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Whatbecomes (Who Accused Tablo Regarding Stanford) Allegations Against Insooni's Daughter Proved False

In December, after singer Insooni was notified of her daughter's acceptance into the prestigious Stanford University in the States, her daughter was also criticized and cyber attacked by an online community called Tajinyo

Kyun Miri’s daughter Lee Yubi to make CF debut with Jay Park

Actress Kyun Miri’s daughter Lee Yubi has become an hot issue when their relationship was revealed and now Lee Yubi will be starring in a commercial. Lee Yubi is filming a commercial for KT Tech’s ‘Take HD’ alongside Jay Park

Suzy’s dad shares a picture taken with his daughter

The father of miss A‘s Suzy made her fans melt with his latest SNS update! On January 16th, a netizen shared this photo along with the caption, ‘Suzy’s Father’s Kakao Talk Profile Picture’

MBLAQ’s Mir makes his ‘daughter’ cry on ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby’

MBLAQ‘s maknae Mir was criticized by his fellow members after making his ‘daughter’ cry. On the February 2nd episode of KBS Joy‘s ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby‘, the members were enjoying a nice dinner with the children at the Baby House

A Pink's Hong Yoo Kyung is the Daughter of a Multimillionaire?

A Pink member Hong Yoo Kyung is quickly becoming a hot topic due to rumors of her being an "Uhm Chin Ddal" (A shortened phrase meaning "Mother's Friend's Daughter," referring to individuals whose mothers will mention in front of their own children to compare with them

G.NA and SECRET’s Hyosung to play a mother and daughter in ‘Salamander Guru’

Having been denied the chance to debut as a girl group together, G.NA and SECRET‘s Hyosung will be reunited as mother and daughter for SBS’s Friday sitcom, ‘Salamander Guru‘. On February 16th, it was revealed that G

Lee BongWon, Daughter Looks Like SNSD Yuna

Gagman Lee BongWon revealed a picture of his daugther that looks like SNSD Yuna. On the 16th at SBS 'Star Couple Show', Lee Bongwon took out a picture of his 18-year-old daughter, Lee Yuri. The audience and the staff were impressed at how much she looks like SNSD Yuna

Comedian Couple’s Daughter Looks Strikingly Similar to Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

On February 16, comedian couple Lee Bong Won and Park Mi Sun appeared on SBS “Star Couple Show Ja Gi Ya” and shared a photo of their daughter that looks strikingly similar to Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

MC Park Mi Sun’s daughter is Girls’ Generation member YoonA’s doppelganger?

The daughter of celebrity couple Park Mi Sun & Lee Bong Won is receiving attention for resembling Girls’ Generation member YoonA. On a recent episode of SBS ‘Star Couple Show – Jagiya‘, Lee Bong Won revealed some family photos

Sung Yuri turns out to be the “My Mom’s Friend’s Daughter”

Fans have been shocked by the family background of the former member of F.I.N.K.L. It all started when a picture of her father was posted on the internet. Her father, who is a professor at the Presbyterian College & Theological Seminary, has caught the eyes of many Sung Yuri fans with his good looks

Tiger JK's Father Earmarks Yoon Mi-rae as Potential Daughter-in-law

On the episode of KBS 2TV's "Win Win" that aired on Jan. 3, the couple consisting of rapper Tiger JK and singer Yoon Mi-rae disclosed their fateful encounter and love story, attracting attention from the viewers

Yoon Do-hyun: 'I Met the Boyfriend of My Daughter in a Love Triangle Situation'

On the episode of KBS 2 TV's "Hello Counselor" that aired on Jan. 30, singer Yoon Do-hyun expressed great love for his daughter, attracting attention from the viewers. Among the agonies introduced under the title of "family at the crisis of breakup" on the episode was the one of a housewife who had stress due to her husband who treasured only her daughter while treating her and her son like fifth wheels

Eru’s dad Tae Jin Ah chooses f(x)’s Amber as his ideal daughter-in-law

Trot singer Tae Jin Ah revealed he would like f(x)’s Amber to become his daughter-in-law. Tae Jin Ah guest-featured on the most recent episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ and selected Amber as the person he would like to see marry his son, Eru

Sean’s daughter judges her brother’s dance skills

Singer Sean told an adorable story about his daughter Ha Eum judging the dance skills of her younger brother Ha Yul. On March 29th, Sean tweeted, “Ha Yul turned on some music and started dancing

NRG’s Noh Yoomin reveals a photo of his second daughter Noel

Former NRG member Noh Yoomin has revealed a photo of his adorable second daughter Noel. On March 29th, Noh Yoomin tweeted the above photo with the caption “Noh Yoomin’s second daughter Noel

Sohn Ye-jin and Kim Gab-soo as father-daughter pair

Accomplice starts shooting in May and plans to release later this year To make it even creepier, she suspects that Dad is kidnapping children, and I really don’t want to know where that leads Via TV ReportI hope they’re not locked in a house together I hope they’re not locked in a house together

Shin Se Kyung: "I Would Like My Daughter to Not Have My Personality."

                         **Click on the blue arrow on the top right of the photo to watch a 3-minute clip of the interview!**On a celebrity news segment titled “Hot Rising” aired on March 31, actress Shin Se Kyung had an interview at one of her CF shoots

Kim Tae Woo Hopes His Daughter Won't Look Like Him

                                    **Click on the blue arrow on the top right to watch a 3-minute clip of the show.**Kim Tae Woo expressed his love for his wife and soon-to-be-born daughter on the most recent episode of “Immortal Song 2

Actress Shin Se Kyung doesn’t want a daughter like herself?

  Actress Shin Se Kyung confessed that she would not want a daughter with a personality like her own, during an interview with KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ on March 31st KST

Kim Tae Woo hopes his daughter won’t resemble him

Singer Kim Tae Woo made a special appearance on the second half of the March 31st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Immortal Song 2 – Patti Kim Special‘. During the broadcast, Kim Tae Woo was asked to send a video message to his wife, who’s pregnant with his first child