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Miryo to perform “Leggo” instead of “Dirty” on Music Bank due to unfit lyrics

It’s just been revealed that Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo will not be performing her title track, “Dirty“, on tonight’s episode of KBS’s ‘Music Bank’. KBS has determined that a word within the lyrics from Miryo’s title track was not suitable for broadcast

BIGBANG Releases Music Video for "BLUE" + Translated Lyrics!

BIGBANG finally unveiled its highly anticipated music video for "BLUE!" From Daesung's car accident to G-Dragon's use of marijuana, 2011 was a tough year for BIGBANG. However, they were able to overcome the hardships and returned as an even stronger team

Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye’s first date on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Actress Park Shin Hye and Singer/Songwriter Yoon Gun who star in MBC Music‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘ captured the hearts of many viewers. ‘Music and Lyrics’ is a reality/romance show that collaborates a top actress (Park Shin Hye) and an amazing songwriter (Yoon Gun) to write a one-of-a-kind song

Music and Lyrics: Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun look like a couple in real

The Music and Lyrics stars Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun are in the limelight for being seen as if they were a couple in real. In behind-the-scene cuts, the twosome catches the eye because they look close and friendly

2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun to collaborate for ‘Music and Lyrics’

  A new couple is set to appear on MBC Music’s ‘Music and Lyrics‘! 2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun were chosen to be the new couple. They are now the second couple to be chosen for this program

Yoon Gun to pair up with Park Shin Hye in "Music and Lyrics"

As previously reported, actress Park Shin Hye will be making her first attempt at a reality TV program MBC "Music and Lyrics". The program, which will be featured on MBC Music, will showcase top female actress pairing up with a male singer-songwriter to create and present a unique love song

2PM’s Jun Ho and Kim So Eun are cast for ‘Music and Lyrics’

2PM’s Jun Ho and and actress Kim So Eun were recently cast for MBC Music’s Music and Lyrics as the second couple. The show is a romantic reality program, in which a musician and an actress collaborate on a song and tell a story along the way

Cable show ‘Music and Lyrics’ is planned to air on MBC

Cable channel MBC Music’s reality program Music and Lyrics will air on a terrestrial network. On March 23, a spokesperson for MBC Music said that the show is planned to air on April 7 at 5:15 in the afternoon on MBC

2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun hold hands on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Recently, pictures of 2Pm’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun holding hands have surfaced. On the second episode of ‘Music and Lyrics’ the couple went on a date showing off a confident and youthful image, and looking like a real couple

2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun enjoy a campfire date for ‘Music and Lyrics’

2PM‘s Junho and actress Kim Seo Eun of MBC‘s reality program, ‘Music and Lyrics‘, has proven to be the perfect fictional couple once more with new on-scene shots together! The new still cuts show the couple enjoying dates by a railroad track as well as camping together in a romantic atmosphere

Kim So Eun is touched by Junho’s manners on ‘Music and Lyrics’

2PM‘s Junho once again displayed his gentleman-like manners on a recent episode of ‘Music and Lyrics‘. On the April 8th broadcast of MBC Music’s ‘Music and Lyrics’, Junho and Kim So Eun went out to find a special camping spot to finish up their song

Actress Park Jin Hee is cast in Music and Lyrics with her co-star in mystery

Actress Park Jin Hee was recently cast in MBC Music’s reality program titled, Music and Lyrics. On April 11, MBC Plus Media stated the news and Park’s comment on her first experience in a reality program

Jay Park and John Park to pair with Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee‘s partners for MBC TV‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘ were discovered through some detective work by netizens. Although MBC did not officially reveal the male counterparts for Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee, netizens have discovered the identity of their partners through social networking sites and online communities

John Park’s first impression of actress Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Singer John Park spoke up about his first impression of actress Park Jin Hee on MBC‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘. John Park commented during the April 9th filming of the romantic reality music program, “I came not knowing who my partner would be, and I only found out when I arrived [on set]

Music and Lyrics: Singer Park Jae Bum and actress Lee Si Young are newly teamed up

Singer Park Jae Bum and actress Lee Si Young have recently been teamed up to write a song and give each other English name to break the ice. On the episode of MBC’s Music and Lyrics that aired on April 14, the first meeting of Jay Park and Lee Shi Young was broadcast

Music and Lyrics: Actress Park Jin Hee is satisfied with being paired up with John Park

Actress Park Jin Hee seems to fall in love with signer John Park playing the piano. On the episode of MBC’s Music and Lyrics that aired on April 14, the first meeting of John Park and Park Jin Hee was broadcast

Jay Park and Lee Siyoung show a bit of skinship for "Music and Lyrics"

Jay Park and Lee Siyoung reveal a bit of skinship on MBC's reality program "Music and Lyrics." On April 14th, the first episode featuring Jay Park and Lee Siyoung aired and featured their first meeting and upcoming project

MBC’s ‘Music and Lyrics’ disappoints with ultra low TV ratings

MBC‘s new reality TV show, ‘Music and Lyrics‘ which replaced ’We Got Married‘, which was permanently canceled this week, scored very low viewership ratings.  The low ratings had many people criticizing MBC’s decision to eliminate ‘We Got Married’

Jay Park and Lee Si Young grow closer on ‘Music and Lyrics’

  Popular stars Jay Park and Lee Si Young were seen growing closer together, through exercise on the recent episode of ‘Music and Lyrics’. On April 14th, MBC aired ‘Music and Lyrics‘ in lieu of the normal broadcast of ‘We Got Married‘, due to the ongoing labor strikes

John Park & Park Jin Hee awkwardly collaborate on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John Park and actress Park Jin Hee‘s first awkward meeting was broadcast on the April 14th episode of MBC‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘. Though the singer and actress seem to have warmed up to each other after the first filming, the atmosphere is reported to have been incredibly awkward when they first met one another