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NUEST performs Action on Simply K-Pop

After a long wait, the urban-electro band, as they introduce themselves, NU’EST is finally back in the K-Pop scene with a single new “Action.” This time they wil be gracing Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop with an “action” filled choreography not to mention their heavenly visuals

Soo Ae, “Not in a relationship with CEO Jung Taewon. Will not avoid legal action.”

Actress Soo Ae‘s representative denied the story of her relationship with CEO Jung Taewon of Taewon Entertainment relaying that legal action will be taken if necessary. On February 2nd, a media outlet reported that Soo Ae was in a romantic relationship with CEO Jung Taewon

Horan’s crazy action of the day, “Name Pen as an eyeliner”

Singer Horan revealed the ‘crazy action of the day’. Horan posted a picture through her Me2Day account on December 26th and tagged it, “The crazy action of the day: Draw the eyeline with a Name Pen

We Got Married, Lee Jang Woo – Ham Eunjung missing in action?

Lee Jang Woo – Ham Eunjung did not make their appearances resulting in hugely disappointed viewers. On the December 17th episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, Kim Won Joon – Park So Hyun couple’s cooking contest and Leeteuk – Kang So Ra couple’s first proposal was put on air

Hyomin’s meaningful action, laser beam out of her hands?

A laser beam is shooting out of T-ara member Hyomin‘s hands. Hyomin tweeted on December 9th, “In the middle of meaningful work…” along with a picture. Hyomin appears to be sitting in a restaurant looking down at something in her hands

Coffee’s action-packed trailer and comic-inspired posters

Now THIS looks cool. The trailer and posters are out for the historical spy movie Coffee, which are totally different from what I was expecting, but in the best way — it’s historical action with a twist

OCN lines up new action drama Hero

OCN’s got another original cable drama in the works, and they’ve cast Yang Dong-geun (Grand Prix, I Am Sam, Ruler of Your Own World) as the leading man of Hero. It’s an action series, and the teaser reminds me a whole lot of the initial teaser for Vampire Prosecutor — lots of style, and only a fleeting glimpse of anything — but since that show ended up so fantastic, I’ll consider that a positive correlation

Tiffany Action Figure!?!

Couldn’t help but share this after I stumbled across it on some Korean forum. Let’s just say you know you’ve made it big when people are willing to make custom action figures in your liking. Don’t believe me? Pictures tell a 1000 words, so I’ll let these do the talking (That, and my Korean’s pretty poor, so I’m pretty much lost in translation here) From this: To this: LOL at the random cat in b/g All I can say is the quality is actually pretty awesome, and it does capture her figure and likeness for sure

SM Entertainment Takes Legal Action for Girls' Generation's Photoshopped Nude Photos

Girls’ Generation was the next victim in the list of female celebrities of nude photoshopped photos. The photo was uploaded to various internet communities February 15 which spread like wild fire

Song Hye Gyo to take legal action against 41 netizens

Actress Song Hye Gyo has sued 41 netizens for defamation of character. Her legal team submitted the lawsuit at the Seoul Central District Court against the 41 netizens who were involved in spreading of the rumor that the actress had a ‘sponsor-relationship’ with a politician (aka a sexual relationship in exchange for money) from September 2008 to December 2011

Actress Song Hye-gyo takes legal action against 41 netizens

Hallyu actress Song Hye-gyo will take legal action against some 41 netizens who have spread false rumors about her and a “sponsor,” with whom they alleged she exchanged money for sex. According to police, Song officially filed the complaint at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on Friday

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun responds coldly to Lou Yixiao’s charming action

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun attracted attention with his cold look. in the episode of MBC TV’s We Got Married that aired on February 25, Kyuhyun virtually married with Chinese actress Lou Yixiao

Block B apologize again, “Regret foolish action”

Interviews, TV As Group Block B is going through a difficult time with the controversy on their attitude, they came out to reveal their state of mind. Block B are at the center of the controversy for their nonsensical statements and actions during an interview with a Thai media outlet

Yoon Kye-sang to star in action extravaganza

Yoon Kye-sang Actor Yoon Kye-sang has been cast to play the protagonist in the upcoming action thriller “The Suspect.” The movie, to be directed by Won Shin-yeon, will go into production starting May

FT Island, ZE:A, C-Real, and Stellar take action for multicultural families

FT Island, ZE:A, C-Real, and Stellar will take a part in the Hope Concert for multicultural families. Starting on March 31 at 1:00 p.m, they will appear at ‘Money Today, Starnews Cheonggye Concert with Multicultural Families’ which will be held at Cheonggye Square in Seoul

Ha Ji Won Talks About Injuries and Her Love for Action Scenes on "Win Win"

As we reported earlier, Ha Ji Won appeared on the “Win Win” episode broadcast on April 3. On the show she talked about how she almost became blind. The eye problem had occurred while filming the movie “Love So Divine” in 2004

JYP Entertainment threatens legal action against malicious Twitter account harassing Sohee

JYP Entertainment has revealed that they will be taking legal action against a Twitter account sending malicious tweets to the Wonder Girls‘ Sohee. Officials took notice of an account that has been sexually harrassing Sohee through mentions

JYPE to Take Legal Action Against Online Harassment of Sohee

JYP Entertainment announced that the company will take necessary legal actions against an individual who has been continuously making inappropriate, derogatory, and sexual comments about Sohee from Wonder Girls on twitter

Lee Dong Wook debuts as a host on Kang Shim Jang with a cute action

Actor Lee Dong Wook debuted as a host on SBS TV’s Kang Shim Jang with a cute action. In the episode of Kang Shim Jang that aired on April 10, Lee appeared as a new host of the show and attracted the female viewers with his cute action

U-Kiss Dongho to Appear in Super Action Drama "Holy Land"

Currently U-Kiss Dongho’s preview of his upcoming Super Action drama “Holy Land” is gaining a lot of attention. The drama “Holy Land” will begin its broadcast on April 28. The story is about a weak protagonist that begins learning how to fight starting from boxing