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Kim Hee Sun introduces her handsome husband on tvN’s ‘Taxi’

Actress Kim Hee Sun‘s husband, Park Joo Young, has appeared on TV for the first time. On the most recent episode of tvN’s ‘Taxi’, an interview program that takes place in a taxicab, Kim Hee Sun climbed in with her husband

IU's Surprising Confession on MBC "Come To Play": "I Don't Like Handsome Men"

Singer IU made quite the shocking confession during the filming of "Come To Play."On January 16, the nation's little sister made a guest-appearance on MBC's variety show "Come To Play." She appeared in the segment "Take My Heart" and ranked actors Joo Hyun, Jung Bo Seok, Park Sang Min, Kim Joo Hyuk by those she wouldn't go on a date with

Ryang Hyun & Ryan Ha, Handsome twins, how long have you been?

kim ryang hyun, kim ryang ha The twin singer, Ryang Hyun & Ryang Ha reveals his recent picture, and grabs people's attention. The older twin brother, Kim Ryang Hyun posted a photo on his minihompi with the title 'Ryang Hyung', and the younger one, Kim Ryang Ha also posted a picture with the title 'Ryang Ha'

Lee Hyori in love, “handsome or not what meaning does that have?”

Singer Lee Hyori, who has been dating singer-song-writer Lee Sang Soon for 5 months now, has tweeted a meaningful message drawing attention. Lee Hyori tweeted in the afternoon of December 3rd, “We are just bugs under the sky…Some a little more good looking, some a little ugly, some a little better and others a little worse

Jun Ji Hyun’s handsome boyfriend revealed

Actress Jun Ji Hyun‘s boyfriend, Mr. Choi Jun Hyuk‘s face has been revealed to the world, making waves online. Jun Ji Hyun made big headlines recently with her admission of a being in a relationship for the first time in her career

INFINITE’s L, “I don’t consider myself a handsome man”

Group INFINITE’s L reveals he never thought of himself to be a handsome man. L attended the press conference for tvN‘s new drama ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ on the 25th and revealed this surprising opinion about himself

IU, “Don’t like handsome men”

National little sister IU‘s statement is causing quite a stir. The viewers were surprised by IU’s statement that she doesn’t like handsome men. On the January 16th installment of MBC’s ‘Come to Play’, IU appeared on the ‘Take my heart’ segment and ranked Joo Hyun, Jung Bo Suk, Park Sang Min, and Kim Joo Hyuk by who she would not want to see on a blind date

Younha, “Getting more handsome”?

Singer Younha underestimates her beauty. Younha tweeted on the 9th, “No one noticed, but I changed my profile photo. I’m getting more handsome with time…… but you know, I may look like this but I’m still a girl”, and she attached the photo above

Hyorin & Jung Min, beautiful Santa & handsome Rudolph

Idol group Sistar member Hyorin and Boyfriend member Jung Min sent out their Christmas greetings together. On December 20th, a couple of pictures were tweeted through Sistar’s official Twitter account tagged, “Miri merry Christmas~ So cold, right? Watch out not to catch a cold and spend a happy and warm Christmas!” (Miri = ahead of time, beforehand

Lee Seung Gi’s handsome doppelgänger even sounds like LSG

Lee Seung Gi look-alike is all the buzz. On the December 10th episode of SBS’s ‘Star King’, many people claiming to be relatives of stars made appearances. On this episode of ‘Star King’,for the ‘Find the Real Family of the Stars’ segment, a man made an appearance claiming to be Lee Seung Gi’s relative and drew a lot attention

Cha Seung Won’s handsome son, like father like son

A picture of Cha Seung Won‘s son Noah has been revealed. On the December 8th episode of MBC’s ‘Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert’, Cha Seung Won gave a sincere interview. Cha Seung Won is a well known ttalbabo

Kim Soo Hyun & Song Jae Rim, handsome King & escort warrior reveal ‘couple shoes’

Actors Kim Soo Hyun and Song Jae Rim‘s ‘couple shoes’ are drawing attention. On February 7th, a picture of the King Kim Soo Hyun and the escort warrior Song Jae Rim together has been posted on the official homepage of MBC drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’

Se7en chooses Big Bang’s T.O.P as YG Entertainment’s most handsome artist

Singer Se7en who made his comeback with a new mini-album for the first time in a year and a half with “When I Can’t Sing” guest-featured on a recent airing of Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News – Open Studio‘

Super Junior Shi Won and Kim Hee Chul 'he looks even more handsome'

A recent photo of Kim Hee Chul was released. On the 11 Choi Shi Won posted on his Twitter "Heebum, let's go to the hair salon tomorrow", along with a picture with Hee Chul who is currently serving the government

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa shows off his handsome looks

Recently, CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa revealed how he is doing. On February 14 at the official Twitter of CN Blue, Yong Hwa uploaded a picture and posted, “Took a picture because I saw some light! Don’t catch a cold! Looking good is important, but your health is the most important!” Jung is smiling brightly in the picture

EXO’s member Su Ho is revealed: His handsome, gentle look is so attractive!

SM Entertainment has recently revealed its new boy group EXO-K and EXO-M’s member Su Ho. On February 15, SM released a teaser video of Su Ho and another member D.O. on EXO’s official website, YouTube channel, Facebook

Actor Go Soo Looking Handsome for "InStyle"

Actor and model Go Soo, who began a new stage in his life with his wedding announcement, posed for "InStyle" magazine's March edition. The clothing he wore for the photoshoop featured geometric parterns

Teen Top Looking Handsome in Suits for Marie Claire

Teen Top showed off their masculine charms wearing handsome suits for the March 2012 issue of Marie Claire. They are sporting various styles and types of suits that emphasized their masculinity but highlighted their boyish charms as well

Song Joong Ki: Yeo Jin Goo More Handsome than Kim Soo Hyun

In an interview by the production team of MBC variety show Section TV broadcast on February 26th, 2012, Song Joong Ki revealed that he is the loyal viewer of MBC drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Song Joong Ki also said that The Moon Embracing the Sun is very nice, and said, “Soo Hyun, I know you will definitely do well, but so sorry… I feel that this kid Yeo Jin Good is more handsome,” provoking the laughter

LED Apple in ‘Men’s Health,’ “Fresh handsome boys”

Boy band LED Apple, composed of 6 members who are currently keeping busy with their song “Time is Up,” recently appeared in a magazine. LED Apple members showed off their romantic and fresh charms through a pictorial for the special March edition of Men’s Health in commemoration of the 6th anniversary of its founding