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Kris to appear in upcoming Chinese film, "L.O.R.D," with Fan Bingbing

Kris to appear in upcoming Chinese film,

It has recently been revealed that Kris (Wu Yi Fan) will be starring in the upcoming 3D Chinese movie, “L.O.R.D (Legend of Ravaging Dynasties),” acting alongside popular Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. . ... Read more

EXO′s Baek Hyun has been thinking about taking part in the new film

EXO′s Baek Hyun   has  been  thinking  about  taking  part  in the  new  film


EXO′s Baek Hyun may be making a bigscreen debut.

Baek Hyun is currently considering appearing in the movie Dokgo (tentative). Dokgo is an actino thriller based off a popular webtoon of the same name about school violence. . ... Read more

Rainbow"s Hyunyoung and Sool J reunite for another collaboration featuring Woori as seen in making film & teaser


Get excited for another collaboration with Rainbow”s Hyunyoung and Sool J after their hit, “Oppaya“!

This time, they will be releasing “Love Flower” on May 7 with a featuring done by Hyunyoung”s group mate, charismatic rapper, Woori! Rainbow dropped a making film and teaser for this awesome collaboration, giving a hint of the sweet, romantic sound to come with the instrumental playing in the background. The girls are cheery and cute, pouting and smiling brightly at the others in the studio. . ... Read more

Lee Byung Hun cast in upcoming Hollywood film "The Magnificent Seven"

Lee Byung Hun cast in upcoming Hollywood film

Lee Byung Hun is proving to be the top Korean-based actor in Hollywood, scoring yet another role in upcoming film “The Magnificent Seven“!

BH Entertainment confirmed the casting to TV Daily on May 6, and also added, “Lee Byung Hun”s character name is Billy Rocks. Other than that, there are no more released details. From an overseas report, Lee Byung Hun”s character is good with his hands and is bound to a slave contract.” . ... Read more

T-ara"s Jiyeon confirmed for a new Korean-Chinese film "Encounter," Lee Dong Gun in talks


T-ara”s Jiyeon is confirmed for an upcoming Korean-Chinese co-produced film “Encounter” and will be making her way to China on May 7.

A rep from MBK Entertainment commented, “Jiyeon will be appearing in Korean-Chinese co-production film “Encounter.” She will be leaving for China on May 7 for filming.” . ... Read more

The cast line up of "Glory Day" Film is announced: Suho joins Shinhwa’s Dongwan, “Angry Mom’s” Ji Soo and More

The cast line up of

The cast lineup for EXO member Suho’s debut film “Glory Day” has been finalized!

Suho will be joined by up-and-coming rookie actor Ji Soo, who has been making a splash on MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Angry Mom,” Shinhwa’s Dongwan, and actors Ryu Joon Yeol and Kim Hee Chan. . ... Read more

Nichkhun, Amber, Kangnam, Henry, and Park Joon Hyung film for an upcoming episode of "Running Man"

Nichkhun, Amber, Kangnam, Henry, and Park Joon Hyung film for an upcoming episode of

An upcoming episode of SBS” “Running Man” just got even more exciting!

On May 5, a representative from “Running Man” told Star News, “For today”s “Running Man” filming in an undisclosed area, Park Joong Hyung, Kangnam, Amber, Henry, and Nichkhun participated.”. ... Read more

[HanCinema"s Film Review] "Salut D"Amour"


Seong-chil (played by Park Geun-hyeong) is a grumpy old man who”s stubbornly standing in the way of a redevelopment scheme for his local neighborhood. The other characters decide, somewhat elaborately, that the best way to get Seong-chil to fold is to develop a convoluted romantic storyline involving Geum-nim (played by Yoon Yeo-jeong). And so, we get a love story involving Seong-chil and Geum-nim. . ... Read more

[HanCinema"s Film Review] "The Sisters" Room"


Mi-yeong (played by Song Eun-jin) is a woman who likes having sex with her boyfriend. Somewhat awkwardly, her boyfriend is actually a friend of Mi-yeong”s younger sister Mi-hye (played by Joo Yeon-seo). Even more awkwardly, it turns out that Mi-hye kind of sort of made one of those “if we”re still single by such and such date let”s get hitched” promises with said boyfriend. Well, there”s no non-awkward way of resolving a situation like that. . ... Read more

Win A DVD Of The Epic Film 'The Admiral'

Win A DVD Of The Epic Film 'The Admiral'


If you want to see “The Admiral,” a thrilling war epic about a man who defies the odds to win a legendary battle, your odds have just improved.

The film was recently released in DVD and Blu-Ray and Kdramastars has 10 copies to give away. . ... Read more