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Lee Jong Suk's Pants Slip Off on "High Kick 3"

On an episode of "High Kick 3" that aired on January 13, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won had a boxing match in a ring. The two are clad in full fighter attire with gloves and headgear. Ji Won, who is angry at Jong Suk, charges at him and hits him square in the gut

JYJ’s Jaejoong to star alongside Song Seung Hun in new drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has been confirmed to star in the upcoming drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘ alongside actor Song Seung Hun. The drama is set back in 1860 during the Joseon dynasty. Jaejoong’s role will be of an excellent Joseon military official named Kim Kyung Tak

JYJ's Jaejoong to Face Off Against Song Seung Hun in "Time Slip Doctor Jin"

JYJ’s Jaejoong is confirmed for the upcoming drama “Time Slip Doctor Jin.” He will play the role of Kim Kyung Tak, who is a type of military officer in the Joseon period. Jaejoong’s character Kim Kyung Tak is skilled in martial arts, very competitive, and also prideful

Kim Jaejoong joins Time Slip Dr. Jin

Because apparently that’s not something you can learn after 1860Jin starring Song Seung-heon, in what will be the singer-actor’s first sageuk role to dateBut… how will we know he’s a TV doctor if he’s not wearing the shiny white labcoat and model-strutting down the hall with two rows of interns at his sides? Jaejoong will be playing Kim Kyung-tak, the descendant to a long line of master swordsmen, and the best warrior of his generationHe’s competitive and prideful, but he also has a softer, innocent side: his character has a single-minded devotion to his first loveJin, though I’m wondering how literal that could beFourth dimension’s a tricky thing, boys

Kim Jae Joong of JYJ to Appear in Historical Drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’

Kim Jae Joong of the star Hallyu group JYJ will appear in the drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin.” The PR company 3HW said on February 21 that Kim Jae Joong will challenge himself with his first appearance in the historical drama by playing a competitive military officer with strong self-esteem in the Joseon Dynasty named Kim Kyung Tak

NELL releases MV teaser for “Slip Away”

Indie rock band NELL released a MV teaser for their new song “Slip Away“, including footage of the members preparing for their new album. The teaser was released via Naver Music on March 22nd, and it reveals the members preparing for their April comeback, going back and forth between Korea and New York

Nell Returns with Teaser Video for “Slip Away”

On March 22, Nell released the teaser video for “Slip Away,” their first single in nearly four years. In the two minute video filmed in New York City, Nell put together behind-the-scene shots of the group recording their new song as well as never-before-seen footage of the group taking a break from their busy schedules

Nell releases first ‘Musicgraphy’ episode for “Slip Away”

allkpop previously reported that Nell would be releasing a four-part episodic series for their new single “Slip Away“. The first episode of the series, entitled ‘Musicgraphy‘, has now been released! ‘Musicgraphy’ will detail the band’s album preparation process, and give Nell fans a closer look into the members themselves

NELL releases 1st teaser for ‘Slip Away’

After releasing the Musicgraphy episodes, NELL has now released the 1st teaser for their 5th album ‘Slip Away‘. The first teaser features the members packing up a video camera with a beautiful melody

Nell releases Musicgraphy Episode 1 for "Slip Away"

Woollim Entertainment's rock band Nell will be breaking their four-year hiatus and announced to make their comeback. Prior to its much-awaited return, Nell created a four-part teaser series for their comeback track "Slip Away

Nell Releases First Teaser Video for “Slip Away”

After teasing us with a “Musicography” video last month, Nell finally revealed the teaser video for their fifth album, “Slip Away,” on April 4. In the 44-second teaser released through the group’s official YouTube channel, Nell gives a glimpse into their new single, which follows a similar pattern to their trademark modern rock style, incorporating piano, guitar, and beat sounds

Nell Releases Second Teaser for "Slip Away"

After releasing their first teaser earlier this week on April 1, Nell has released another teaser video for their song "Slip Away." The full length music video is expected to be released next Tuesday on April 10, along with the release of their fifth album

Lee Min Ho's "Faith" Accused of Plagiarism by Song Seung Hun's "Time Slip Dr. Jin"

It looks like the upcoming SBS drama “Faith” which is supposed to broadcast sometime in August is going through an emotional rollercoaster. As we reported before, Lee Min Ho from “City Hunter” and actress Kim Hee Sun were confirmed as main characters for the drama

NELL’s ‘Slip Away’ sweeps real time charts + tracks from the album

Modern rock band, NELL, released their 5th full length album after four years, and has seen immediate results on the music charts. With the release of the album, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh Music, and more all reported that the title track, “The Day Before” swept the number one spot

[Review] Nell ‘Slip Away’

Four years ago, indie-rock band, Nell, was pretty consistent about timely album releases; an album would be released approximately every 2 years. Their last full length album, ‘Separation Anxiety‘, awarded them as the 23rd Golden Disk Award’s Best Rock Artist of 2008, but shortly thereafter they tried to cash-in with a quickly pushed EP titled, ‘The Trace‘ and eventually wandered off the radar

[NEWS] NELL sweeps online charts with “Slip Away”

Woollim Entertainment’s rock band NELL finally broke its four-year hiatus with the release of their 5th full-length album “Slip Away”. Released on April 10th, the new album immediately swept off music charts, achieving an all-kill on the same day

Nell releases MV for "The Day Before" + 5th album "Slip Away"

Beginning with a trailer video in January, Nell revealed their plans to make a comeback this year. After a musicgraphy teaser, and MV teasers for two of their tracks, Nell have released the full MV for the "The Day Before," the title track on their latest album titled "Slip Away

Time Slip Dr. Jin mired in lawsuits, moves up premiere

(And here I am screaming, THAT SHIP’S ALREADY SAILED and its name was Operation Rooftop QueenLet the battle of the Hottest 90s Oppa beginI guess they decided to hell with story, let’s just go hottie for hottie1, Time Between Dog and Wolf), by production company Apple Tree Pictures Its argument is that Faith is plagiarizing the Goryeo-era time-traveling doctor bit right out of their script, for which Dr

Lee Beom-soo attempts at historical for the first time with "Time Slip Dr. Jin"

Actor Lee Beom-soo will be attempting at a historical for the first time in his acting career. Lee Beom-soo has confirmed to star in the new MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" which will be aired in May

Casting update for Time Slip Dr. Jin

Jin is going full steam ahead with casting, now that it suddenly finds itself a month out from premiere Dr Via Osen, Newsen, My DailyIt’s crazy like that Jin is going full steam ahead with casting, now that it suddenly finds itself a month out from premiere