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2PM’s Taecyeon and Chansung speak up about the Sewol ferry incident

2PM"s Chansung and Taecyeon spoke up about the Sewol ferry incident.

Unlike many other idols who spoke up in compassion, Chansung had something to say about the rescue process. Yesterday, he tweeted, "Accidents can happen. But how we manage the accidents show how we are as a society. You can see what kind of environment we are in through one situation. Also, this isn"t just someone else"s problem - it could hap[en to us. I think our society is ill."

e hearts of people who are already suffering through the spreading of unconfirmed information. These people... I hope they suffer as much as they caused..".

Today, Taecyeon also had something to say to those who were spreading rumors and lies about the situation

Song Seung Hoon, Jung Il Woo, Ha Ji Won And Other K-Drama Actors Donate To Ferry Disaster Relief Efforts

K-drama actors are doing what they can to help rescue efforts in the recent Sewol ferry disaster and to aid the families of victims.

The disaster happened last week when a ferry bound from Inchon to Jeju Island capsized, but the rescue efforts continue. So far 179 people have been rescued and 30 bodies recovered. More than 200 passengers, most of them teenagers, are still missing.

Actor Song Seung Hoon, star of the film "Human Addiction," donated almost $100,000 to help with the search and rescue efforts. He donated the money through the Salvation Army.

On Twitter, the actor said that he was watching the sad news and praying.

 "I want to express my condolences to the victims and pray the others are safe," he said. It"s not the first time that the actor had donated money to victims of a disaster

KBS Programming Dominates TV Ratings After Ferry Disaster

This past week, the fourth week of April, was a complicated one for TV programming in terms of broadcast. As most prime time variety shows and dramas were suspended while the nation waited anxiously for good news from the site of the Sewol ferry disaster, news programming and more serious broadcast like documentaries filled in the empty air time.

KBS programming swept the weekly rankings for ratings in both news, drama, and documentary program. First place went to KBS 1TV’s daily drama, “Melody of Love” (aka “Love Rides the Song“) which raked in 28.3%, according to Nielsen Korea’s April 21 release of the “Weekly Ratings Top 50 Programs.” Ratings were collected between from April 14 – April 20.

MBC and SBS made an entrance in the top 10 with Monday-Thursday drama “Empress Ki” and morning drama “Only My Love,” respectively

Choi Jin Hyuk Conditioned Himself To Have Feelings For Song Ji Hyo


Choi Jin Hyuk shared his thoughts on the plot of his recently concluded drama "Emergency Couple" which he headlines with actress Song Ji Hyo.

When asked if it"s possible to get back together after getting divorced, he answered, "I don"t discount the possibility of it happening somewhere else, but in Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee"s case, it only became possible because it"s a drama. They hated each other too much when they got divorced to even reconcile."

To get into character, Choi Jin Hyuk admitted that he tried to think of Song Ji Hyo as being even prettier that she already is. He said, "Although Song Ji Hyo is already pretty without me saying it, I conditioned myself into loving her more by saying "Song Ji Hyo is pretty, she is pretty" every day

Kim So Hyun shows up for two minutes at the Hyundai Car Exhibition in Beijing

Actor Kim So Hyun proves he is not someone who breaks his promise especially to his fans.

On April 20, Kim So Hyun attended the 'Beijing Car Show at Hyundai Car Exhibition held in Beijing as he is its promotional brand model. The 'Man From The Star' actor gathered 8,000 fans who flocked to see him.

Because of the crowd, safety concerns come first thus made the organizers to almost cancel the event. However, some fans stayed and were still hopeful to see their favorite actor. After almost four hours of non appearance, Kim Soo Hyun entered and had a brief photo session and delivered a short message including an apology for making his fans wait.

Has waited for four hours backstage, his appearance only lasted for two minutes but fans were satisfied enough that Kim Soo Hyun kept his promise despite of tight security.

K-Pop Surpasses The Hallyu And Becomes A Culture Enjoyed All Over The World

K-Pop and the hallyu has surpassed Korea and has become popular all around the world.

Many K-Pop idol groups that release albums and hold showcases also have these events streamed live in many different countries.

K-Pop has become a culture that people from all over the world can enjoy. Korean idol groups and songs are fun and light and can be listened to by almost anyone.

Many foreign broadcasts have created their own "K-Pop corners" in which they teach Korean and promote K-Pop idol groups.

Many idol groups also have foreign members as well and have contributed to the global popularity of K-Pop.

New rookie group, JJCC, which was created by Jackie Chan, has a mix of members from different parts of the world.

Other groups similar to this include f(x), miss A, EXO, TASTY and more

Actress Jun Ji Hyun Graces The Cover Of China’s BAZAAR Magazine

Actress Jun Ji Hyun has been featured on the cover of China"s BAZAAR magazine.

On April 21, China"s Harper BAZAAR revealed the May edition"s cover photo through Weibo.

In the photo, actress Jun Ji Hyun showcases her glowing beauty as she wears a pink outfit with matching light pink makeup.

Her upgraded feminine vibe can be seen through her long effortless hair and natural pose.

Jun Ji Hyun was also on the cover of Korea"s BAZAAR magazine in April as well.

On the other hand, Jun Ji Hyun has gained much popularity in China with her role in the SBS drama, "My Love From The Star" and has received many love calls in China.

CNBlue invitefans to see their ’2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop in SINGAPORE’

CNBlue are coming to see their Singaporean fans on May 10 through their '2014 CNBLUE LIVE - Can't Stop in SINGAPORE'.

The band are going to electrify the fans with their amazing and lively performances at Singapore Indoor Stadium singing their hit and newest songs. Check out more details below:

Date: 10 May 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 7PM
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket Price: S$248, $198, $168, $138, $108 (excludes booking fee)
Booking Website:
Booking Hotline: +65 6333 5000
Box Office: Located at Singapore Indoor Stadium
Outlets: All SingPost outlets located islandwide

Watch their promotional video message too!

Kim Soo Hyun Waits Four Hours to Apologize to Fans

Excitement was thick in the air for eight thousand Chinese fans who came to see Kim Soo Hyun at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. Unfortunately, however, the actor was only able to attend the event for about two minutes.

Kim Soo Hyun was scheduled to attend the show on behalf of Hyundai, as he currently serves as the car company’s spokesperson. While the event was nearly canceled altogether due to the sheer number of fans waiting for the “Man From the Stars” actor, Kim Soo Hyun kept his promise to appear at the event. Originally, Kim Soo Hyun was supposed to arrive at the show at 11:30 that morning. However, with the eight thousand fans that were on site, there was a safety concern, and public authorities requested that the fan meeting be canceled entirely.

Therefore, Kim Soo Hyun waited four hours and made an unplanned visit to the event at 3:30 PM to apologize to his fans that came out to see him, after which he had a short photo session

Actors Jung Il Woo, Joo Sang Wook, and Ha Ji Won donate millions of won for Sewol victims & rescue operations

As the rescue operation is still going on for the missing passengers of the sunken ship Sewol, people with big hearts continue to offer their help. As of 9:30PM (KST), death toll raises to 87 with 215 people still missing.

As their country is suffering, they may count on to the celebrities who are generous enough to lend their financial help for the progression of rescue operation and for the victims. Adding to the growing list of donors are big actors Jung Il Woo, actress Ha Ji Won, and actor Joo Sang Wook.

Aside from Kim Yuna who donated 100 million won, actress Ha Ji Won is also reported to have donated 100 million won for the victims of Sewol. On the other hand, actor Joo Sang Wook donated 30 million won for the rescue operations according to Korea Salvation Army. In addition to that, actor Jung Il Woo also lend another 30 million won for the victims and rescue operations according to the National Disaster Relief Association