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Compilation of Nam Gyu Ri’s Selcas Create a Buzz

Nam Gyu Ri’s selcas are drawing attention of many fans and netizens.

On April 8, the singer and actress posted on the Twitter account, “I’m on my way to Busan,” along with a selca. The photos she posted reveal Nam Gyu Ri with her goddess-like looks and her dazzling smile.

After her selcas were revealed, the previous selcas she revealed resurfaced online. Nam Gyu Ri has been known to give status updates to fan through posting on her SNS account, and she has been maintaining connection with fans through posting selcas of herself often.

The fans and Netizens gave various reactions in connection to Nam Gyu Ri’s selcas including “Nam Gyu Ri’s selca’s look like pictorials” and “Nam Gyu Ri is a master of taking selcas,”

Meanwhile, Nam Gyu Ri is waiting for the premiere of her first 3D omnibus film, “I Saw You,” which is due on May 1 at the 15th Jeonju International Film Festival

Park Se Young is on the verge of tears in still cuts for ‘Good Day’

Park Se Young raised some curiosity for her upcoming SBS weekend drama "Good Day" with her acting skills shown in new still cuts.


BoA’s “Make Your Move” Movie Review and Premiere Coverage

Soompi covers BoA’s highly anticipated “Make Your Move” featuring “Dancing with the Stars” dancer Derek Hough!

Certainly without a dull moment, “Make Your Move” kicks off high energy, never once missing a chance to showcase its overwhelmingly talented stars. With a starkly different image than that of her old school idol persona, BoA plays an independent, adventurous, and effortlessly sexy Aya, a Zainichi Korean woman set on following her dreams with her fusion hip-hop Taiko group COBU. It is when Donny, played by Derek Hough, shows up and takes her head on in a club tap dancing battle that her world is pulled asunder. “Make Your Move” is a modern-day Romeo & Juliet (but much happier and definitely not sleep-inducing), jam packed with familial drama, intricate dance sequences, and a soundtrack appealing to all audiences

AOA are preppy, sporty, and sexy in sketch for shoe brand ‘SBENU’

A sketch has been released featuring the ladies of AOA looking hot for shoe brand "SBENU".


Wonderful Days Episode 17 Review: Lee Seo Jin Brings Kim Hee Sun Home

In Wonderful Days, episode 17, Kang Dong Suk(played by Lee Seo Jin) brought Cha Hae Won(played by Kim Hee Sun) home.

Previously, Dong Suk found out that Hae Won was planning a revenge on Oh Chi Soo(played by Go In Bum). He said to her, “Plan number one: You become Oh Choi Soo’s daughter-in-law. Plan number two: You deceive stupid Oh Seung Hoon(played by Park Joo Hyung) to get your fortune back. Plan number three: You find Oh Chi Soo’s weakness and revenge. What kind of revenge plot is that?”

Dong Suk brought Hae Won to his house and announced to his family, “Hae Won’s going to stay here for a while. I’ll protect her while I’m here, but please take care of her when I’m away. I brought her here because she wanted to end her life.”

Jang So Shim(played by Yoon Yeo Jung) held Hae Won’s hand and warmly welcomed her

Wonderful Days Episode 17 Review: Choi Hwa Jung Tells Oh Hyun Kyung That She is Ok Taec Yeon’s Mother

In Wonderful Days, episode 17, Ha Young Choon(played by Choi Hwa Jung) told Kang Ki Soo(played by Oh Hyun Kyung) that she was Kang Dong Hee(played by Ok Taec Yeon)’s mother.

As Dong Hee took his kids away from home, Young Choon took a chance to tell Jang So Shim(played by Yoon Yeo Jung) that she was Dong Hee’s biological mother. However, So Shim already knew about it.

Young Choon also told Ki Soo that she was Dong Hee’s mother. Ki Soo rather understood and said, “My son is the scumbag, I don’t have the right to blame on anyone else.”

Wonderful Days Episode 17 Review: Ok Taec Yeon Lies to His Kids “Your Mom’s Dead”

In Wonderful Days, episode 17, Kang Dong Hee(played by Ok Taec Yeon) lied to his kids that their mother died.

Previously, Dong Hee told the twins that he was their father. Kang Dong Joo(played by Hong Hwa Ri) was disappointed and did not talk to him, while Kang Dong Won(played by Choi Gwon Soo) said to Dong Hee, “I’ll forgive you.” He also called him, “Daddy.” Dong Hee was touched and said, “This is a weird feeling but it makes me happy.”

On the way home, Dong Joo and Dong Won asked Dong Hee about their mother. Dong Hee hesitated for a while and lied, “You’re mom’s dead.” As the kids burst into tears, he continued, “I’ll do my best as your daddy and mommy. I promise.”

Wonderful Days Episode 17 Review: Ok Taec Yeon Tells His Kids “I’m Your Father”

In Wonderful Days, episode 17, Kang Dong Hee(played by Ok Taec Yeon) told his kids that he was their father.

Previously, Dong Hee took his kids for a camping. Kang Dong Joo(played by Hong Hwa Ri) and Kang Dong Won(played by Choi Gwon Soo) decided to follow him because he said he will tell them who their father was.

As Dong Joo kept asking Dong Hee who their father was, he eventually told them, “I’m your father.” Dong Joo and Dong Won, who wished their father was Kang Dong Suk(played by Lee Seo Jin), did not believe him and told him not to lie. However, as Dong Hee remained silent, the children realized he was not lying and burst into tears.

8 Artists with that ‘Unique Voice’

Korea is completely inundated with singers from the pretty idols and talented dancers to the indie artists and OST stars. However, amongthe Korean artists I know, the names that immediately flood my head when I hearthe phrase "unique voice" form a much shorter list. Much like the "it factor", it"s a bit hard to quantify but when you hear it, you just know that there"s something special there.

Keepin mind that this list is solely based on my opinion and the artists are who I deem to have unique voices. Also, I"mlimited to the scope of artists that I"ve been exposed to so I apologize in advance for notincluding your favorite artist!

Kim Yoon Ah

Let"sstart with Kim Yoon Ah. If you don"t know already, Kim Yoon Ah is the leadsinger of alternative rock band Jaurim

‘Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit’ releases hilarious teasers starring Heechul and more

"Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit" released teasers of hilarious interactions between Super Junior"s Heechul, Lee Soon Jae, Jang Kwang, and more!