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ZE:A's Min Woo to Form Unit Group with Famous Japanese Celebrities

ZE:A‘s Ha Min Woo will be forming a unit group with two Japanese artists and target the ten largest cities of Japan. Ha Min Woo will officially be making his Japanese debut by forming the group 3Peace Lovers

From Super Junior to KARA, SNSD to TVXQ, Japanese Stars Have Fallen in Love with Korean Celebrities!

super junior, kara, girls generation, TVXQ It has been pointed out that the Korean Wave has slowed down. However, every time a K-Pop celebrity releases an album in Japan, it is always ranked high on the Oricon charts and appear on Japan variety shows as well

Japanese celebrities become astonished at Won Bin’s gorgeous appearance

Recently, some Japanese created stir online with their unique facial expressions at the appearance of the leading Korean actor, Won Bin. A posting titled “Reactions of Japanese people after seeing Won Bin” was posted on an online community board

Japanese celebrities in awe over actor Won Bin’s good looks

Who would deny his good looks and charisma of Won Bin? Besides being popular in their own country, Won Bin was also able to make some Japanese celebrities screaming hysterically at the sight of him, even if only on the screen

Japanese celebrities are Big Bang’s fans

Big Bang‘s Tokyo Dome concert was held on December 5th; it was reported that 50,000 fans attended the event including several Japanese celebrities. Famous model Arimura Miki uploaded a picture of herself together with the group on her blog and wrote, “Recently I saw Big Bang live

Sayuri: “Korean and Japanese Celebrities Are Good Liars”

Japanese entertainer in Korea Fujita Sayuri appeared on the most recent episode of TV Chosun “Inside Story” and claimed that celebrities in both Korea and Japan are good at lying while discussing under the topic, “lies

Chaos Park Taeyang Is Close with Other Celebrities

Rookie boy band Chaos’ Park Taeyang has already been under the spotlight for having the same name as Big Bang’s Taeyang. This time around, he has aroused netizens’ interests by showing off his close relationship with celebrities via photos on Chaos’ official Facebook page

PSY Catches the Attention of Japanese Media

PSY who is everyone’s celebrity is currently garnering attention in Japan! PSY appeared on the “YG Family 15 Year Anniversary Concert” which went on from January 8-9. PSY is gaining attention because his performances are quite “different” from the other Hallyu stars

“The Princess’s Man’s” Park Shi Hoo to Walk the Runway for Famous Japanese Designer

According to Story Entertainment, Park Shi Hoo was chosen to represent Korea at Yumi Katsura’s “2012 Grand Collection in Tokyo: The Wind of Asia” fashion show. The show by the well-known Japanese designer will take place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on February 21 and expected to draw in over 10,000 fashion lovers

IU's Japanese Debut: Strong Debut Candidate "Good Day"

IU is currently busy preparing for her Japanese debut in 2012. Currently she is finishing up her promotions for “You & I” and this year one of her main goals is a successful Japanese debut. In the beginning of 2012, representative of Loen Entertainment met up with representatives of EMI Music Japan and made plans regarding the debut album

2AM's Japanese Debut Single #1 in Pre-Orders

2AM is preparing for what is going to be another successful debut in Japan. 2AM's Japanese debut single, "Never Let You Go", appeared on the Tower Record online store on January 4th in the pre-order album list and reached #1, giving the group a nice start to their Japanese career

Kim Hyun Joong Reveals Japanese Debut Album Jacket for "Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy"

Kim Hyun Joong released his Japanese debut album jacket image. His album titled “Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy” will be released on January 25. A jacket image that was in red, white, and green were released

Japanese Celebrity Matsuko Deluxe: "K-POP is Just Bad U.S. Imitation"

It became an online issue among Korean netizens when Japanese actor Matsuko Deluxe said during a TV show that K-POP is just bad US imitation. He also "kindly" invited K-POP artists to leave the country if they do not like Japan

Kim Gu Ra "SME Celebrities Are Better at Variety Shows than YGE Celebrities"

The comedian Kim Gu Ra who is well known for his sharp tongue gave criticism about each entertainment agency and whether its members were good at variety shows. He appeared on JTBC’s “Idol Preview” and told miss A and MBLAQ “We shouldn’t pick JYP (JYP idols) because they are not good at doing variety shows

Aziatix Hits #1 on Japanese R&B/Soul Charts

Earlier today, Korean American group Aziatix hit number one on Japan's R&B/Soul iTunes chart with their album, "Nocturnal (Deluxe Edition)." Released on January 11, their “Nocturnal” Japanese Deluxe Edition has had an explosive reception

After School to Embark on First Japanese Nationwide Tour

After School is heading to Japan for its first nationwide concert in the country. Under the title, “After School First Japan Tour 2012-PLAYGIRLZ,” the girls will embark on a three-city tour starting in April

GD&TOP’s Japanese single “Oh Yeah” to be sold in ‘limited edition’ only

GD&TOP have announced that their first Japanese single album will only be sold as a limited edition. On January 11th, YG Entertainment revealed that “Oh Yeah Feat. Bom“, which was originally meant to be released in November of 2011, will now be sold only as a limited edition at the ’15th anniversary YG Family‘ concert

Celebrities’ expensive homes are revealed to the public

Ever wonder which Korean celebrities own the most expensive homes? On an episode of KBS ‘YeoYooManMan‘ that aired on January 16th, the celebrities living in the most expensive and lavish homes were revealed to the public

Se7en New Japanese Single to Be Released on January 18

Se7en's new Japanese single will be realesed on January 18 as announced in Se7en's Japanese home page.  With this new album, Se7en will start his promotion activities in Japan, after he recently perfomermed during the "15th Anniversary YG Family Concert," where Se7en presented to his fans the new song for the first time

SNSD's YoonA & Yuri Appear in Japanese SAT

SNSD members Yuri and YoonA's names were featured on the Japanese SAT. The Japanese SAT exam similar to America and Korea's, the aptitude test which evaluates students and determines their college attendance was held in Japan on January 14