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Do Idol Groups Have “Central” Figures?

Do idol groups really have “central” figures? There have always been rumors of idol groups having certain “ranks” among the members, but we were never able to confirm it. But according to a recent report by OSEN, idol groups do have these “central” roles, although they are increasingly trying to get rid of the practice

[Infographic] K-Pop Idol Groups

(Click for full size) Some observations:2011 was definitely a big year for debuts. While I expected a lot during my research, I did not think it would reach that high a percentage. With 35 new girl groups last year, that's about three news ones a month

Rookie Groups to Look Out For in 2012

exo, bap, spica, six bomb, kpop With a New Year, the K-Pop industry is on a roll releasing new talent to kick off 2012. With new groups taking the stage, who will rise up on top?We introduce three new groups to look out for: EXO, B

Song Ji Hyo surprisingly tall, stands out next girl groups

Song Ji Hyo‘s height has been revealed. On December 6th some comparative pictures showing Song Ji Hyo’s height have been posted on an online community board titled, ‘Song Ji Hyo, surprisingly a giant! Would be surprised if you knew her height’

Solo Artists: Are They The New Idol "Groups"?

kpop, solo, se7en, brown eyed girls, lyn, j.y. park, dream high 2, melon, mnet With the influx of kpop around the world, and now America, several solo artists are using this time to make their comebacks

Yewon of Jewelry Endures Criticism and Sawing in "Invincible Youth 2", Proving That There's No Mercy Even For Girl Groups

Yewon, Jewelry, Lee Soogeun, Invincible Youth2, Boom Yewon endured criticisms from Lee Soo Geun and Boom while sawing. On the February 4th airing of "Invincible Youth 2", Jewelry of Yewon was selected from the G8 (eight girls including Hyo Yeon and Sunny of SNSD,Yewon of Jewelry, Bora of Sistar, Suzy of Miss A, Kang Jiyoung of Kara, Ko Woori of Rainbow, Amber of Fx) to chop firewood

Kim Hee Sun says girl groups make her jealous

Actress Kim Hee Sun expressed that girl groups make her jealous. On February 4th, KBS’s ‘Entertainment Relay – Star ON-AIR‘ broadcasted their interview with Kim Hee Sun, who shared some vignettes from her daily life

New Idol Groups Survival Strategy: Reveal the Ace First

The saying "the early bird catches the worm" now applies to idol groups and their members as the showbiz industry has become a battlefield of idols. Entertainment agencies no longer try to hide their newest idol members

T-Ara And 4Minute Beautiful Girl Groups of Korea Shine in Paris

February 8th, Music Bank in Paris began their show at Bercy Stadium.  Around 10,000 fans showed up to show support for the K-Pop stars. T-Ara, SNSD, SHINee, 2PM, Beast, 4Minute, UKiss, Sistar showed off all their talents on stage by creating special performances together

Uhm Jung Hwa names her favorite idol groups

With the rise of popular idol groups, a favorite question asked by reporters these days is, “Which male and female groups have been catching your eye?” On February 9th, singer/actress Uhm Jung Hwa guested on SBS’s ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Powertime‘ radio, where she too was posed this question

Over 50 Girl Groups Debut Each Year

Girl groups are whats hot right now.  About three groups debut per month, approximately over 50 groups total are recorded to debut each year. Out of the 50 groups, only 10 groups succeed. The rest of the groups, say about 4 girls are in each group which would make it about 150 people, where do these people go? There are people who are willing to do anything to set their foot in the music industry

Mothers of 8 Girl Groups (G8) Get Together in 'Invincible Youth'

he guests on the episode of KBS 2TV's "Invincible Youth- Season 2" this week turned out to be the mothers of the G8 members (Sunny, Hyoyeon, both of Girls Generation, missA Suzy, Sistar Bora, f(x) Amber, Rainb ow Woo Ri, Jewelry Ye Won, Kara Kang Ji-young)

A heated debate on rankings of K-Pop girl groups for fun is going on

Rankings of girl groups with their popularity for fun is causing a sensation online. Recently, a post was posted online with the title, “Ranking of Girl Group for Fun.” Published on February, 2012, the chart shows ranking of K-Pop girl groups active in domestic or overseas market

TVXQ and SNSD are the No. 1 boy and girl groups

Which group is the best among idol groups? Posts were recently released on an online community with the caption, “The newest version of girl groups ranking,” and “Boy groups ranking.” SNSD ranked first and proved that they are the best girl group

'Win Win' Explodes Past Pictures of Idol Groups

Posted: February 21, 2012 1:28 PM EST win win, b2st, 2am, 2pm, Big Bang The past pictures of B2st, Big Bang, 2AM, and 2PM were revealed. KBS2 'Win, Win' aired on the 21st invited B2st as guest members, who talked about their separate dreams in separate agencies

Netizens create a ranking list of girl groups

A netizen created girl group ranking list was recently posted on an online community board and is attracting much attention. The 2012 February edition of the photo ranking list was posted online with the title, “A girl group ranking just to look at for fun“, and the various girl groups were arranged based on their domestic and oversea activities

SM’s new boy groups EXO-K and EXO-M release a new teaser

A new teaser video for SM’s new boy group EXO-K and EXO-M was recently released. On February 22, the teaser video was uploaded on EXO’s official website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Naver, and Chinese Weibo

Sully's Honesty: "I'm within top 10 among girl groups"

Sully showed a confidence about her looks. In SBS 'TV Entertainment of the Night' aired on the 22nd, Sully was involved in a interview with An SungGi, Park JoongHoon, and Nichkhun. When Park JoongHoon asked Sully if she thought that she would be in top 5 beauty-wise within Korean girl groups, Sully replied "No

Yang Hyunsuk of YG: “No more groups like Big Bang”

Yang Hyunsuk of YG Entertainment has expressed that he doubts that he will be able to find another idol group like Big Bang. During an interview at the YG headquarters, he said "I will surely produce many more idol groups in the upcoming future but it will be impossible to form another group like Big Bang where all of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual member are balanced out by another teammate

K-Will beats idol groups to score #1

K-will has conquered the music charts along with other male solo singers such as Se7en and Na Yoon Kwon. He had never managed to climb up this high, as idol groups have consistently dominated the top 10 spots