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miss A’s Suzy Makes Donation to Ferry Victims

It turns out that miss A′s Suzy donated 50 million won to the families of the ferry victims.

On April 25, a JYP Entertainment rep spoke with enews, saying, "It is true that Suzy donated," and "After disucssing it with her parents, she donated to the Life Share Association in her hometown, Gwangju, on April 22."

"Suzy didn′t let her donation be known, so the agency had no idea," said the rep. "She wanted the donation to be made quietly, so she did so through her parents."

Meanwhile, Sewol, a passenger ferry sunk on April 16. As of April 25, 2PM (KST), 181 people have been confirmed dead with 121 still missing.

Photo Credit: enews DB

Double A’s Aoora releases teaser photo for 2nd single ‘Vanilla Sky’

Double A (AA) member Aoora releases the teaser photo for his second solo track 'Vanilla Sky' ft. Hoik.

THe teaser photo is a colorful art piece of a man and woman enjoying a joyride. The single is scheduled to be released on April 28.

On March 28, Aoora released his solo debut single 'Body Party' showing his mature transformation.

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Announce Their Breakup

After a few months of going public with their relationship, actor Lee Min Ho and actress Park Min Young have put an end to their relationship. The two met last year while filming SBS's "City Hunter;" but because of their busy schedules, they barely had time to see each other. Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho actually ended their relationship a while ago, but decided not to publicly announce it until now because they didn't want to put their agencies on the spot.

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young seemed like strangers before the year-end drama awards. Both attended two different ceremonies. While Lee Min Ho attended the "SBS Drama Awards," Park Min Young attended the "KBS Dramas Awards."  

A representative of Park Min Young's agency stated, "It's been a while since they saw each other

Wang Ji Hye Shows Her Sexy Yet Elegant Yoga Poses in “Hotel King”

Pictures of Wang Ji Hye’s yoga poses in “Hotel King” have been gaining a lot of attention.

Recently, the production team of MBC’s “Hotel King” revealed still cuts of a scene from the drama.In the picture, Wang Ji Hye is doing yoga poses on a yoga mat. Wang Ji Hye plays Song Chae Kyung who was a former anchorwoman and like the anchorwoman her character was, she is seen doing yoga with a calm expression.

Wang Ji Hye is planning on showing a different side of Song Chae Kyung through her breathtaking yoga poses in this week’s episode.

The story of “Hotel King” depicts the various events that occur surrounding the seven-star hotel, Ciel. The drama is receiving a lot of love from its viewers with its thriller and romance genre.

“Empress Qi” Episode 47

Power corrupts. It quietly slips into the most steadfast of hearts and makes them yearn for more. Not one character in "Empress Qi" has been untouched by power's temptations and they, and the nations they affect, are suffering because of it.

Ta-hwan believes that power will bring the acceptance and love he's always desired. He was rejected when he was younger by his family, including the dowager empress, because he was weak and powerless. As emperor, he puts all of his faith into Bayan because he believes Bayan is the last person who genuinely supports him. He thinks war-bought honor and glory will win him the love of his starving people. In the same vein, he obsesses with Seung-nyang, thinking she will give him the familial love and unconditional affection he has always craved. Ta-hwan's issues are such a wonderful human dilemma, but they've been developed terribly

tvN drama ‘High School King’ confirms its full cast lineup

The casting for upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama "High School King" (aka "King of High School Life") has been completed!

In addition to the previously announced Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na, and Lee Soo Hyuk, joining them will be Choi Phillip, Chun Yi Seul, Oh Kwang Rok, Han Jin Hee, Kang Ki Young, Lee Tae Hwan, and Lee Yeol Eum.


Seo In Guk will play the role of Lee Min Suk who takes over as the director of a major company in place of his hyung Lee Hyung Suk, whom he also pretends to be. Lee Ha Na will play his co-worker Jung Soo Young. Lee Soo Hyuk will also meddle in their romance, making it a classic love triangle, as the strategic management chief Yoo Jin Woo.

"High School King" is a romantic comedy which portrays the story of high school student (Seo In Guk) who enters the management of a major company and how high school students adjust to the real world

“God’s Gift – 14 Days” Episode 15

Truths come out and our good guys have to decide what to make of them and how to act upon them. They have to fight their darker sides in order to do what's right - only it's not so easy to figure out what is right and what is wrong.

Dong-chan and Soo-hyeon both have need of the physical evidence proving that Dong-ho wasn't the murderer. They have to battle their own desires as well as the people orchestrating Saet-byeol's kidnapping and Dong-ho's execution. The web of lies and deceptions grows wider, but clearer. Everyone from the president of South Korea down to policemen at the local precinct has been tapped and exploited to hide one major secret: the president's son killed Dong-chan's girlfriend. To cover this secret, the secretary of state has tapped into all sorts of people and used their desires to manipulate them.

This manipulation is what made the layers of mystery work for this show

‘Cunning Single Lady” Joo Sang Wook Sleeps With Lee Min Jung

(Photo : MBC)

Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung were drunk and spent a night together.

On the 15th episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama "Cunning Single Lady" broadcast on April 23rd, Na Ae Ra (played by Lee Min Jung) overheard a conversation between Cha Jung Woo (played by Joo Sang Wook) and CEO Kook (played by Lee Jung Gil). Before this, CEO Kook had been annoyed at Cha Jung Woo for rejecting his daughter Kook Yeo Jin (played by Kim Kyu Ri)"s feelings and had slapped him.

Ae Ra wanted to comfort Jung Woo so she prepared dinner for me at his penthouse. Jung Woo was greatly removed by her thought and the two spent friendly times.

However, the two had drank too much alcohol and ended up waking up on the same bed the next morning. Moreover, Cha Jung Woo had not had his top on

Girl’s Day Hyeri pumps up a cool yet cute look for Vogue Girl

Girl's Day Hyeri is looking cool and pretty in her solo pictorial for Vogue Girl's April issue sporting Whole Hauss apparel.

The slim and tall Girl's Day member perfectly fits the stylish casual and printed outfits while diplaying various cute expressions.

The mixed and match outfits and colors display youthful atmosphere which is reflected in Hyeri's pictorials. Enjoy more photos below:

SNSD Jessica and Sooyoung and More Participate in Yellow Ribbon Campaign

More and more stars have been participating in the yellow ribbon campaign.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sooyoung posted a picture of yellow ribbon on her Instagram along with text ‘One small movement for a big miracle’ while Jessica changed her Weibo profile picture to the yellow ribbon with ‘Never Lose Hope’ written on it.

Speed skater Lee Sang Hwa also changed her Twitter picture to the yellow ribbon to express condolences for the victims of Sewol ferry.

Currently, many celebrities as well as the citizens have been changing their profile pictures on SNS and messenger accounts to the yellow ribbon image to show their hopes for miraculous returns of those missing from Sewol ferry.

Photo credit: Newsen