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Nelly Furtado wanted to work with Big Bang’s T.O.P!!

Famous Canadian musician Nelly Furtado dropped by Singapore on August 14 to hold a showcase and promote her upcoming album,‘The Spirit Indestructible’. She is getting ready to unleash her new English album, and there’s one artist she’d like to work with in particular

Nelly Furtado shows interest in collaborating with TOP

At a press conference in Singapore for her fifth studio album, "The Spirit Indestructible", Nelly Furtado divulged her knowledge of K-pop artists to the press. The Canadian singer recalled when she first saw Psy's video for "Oppa Gangnam Style" and tried to describe the quirky dance moves

Grammy Award Singer Nelly Furtado Enjoys Psy's "Gangnam Style"

Psy, Gangnam Style, Nelly Furtado Grammy Award singer Nelly Furtado has become a "Gangnam Style" Psy fan. According to Universal Music, Nelly Furtado commented, "A couple days ago I watched the most interesting Korean music video

Nelly Furtado performs "Gangnam Style" during her Manila concert

A few days ago, the Canadian singer-songerwriter Nelly Furtado revealed her interested in collaborating with Big Bang's T.O.P during a press conference prior to her concert in Manila, Philippines

Nelly Furtado Sings “Gangnam Style” at Her Concert

Well-known singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado sang PSY’s “Gangnam Style” at her latest concert and it’s becoming a hot issue. Her performing “Gangnam Style” in English at Manila, Philippines has recently been shown on YouTube and it looks like she even followed the popular horse dance choreography

Nelly Furtado wants to work with Big Bang’s T.O.P

Canadian musician Nelly Furtado has revealed that she too was a fan of K-Pop. On August 14th, Nelly Furtado held an exclusive music showcase in Singapore to promote her upcoming album “The Spirit Indestructible”

Nelly Furtado raves about Psy video

Pop star Nelly Furtado took some time to rave about K-pop and Psy's "Gangnam Style" at a press conference for her new album in Singapore.While promoting "The Spirit Indestructible" on Friday, Furtado said that just days ago she enjoyed watching "this amazing K-pop video"

Rookie Group LC9 Does Great Cover of Nelly's "Just a Dream"

Promising rookie group LC9 released a cover of American artist Nelly‘s “Just a Dream” through their official YouTube channel on June 6. The rookie group does a great job with covering this popular American song

Rising Star Group LC9 Covers Nelly's 'Only Just A Dream'

LC9   Debuting only in May, and thus one of the rookie Kpop groups, seeing LC9 performances makes one say, this group has something different to offer for the music industry. Known as the counterpart of "Brown Eyed Girls", LC9 is starting their journey in the music scene