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MBLAQ’s Mir has long arms and legs, “They are rubber bands?”

MBLAQ’s G.O recently released a picture of Mir and drew a lot of attention. On March 29, G.O tweeted a picture with the comment, “Rubber rubber gun.” The picture is featuring Mir, a member of the same group as G

Bands not bait, but shrewd investors

All nine members of Girls' Generation have become shareholders of SM Entertainment. JoongAng Ilbo As members of Girls' Generation, one of the most popular girl groups in the country, became official shareholders of SM Entertainment on March 26 amid much media buzz, it highlighted a new trend in the way entertainers are investing in their agencies' stocks

How to Succeed in K-pop: Boy Bands

K-pop is very formulaic. I know it, you know it — heck, even my great-aunt thrice removed on my mother’s side knows it. Though the concepts may be slightly different, the outfits may be a bit more bizarre on one group than the other, and they might be different looks-wise, most successful K-pop groups that we see in the market today all have several elements in common and if you have 5-7 Korean teenage boys laying around, just follow these steps and they too might be the next biggest thing

Exhibition Traces History of Girl Bands

An exhibition covering the history of manufactured girl bands in Korea will be held from May 4 to June 17 at the Bupyeong Arts Center in Incheon. Rare items such as concert leaflets of the Jeogori Sisters from the 1940s will be displayed

K-Pop Bands Scramble to Get Out Summer Releases

 From top, Big Bang, f(x) and Wonder Girls K-pop fans this summer will see a veritable battle of the manufactured bands, many of whom have returned from overseas after trying to make an impact there

K-Pop Bands Score Hat Trick at MTV Japan Awards

Three K-pop groups won prizes at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan, which was held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, on Saturday. Girls' Generation grabbed the Best Album of the Year award, 2PM the Best Group Video award, and 2NE1 the Best New Artist Video award at the event, which is now in its 11th year

miss A's Suzy and Her 25 Different Hair Bands Shown on "Big"

Currently miss A’s Suzy is portraying the character “Jang Mary” on the drama “Big.” The character is very unique and idolizes Lady Gaga. One fashion point of “Jang Mary” is that she is always wearing a hair band with a large ribbon

'Gangnam Style' Sees Veteran Singer Psy Leapfrog K-Pop Bands

Psy held a solo concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul on Saturday, drawing over 30,000 spectators. "Gangnam Style", the dance-pop title track of his sixth album, has topped the nation's major music charts for almost a month since its release in July

Korea's overlooked indie bands hitting the road

Korean indie bands, from left, Crying Nut, Galaxy Express and 3rd Line Butterfly, perform during the Seoulsonic North American tour this year and last year. Provided by DFSB Kollective Ask random Koreans on the streets of Seoul if they've heard of punk band Crying Nut and chances are they'll be able to name at least a few songs from its long list of hits

Rewind: Boy Bands and Their First Songs!

We all have our favorite tracks by our favorite bands, but do you remember what song and when they debuted off the top of your head? ^ ^ I didn’t think so! If you’re like me, it takes time for me to get to know a group and start liking them

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Chosen as Rock Bands Favorite Girl Group

MBC, Show Champion, Girls Generation Girls' Generation (SNSD) Chosen as Rock Bands Favorite Girl Group Girls' Generation has been chosen as rock bands' favorite girl group. On MBC MUSIC "Show Champion," 10 different rock bands appeared and voted on who their favorite girl group was

K-Bands to be Next after Idols for the Hallyu Wave

K-band, Hallyu, Japan, CNBLUE, FTISLAND, Red Apple, BOB4 Japan officials have predicted that Korea bands will be the next big thing for next year. Recently, a famous record company in Japan visited Korea and asked to meet with bands in different Korean entertainment companies

K-Pop Idols on Tv and Indie Bands on the Streets?

K-Pop, Idols, Indie When flipping through channels on tv, you will find K-Pop idols on music programs and variety shows. While idols are taking over tv broadcasts with their good looking faces and dancing skills, indie bands are taking over the streets with their music

K-pop boy bands lend legitimacy to men's cosmetics across Asia

Their skin is smooth, their hair is salon-fresh and between them they've sold millions of records. Now they are making it acceptable for young Asian men to buy beauty products.Korea's male K-pop icons have been enlisted by the country's cosmetics firms as they try to expand beyond its borders to take on global giants like L'Oreal and Unilever across the continent

SM boy bands dazzle in China

The Chinese components of the boy bands Super Junior and EXO dazzled whilst performing for fans at Jiangsu satellite TV's end-of-year concert on Dec. 31.Super Junior-M and EXO-M took part in the show which took place at the city of Nanjing in Jiangsu, rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest acts in China like Jacky Cheung, Wang Leehom, Show Luo and JJ Lin

Rock Bands=Social Critique, 'CNBLUE's Music has Taken it Down a Notch?'

CNBLUE, Lee Jung Shin, Kang Min Hyuk, Jung Yong Hwa, Re:Blue Rock Bands=Social Critique, 'CNBLUE's Music has Taken it Down a Notch?' Band CNBLUE has always been a true rock group that stayed true to their colors

Move Over Idol Dance Groups! Here Come The Bands!

(Photo : Naver) (Photo : FNC Entertainment) (Photo : Yonhap) (Photo : Woollim Entertainment) Up and coming band are taking over the music scene. Bands that play instruments and sing are coming out with new albums

The 25 Most Beautiful Faces of Boy Bands

  As the old saying goes- beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, we can all agree that some of the most beautiful faces in Korea can be found in the numerous boy bands so popular in the K-pop genre

Korean bands tour North America

Korea's music scene has been making waves around the world, and it's not just the K-pop groups that are getting noticed. Last month, eleven Korean bands flew to Austin, Texas in the U.S. to attend South by Southwest (SXSW), a set of annual film, interactive, and music festivals attracting participants from around the world

Idol Boy Bands Evolving Into Artists

Beast-dols, Boyfriend-dols, Hiphop-dols, and Actor-dols - idol boy bands are the recipients of various nicknames. However, the current trend is for these idol boy bands to reinvent themselves as "idol artists"