Keyword: Netizens Suspicious Over Girls Generation Hyoyeons Recent Appearance

Netizens suspicious over Han Seung Yeon’s v-line

  Before and after comparison photos of KARA‘s Han Seung Yeon has sparked interest among netizens. On March 30th, a netizen uploaded the comparison photos of the idol onto an online community board with the title, “Han Seung Yeon loses her cheek fat and her chin has turned into a v-line“

Netizens suspicious over Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon’s recent appearance

  What seems to be a facial change on Girls’ Generation’s  Hyoyeon has caught the attention of netizens. The singer appeared on the April 7th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘, as a special MC along with CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa

Netizens Suspicious of Reasons Behind Transfer of Reporters Who Broke Celebrity Soldier Scandal

“Scene 21,” the news crew that confronted Se7en and Sangchu at the adult massage parlor, is making the news again, this time about themselves. SBS recently announced the number of reporters on “Scene 21″ will be reduced from twelve to eight people, but stated that it was just part of normal processing and had nothing to do recent incident involving the celebrity soldiers

SNSD’s Past Photoshoot Shocks Netizens

Earlier today, past photos of SNSD have surprised netizens for their shockingly awkward appearances. The photos were screen captures from a TV program on cable channel Y-Star that gave viewers a peek inside SNSD’s photoshoot several years ago

Netizens uncover Dasom’s middle school selcas

SISTAR‘s Dasom has become a hot topic thanks to her old middle school photos. The photos were uploaded onto a community board on January 19th under the title, ‘Dasom’s past photos’

Netizens find old photos of Jun Ji Hyun’s new boyfriend

The face of Jun Ji Hyun‘s new boyfriend Choi Jun Hyuk has been revealed, becoming a hot topic of conversation amongst netizens online. This is the first time the actress has publicly acknowledged a relationship, and by doing so has further evoked curiosity amongst her fans as to who he could be

Taeyeon chosen by netizens as the #1 celebrity to date during Winter’s first snowfall

Our kid leader Taeyeon was recently voted to the #1 spot in a pole by netizens who were asked who they’d want to date during Winter’s first snowfall.  The pole was conducted by a cosmetics surgery site in Seoul

“Angelic” Tiffany Feted By Netizens

A recent on-line survey following the release of the new Japanese album by the Girls garnered this little interesting “tid-bit”. With the upcoming release of the Girls’ first Japanese album by SM Entertainment on the 1st of June 2011, a series of promotional photos featuring the 9 ladies in a new, “soft aura” concept was released to the general public

Netizens Want Taengoo for Dream High S2

After the succesful run of KBS2‘s Dream High and a Dream High Season 2 in the makings, speculation has started over which of the star-studded cast will be returning, as well as which new faces will be joining them

Netizens Compare IU's Past Picture Touched Up with Current Make Up Look

A past picture of IU was uploaded on an online community board recently.In the picture, IU is shown wearing minimal make up. She looks really young as she has a bit of baby fat on her face. The original poster of the topic retouched the picture with IU's current make up look

Old Photo of SNSD Jessica and f(x) Krysal Sparks Netizens’ Interest

Recently, an old photo of SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal, titled “Photo of Jung Sisters When They Were Younger,” was uploaded to various online communities, sparking netizens’ interests. In the photo, the two sisters look 180 degrees different than they do now

Kim Ah Joong to return, netizens curious about the next project

Actress Kim Ah Joong‘s return to the silver screen is carefully being predicted. Kim Ah Joong, who has changed management companies, made announcement of official activities drawing attention. The possibility that Kim Ah Joong might come back to the silver screen in the movie ‘My P

Netizens on Uee, “How do you look so good with just a pair of slippers on?”

Singer + actress, Uee is receiving praises from the netizens for her amazing body. Uee has ditched the ‘Honey thighs’ and has in return earned a slim body. Some fans miss the old voluptuous Uee, but there’s no denying Uee looks spectacular even in unretouched images from random shoots

Eugene wows the netizens with her amazingly beautiful skin

Former member of S.E.S., Actress Eugene is making headlines again with her beautiful skin. The photo above was posted on an online community board recently titled, ‘Eugene at a bazaar click click, my eyes hurt because her skin shined so brightly’

Kang So Ra’s selca with chubby cheeks reminds netizens of ‘Dalmado’?

Actress Kang So Ra brought laughter to the fans with a selca that reminded them of ‘Dalmado’. Kang So Ra tweeted on January 10th, “‘Dream High 2′ teaser’s out. I’m filming” along with a picture

Netizens ask, “Can Park Bom go back to her old self?”

2NE1‘s lead singer Park Bom is receiving a rather odd request from the netizens. Several photos of Park Bom were posted on an online community board on the 9th under the title, “Park Bom’s innocence filled past photos, they remind you she looks somewhat different today”

U-Kiss Soohyun shocks netizens, “Boom is my real hyung”

Group U-Kiss member Soohyun surprised the fans with the amazing resemblance to entertainer Boom. Soohyun tweeted on January 7th around 11:30pm, “Everyone, it’s my real hyung Hee hee hee Boom hyung is really handsome

2AM Jung Jinwoon’s gentlemanly behavior earns him praise from the netizens

Group 2AM‘s maknae, singer + actor Jung Jinwoon‘s gentlemanly manner is drawing the attention of the netizens. The photo above was posted on an online community and it shows Jung Jinwoon with his legs spread apart to match Kang So Ra‘s height during the filming of ‘Dream High 2′

Park Han Byul’s arm size shock the netizens

Actress Park Han Byul‘s selca becomes a hot issue among netizens. Park Han Byul tweeted on the 6th, “In the middle of a catalog photoshoot! Today 20 outfits… tomorrow another 20… I just got done with 5

Suzy’s profile photo becomes a big hit among the netizens

Miss A’s Suzy is so hot right now even her profile photo becomes an issue among the netizens. Suzy’s photo has been posted on an online community board on the 3rd under the title, “Ah this fresh one~”