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A Look Inside Some of the Funniest Flaws in Kdramas

Earlier this week, we reported that eagle-eyed viewers caught a harmless mistake in the fifteenth episode of SBS “Rooftop Prince,” starring Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min. It was a minor error that could have – and should have – gone unnoticed

Kdramas that Star Idols Generally Have No Plot and Low Ratings

Despite high hopes from both producers and fans, “Love Rain,” starring Jang Geun Suk and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, is far from being considered a success, let alone a mediocre drama. As reported earlier this week, “Love Rain” has been recording low single digit ratings throughout its run, with its highest rating reaching only 6

Latest Trend in Kdramas: Time Warping!

Fantasy dramas have not just taken over America, but South Korea as well. In recent years, producers were in a craze for body-swapping dramas. Now, it appears that the drama industry is completely infatuated and absorbed with time-traveling series

BoA Expresses Her Love for Kdramas

BoA revealed that she’s a kdrama-fanatic. On June 13, she tweeted, “Why are there so many fun dramas these days. I might stay up all night watching dramas.” Last May, the singer also received attention for making jokes with Shin Se Kyung regarding the latter’s “Fashion King” through twitter, proving that she was closely following the drama

Most Memorable Kisses in Kdramas

On Thursday, Koreans celebrated Kiss Day, an unofficial romantic holiday celebrated every June 14. In honor of the special day, one online dating site conducted a survey asking netizens to vote for the best kdrama kiss

What Were Some of the Most Popular High School Romance Kdramas?

Soompi_News_Leaderboard_ATF Mobile_Soompi_Ldrbrd_ATF Soompi Search Main menu Skip to content Home News Gallery Videos Forums NEED A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE? Français Español What Were Some of the Most Popular High School Romance Kdramas? by hotshotlover30 August 16, 2012 <>1 of 8 Have you noticed that some of the more popular hallyu dramas are the ones that take place in a high school setting? High school, whether it’s a Korean or American high school, is full of drama – friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, cliques, enemies, love, jealousy, you name it, you got it

A Look Inside Some of the Funniest Flaws in Kdramas Part 2

Errors in dramas are nothing new. Considering that almost all dramas are shot as they are aired, it’s only a matter of time before they make silly mistakes.  (Scroll through the list by clicking the page numbers at the bottom of this article) SEE MORE: A Look Inside Some of the Funniest Flaws in Kdramas Part 1 (ft

What Is the Most Common Error in KDramas?

Can you guess what the most common error in kdramas? Scroll through the gallery to find out what it is! SEE MORE: A Look Inside Some of the Funniest Flaws in Kdrama Part 2 (Click on the page numbers at the bottom of this article) Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The 2013 Highest Rated KDramas

Here is the list of the 2013 KDramas with best ratings! Let’s see!In first place for 2013 was the KBS 2TV drama “My Daughter Seo Young. ” It was the drama with the highest viewer ratings this year, according to Nielsen Korea, earning average ratings of 40

Kdramas Worth Crying Over

kdramas I Miss You Padam Padam Moon Embracing The Sun Having an excuse to cry can be a good thing. When I first started watching kdramas, I wondered, what's with all the crying? I don't remember seeing American actors cry that often or their tears occupying so much of my screen time

Kdrama Talk: How Kdramas May Change The Way We Speak

kdrama, hangul, learning language Song Seung Hoon If you watch Kdramas, you may have noticed that plenty of Englishwords have been incorporated into Korean, forming a language that somerefer to as Konglish

Fun Ways KDramas Make Fun Of Kdramas

kdrama Reply 1997 Dream High A Gentleman's Dignity One of the fun things about watching kdramas is that they often makelight of the very idea of kdramas and how such stories affect the livesof viewers

The Hong Sisters: When Writing Kdramas Is A Sister Act

kdrama, hong sisters Hong sisters   A lot of attention is given to how well actors and actresses bringkdrama characters to life, but those characters have to be createdfirst. A writer has to think up the characters and make the charactersso real they jump off the page

Happiness Guaranteed: Kdramas With Upbeat Endings

kdrama happy endings I Hear Your Voice   If watching "I Hear Your Voice" last week convinced you that you only want to see kdramas with happy endings, you are inluck. There are lots of them

The Best Bromances In Kdramas

Park Ji Woong, Joo Won, Kim Bum, Jung Woo Sung Joo Won and Park Ki Woong Jung Woo Sung and Kim Bum Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki   Almost as good as the swoon-worthy romances in kdramas are the affectionate male relationships known as bromances

Romantic Gestures In KDramas

Kim Bum, Yoon Eun Hye, Hyun Bin Goddess of Fire Lie To Me I Hear Your Voice   When Kim Bum's character Kim Tae Do walked ahead of Jung Yi in arecent episode of "Goddess of Fire" he wanted to secretly clear a pathso she could easily walk to her destination

Japanese Fans Vote On The Best Kdramas

Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki Winter Sonata You're Beautiful Rooftop Prince   And the Japanese fans have spoken. A poll on the top 100 Koreandramas has announced the winner of its interim results and it's not anew drama

High School KDramas That Get Good Grades

Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin Lee Jong Suk Reply 1997 Shut Up Flower Boy Band   Watching a great high school drama can be a fun way to relax during the back-to-school season. We listed a few of our favorites

The Power Of Kdramas: When Dramas Take On Serious Subjects

Gong Hyo Jin, So Ji Sub, Choi Ji Woo Master's Sun Suspicious Housekeeper Good Doctor   Whether they are comedies, thrillers or melodramas, kdramas aim toentertain. But at the same time, they often deal with some serioussubjects

How Vdio’s Free Kdramas Are Introducing Korean Culture to U.S. and Canadian Fans

Psy, Big Bang, Song Hye Kyo The Master's Sun     Not long ago, chatter about the latest escapades from "Master's Sun" and speculation about which love interest Gu Jun Pyo would choose was reserved for Korean schoolyards, workplaces and homes