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Freaky Fan Messages to Nichkhun Prompt JYPE to Issue Warning

The advent of social networking sites like Twitter has made it easier for stars and idols not only to more quickly and effectively reach their audiences, but more importantly to forge closer ties to their fans

Nichkhun Is Currently Filming a Movie

2PM’s Nichkhun will appear in a Thai film! JYP Entertainment stated on January 16, “Nichkhun will be a part of Thai film production company GTH’s 7th anniversary project. Nichkhun has been filming from early January up till now

2PM’s Nichkhun shows some skin for Dichan magazine + Behind the scenes video

Showing off his hard earned pecs, 2PM‘s Nichkhun recently graced the cover of Thai magazine, ‘Dichan‘, and proved to his fans why he was indeed called a ‘beast idol’. Mismatching a red button down shirt with white and black pants along with a black jacket and a white sleeveless shirt, Nichkhun looked chic and sexy

2PM’s Nichkhun to make acting debut in upcoming Thai movie project

For the first time, 2PM’s Nichkhun will be acting in a Thai film production! JYP Entertainment revealed, “Nichkhun will be participating in Thailand’s major filmmaker GTH’s 7 year anniversary movie project

2PM’s Junsu Celebrates Birthday without Nichkhun

On January 15, 2PM’s Junsu shared a photo of his birthday party with the rest of his group members. To celebrate his 24th birthday, Junsu tweeted this photo with the comment, “Yesterday with my boys~a small birthday party over dinner~

2PM Nichkhun, on the cover of Japanese magazine with a killer smile

2PM member Nichkhun shed his wild image and gave off his charming cuteness. Recently Nichkhun has appeared on cover of the January issue of the Japanese women’s magazine ‘Fine’. In the picture, he is far from the group 2PM’s ‘Animalistic’ image but his killer smile is giving off the maximal cuteness

Nichkhun to make acting debut with a Thai film

4 years after his debut as a singer, 2PM member Nichkhun has finally gotten into acting. Nichkhun’s agency JYP Entertainment‘s representative stated on the 16th, “Nichkhun has gotten involved in the 7th year anniversary commemorative film of Thailand‘s largest film studio, GTH

Nichkhun shows off his irresistible smile

2PM’s Nichkhun gives even the top actresses a run for their money with his honey skin. Nichkhun simply tweeted a photo on the 5th without any message, probably because the photo spoke for itself

Nichkhun’s playful selca from the stage

2PM member Nichkhun shared a selca from a concert venue. Nichkhun tweeted on December 21st, “Today is the last performance of ‘Republic of 2PM’!” along with a selca. Nichkhun appears to have taken a proof shot at the venue where the rehearsals are taking place

Actress Kim Hee Sun picks Nichkhun as her favorite idol

kim hee sun Actress Kim Hee Sun picked Nichkhun when asked about her favorite idol. On the 4th broadcast of KBS 'Entertainment News-Star ON AIR' Kim Hee Sun opened up about her everyday life honestly and showed off her honest speaking style

2PM?s Nichkhun shares a selca with actor Ahn Sung Ki

2PM’s Nichkhun recently shared a selca taken with actor Ahn Sung Ki. The picture was uploaded via Twitter, featuring Nichkhun and Ahn smiling brightly with the caption: “Greetings everyone! Here I am with my ‘dad’” Netizens commented on how similar the pair look, stating “Wow, they really do look like father and son!“, “Ahn Sung Ki looks like such a nice dad“, “They are both so handsome!” Meanwhile, Nichkhun and Ahn Sung Ki are currently supporting the copyright protection campaign “Good Download

2PM’s Nichkhun and Taecyeon Impressed by Wooyoung’s Ripped Arms

On February 6, 2PM’s Wooyoung tweeted a photo of him flexing his arm with the comment, “2012 we will make it…umhahaha ^0^.” In the photo that looks to be taken right after working out, Wooyoung shows off his ripped biceps, which seem to have improved quite a bit from previous albums

Nichkhun takes a photo with veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki

Group 2PM member Nichkhun revealed a photo taken with the highly respected veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki. Nichkhun tweeted on the 4th, “Allow me to introduce! He’s my father~”, and he revealed the photo above

2PM’s Nichkhun transforms into a dating coach on ‘Masquerade’

  2PM‘s Nichkhun appears to have be an expert when it comes to dating advice. During the shoot for the February 11th episode of SBS E!’s reality dating program, ‘Secret Date Show Masquerade‘, Nichkhun transformed into a knowledgeable dating coach

2PM Nichkhun asks netizens to stop criticizing Block B

Recently, Block B’s impolite conduct during an interview with“RYT9” of Thailand has caused a ripple among 2PM fans.Regarding the flood in Thailand, Block B leader Zico had commented “People in Thailand must be devastated due to the flood but I really wish we can just use money to patch things up

2PM’s Nichkhun Wants Block B’s Zico to Learn from His Mistake

After igniting a slew of twitter comments criticizing Block B’s Zico for his insensitive and disrespectful remarks during a recent interview, 2PM’s Nichkhun updated his Twitter with a much more encouraging and peaceful comment

Nichkhun's Love for Korea

2PM Nichkhun's love for Korea is catching a lot of attention. On the 20th the online community posted up various posts of 'Nichkhun's love for Korea in comparison to Block B's criticism' along with capture photos

2PM Nichkhun criticizes Block B members, As a Thai, I feel offended.

On his Twitter, 2PM Nichkhun criticized Block B members for their thoughtless behaviours during their interview in Thailand. He said, "As a Thai, I feel offended by those who spoke thoughtlessly on the flood victims of Thailand

Nichkhun gets offended with Block B's interview

2PM's Nichkhun and fellow members left criticizing tweets toward Block B's controversial interview. On February 19th, Nichkhun tweeted, “The people who thoughtlessly comment on the flood damages in Thailand, I feel offended as a person of Thai nationality

Nichkhun With Ahn Sung Gi "Like father and son"

2PM member Nichkhun revealed a picture taken with actor Ahn Sung Gi.  On the 4th, Nichkhun posted a picture on his twitter, along with the comments, "Hello! This is my father~~~keke♥.♥" In the picture, Nichkhun is with Ahn Sung Gi while posing for the camera