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[Shooting Site of KBS 2TV Mon/Tues Drama Big] Warm-hearted Doctor Suh Yun-jae Changes to Gyeong-jun?

The hidden story of drama Big's location is revealed. Gil Da-ran’s fiancé, a warm-hearted children's doctor, was a perfect man by the name of Suh Yun-jae, who had everything a man needs. Then suddenly he has changed quite dramatically! "Oh my God, is this what I am?!" Definitely Suh Yun-jae was a doctor clothed in white gown until yesterday but now he is quite different! "First of all, I have to hide myself!!" Suh Yun-jae hides himself with his hands so as not to see his changed features

[Shooting Site of KBS 2TV Mon/Tues Drama Big] Round one of Da-ran versus Gyeong-jun!

Hidden Story of Drama Big's Location To Be Revealed Round one of Da-ran versus Gyeong-jun! "It’s my umbrella!" Out of misunderstanding that Gyeong-jun was fascinated by her beauty, Da-ran spat the most awkward words to Gyeong-jun in confusion,”I

[Shooting Site of KBS 2TV Mon/Tues Drama Big] Round one of Da-ran versus Gyeong-jun! Sometimes Arguing, Lovely Couple Dar-ran and Yun-jae

The Hidden Story of Drama ‘Big’ "Hi Se-yeong, the doctor you have met before!" Is he your real friend? What is the secret between Se-yeong and Yun-jae? Leaving his financee Gil Da-ran alone, where was Yun-jae going? To know their secret, watch the drama “Big” next week! Such a lovely and cute couple - enjoy your summer with them! Another lovely couple Gyeong-jun and Da-ran - "Oh, my God! Gil Da-ran!" [PIC] What happened? They argue and fight again! What will happen to these lovely couples?

[KBS 2TV MON/TUES Drama Big]‘Gyeong-joon is playing baseball!’Exciting Behind-the-Scenes Shots of Big’

As behind-the-scenes shots of national loco drama “Big” are revealed, netizens are eager to show their interest. On Monday and Tuesday, KBS 2 TV's mini-series drama “Big”, written by Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran, revealed some still shots showing the cast relaxing at the shooting site that many curious viewers have wondered about, so far with great interest

[KBS 2TV MON/TUES Drama Big] Gyeong-jun and Da-ran's Hot ‘Sucking Kiss’ Becomes a Hot Issue

Popular national loco drama “Big” has shown two different kinds of “mental kiss” in the last episode and, a hot “sucking kiss” between Gong Yu and Lee Min-jeong is expected to be featured this time, which will likely excite viewers

[KBS 2TV MON/TUES Drama Big] Location Site of Gyeong-jun and Da-ran’s Wedding

"Attractive and beautiful wedding couple, Gyeong-jun and Da-ran " The background story of drama “Big” is revealed. "Smile brightly like Yun-jae, please..." Finally, Da-ran is scheduled to have a wedding ceremony with Gyeong-jun in the drama

[KBS 2TV Location Site of Monday & Tuesday Drama ’Big’ ] Gyeong-jun & Daran's Water Play!

Gil Da-ran’s heart beats rapidly upon seeing Gyeong-jun watering the lawns in the front garden. Is Gil Da-ran’s mind moving? "Shall I make it rain?" Gyeong-jun showers Da-ran with water to console her after her fierce fight with Se-yeong

[KBS 2TV Mon/Tues Drama Big] ‘Romantic Kiss’ of Da-ran & Gyeong-jun Clasping Hands Tightly

In rom-com “Big” Gong-yu and Lee Min-jeong confirm their love with a sweet kiss and a joining of hands. In the 12th episode, Da-ran (Lee Min-jeong) decided to move to a school in rural area, criticizing herself for falling in love with Gyeong-jun (Gong-yu)

[Shooting Site of KBS 2TV Mon/Tues Drama Big] Gyeong-jun & Da-ran’s First Night at Campsite

Making the female viewers’ heart beat faster with every romantic scene, rom-com drama “Big” is capturing the attention of viewers by revealing Gong-yu and Lee Min-jeong's first night together. The response of the viewers has been hot as the romantic mood of the drama runs toward a sweet climax