's Uee?

baekho, nuest, uee, after school baekho The male idol group NU'EST picked girl group After School as the scariest senior group. NU'EST, who is from the same agency as After School, made their appearance in cable channel MBC Music "Show! Champion" on July 17 along with After School

NUEST appears at the &

New group NU’EST recently gave an opening performance at the ‘K-Dream Live Concert,’ which was held at Tokyo Dome in Japan. Even though the group performed in Japan for the first time, they gave splendid performance and received big cheers amid a storm of applause

Does NUESTs Baekho look old?

Idol group NU’EST recently appeared on a TV show. New groups NU’EST and Hello Venus appeared on the August 1 episode of MBC Every 1′s Week Idol and showed off their attractive personalities

NUEST starts performing their follow up song Not Over You

New group NU’EST completed performing “Action” and started performing their follow up song “Not Over You.” The follow up song is a modern rock, which includes fresh and exciting guitar sounds