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Lee Hyori’s Controversial Statement Regarding Korean Beef Cattle

"You say there are many people who die of hunger and ask what the big deal is if cows die of hunger but isn't there any means of an easier death?" (Lee Hyori's tweet)

On January 14, Lee Hyori made an opinionated statement on her Twitter, which once again blew up to be quite a controversy. She spoke out against the Korean beef cattle farmers and their actions due to the recent fall of cattle prices. She raised the topic of how cows were currently dying and asked if there could be better conditions for them.

However, many netizens who came across her worrisome statement were not very pleased. They exclaimed that Lee Hyori's worries were not the same as those of the cattle farmers. Due to the price decline of cattle, many farmers are suffering and struggling with income and as a last resort to ask the government for help, they were starving their cattle

Chinese Entertainment Site Votes Lee Min Ho The Biggest Hallyu Star

It"s no secret that Lee Min Ho is a well-loved actor in China but according to a recent survey he is the most popular Hallyu actor there.

In a survey conducted by the Chinese entertainment site Kugou, the star of "The Heirs earned 510,764 votes of 37 percent of the votes for his role as the conflicted chaebol Kim Tan. The survey asked voters to choose their favorite Hallyu star and the results reflect the ever-increasing popularity of k-dramas in China.

Since the drama aired, Lee Min Ho has acquired more than 20 million Weibo followers. The number of fans worldwide on his various social media accounts stands at 13 million Facebook and seven million online.

Lee Min Ho has been popular in China since he appeared as the spoiled Gun Jun Pyo in "Boys Over Flowers." His role as a man bent on revenge in the 2011 drama "City Hunter" further increased his popularity there but no one could have predicted how popular he would become as a result of his appearance in "The Heirs

Korean Entertainment Comes To A Halt In the Wake Of A National Tragedy

With the rescue operations for the Se Wol ferry"s shipwreck stymied by operational miscues, the Korean entertainment industry made an unilateral decision to shut down until the situation is improved.

Korean ferry Se Wol crashed on April 16th near South Jeonju. The current analysis is that there will be more death and casualty than previously anticipated, with some 200 passengers missing and expected to have deceased. When the news was first released, the general consensus was that rescue operations will go smoothly and the incident will be resolved in a few days. However, the situation turned for the worst, and the Korean entertainment industry has decided a shut-down of sorts in an effort to show their support for the families of the victims as well as to stay ready to broadcast any news of the tragedy.

Broadcasting companies stopped the airing of all drama and entertainment shows until further notice

‘The Age of Feeling’ Suggests 50% Deduction in Payment to Cast Members

Ray&mo, the production company of The Age of Feeling explained having suggested a 50% deduction in payment to the drama cast members.

On April 17, an affiliate of KBS 2TV′s The Age of Feeling drama production company told Newsen, “We only sent the new contracts to people who had previously agreed to the 50% deduction in payment. We didn’t force anything, so we don’t understand why they revealed the contract to the public.”

The contracts to adjust the payment by 50% deduction have reportedly been given to some of the cast members who still have not received their payment.

Some of the affiliates who found out about the new contracts through the news have expressed their anger and discontent. An affiliate from one agency said, “We just checked the contract and the content doesn’t make any sense

SM Entertainment reveals ‘W Live’ photo shoot on Youtube

As earlier reported, SM Entertainment and W Korea is exclusively revealing behind-the-scenes footage from an upcoming photo shoot featuring various SM stars, including members of the new boy group EXO as well as Girls’ Generation members SeohyunYoonASHINee‘s JonghyunTaemin, and f(x)‘s SulliKrystal.

The photo shoot features the elegant Parisian fashion style of the French brand ‘Carven‘ with a vintage-themed set and lots of bright, pastel hues.

In particular, the opening clip features EXO’s Sehun, Kai and Luhan, giving the eager public a fresh look at the industry’s newest idols

Choi Daniel and Jung So Min compliment each other in pictorial and interview for ‘Allure’

Choi Daniel and Jung So Min went back in time with a vintage couple look for "Allure"!

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Choi Daniel and Jung So Min, who play chaebol siblings on upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Big Man", donned a "60s mod look with their voluminous hairstyles and classic dress attire with Jung So Min rocking Mary Jane shoes paired with funky knee-high stockings to give that vintage appeal. It has been revealed that the two co-stars were busy talking to each other while getting their makeup done, showing how much they"ve gotten close while filming their drama.

Choi Daniel complimented his partner in crime Jung So Min, "She is very calm and composed for her age and is a friend with deep thoughts

“Their Perfect Day” 2013 drew the empathy of upper-middle class women in their 30s

(Photo : KBS)

“Their Perfect Day” drew the empathy of housewives.

On the KBS2TV 4-part special “Their Perfect Day” (script Kim Hyun Jung, producer Lee Won Ik) broadcast on April 14th, the drama picked at the bribing of Gangnam mothers, bullying, private institute problems.

On this episode, Soo Ah (played by Song Sun Mi) who was a working mom bravely resigned and joined the Gangnam mom crew. She had admitted her daughter into a luxurious kindergarten in Gangnam.

However, it wasn”t easy to be a Gangnam mom. The price of materials, supplies, and uniform was about 2000. This wasn”t all. Mi Bok (played by Byun Jung Soo), Hye Joo (played by Kim Se Ah) and Kyung Wha (played by Shin Dong Mi) said they needed to give a luxury bag to the teacher and forced Soo Ah to give 200. Soo Ah was pressured to say yes

Son Ho Young shares fan the way he return to the entertainment worldfter the tragic events of last year

On the April 16th episode of Olive TV“s “Share House“, Son Ho Young revealed how he felt returning to the entertainment world after the tragic events of last year.

In his meeting with the producers, Son Ho Young expressed, “For 10 months, I couldn”t work and just drank more… Of course, I wanted to see my fans,” adding that it was a tough decision to make a comeback.

He continued, “After spending time here, I hope that what”s in my heart will be healed when I leave.” 

“Share House” centers around 10 celebrities who live under one roof. Let”s hope the show and his roommates make Son Ho Young feel better!

Super Junior’s Heechul and his wife updated photos and a clip from their amusement park date on Instagram

Super Junior”s Heechul and his Taiwanese “wife” Guo Xue Fu made fans jelly with their couple photos and clip from their amusement park date for “We Got Married – Global Edition”!

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Heechul shared on his Instagram on the 15th, “Everyone, date with not the 2D woman that everyone wants but a real woman. We look like a newlywed couple from the “80s in this photo. Also a couple hairstyle. If I keep patient a little longer and grow it out, my hair will be longer than Xue Fu^-^ Gain strength! My dirty thoughts and hair,” referring to a Korean joke that says if your hair grows out quickly you must have a lot of dirty thoughts.


The couple look like they”re growing similar to each other and even have matching hairstyles and bunny headbands; all signs that they”ve been struck with the love bug!


Jung Il Woo shares he’s not worried about his upcoming enlistment and more during a recent interview

Actor Jung Il Woo (26) opened up about his enlistment next year, "Golden Rainbow", and his upcoming appearance on "Infinity Challenge"s cheerleading squad special in Brazil.

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In a recent interview with MyDaily, Jung Il Woo shared, "Pressure concerning the military? Hmm... When I enlist after consistently doing productions and complete my military service well, I think I will be fine. I don"t want to pressure myself prior to my enlistment. Others might grow hasty doing "Golden Rainbow", and people would ask me the reason for choosing such a long production. But I think of acting as a career I"ll have for the rest of my life. That is why I am not worried. I am doing this with the thought that it"s okay to take my time and experience things little by little