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Lee Min Ho and Moon Geun Young Will Not Graduate on Time in February

Lee Min Ho and Moon Geun Young cannot graduate from college on time in February. Currently Moon Geun Young is majoring in Korean literature at Sungkyunkwan and because of drama filming and also going overseas, she is 8 credits shy of graduating

Moon Chae Won, best friends with Moon Geun Young, Han Hyo Joo, & Son Ye Jin

Actress Moon Chae Won reveals her best friends as actresses Moon Geun Young, Han Hyo Joo, and Son Ye Jin. The winner of the 48th Grand Bell Awards and the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards for her role in the movie ‘Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon’, actress Moon Chae Won conducted an interview with KBS ‘Entertainment Report’ on the 7th

Can Moon Geun Young receive a graduation certificate?

Actress Moon Geun Young recently talked about how she is doing these days. Moon flew to New York in September of last year to study English and returned to Korea in November. She is currently considering her next job

Moon Geun-young goes back to school

Moon Geun-young Actress Moon Geun-young will resume her final year of university this year after having put her studies on hold to pursue her acting career.The 24-year old Moon enrolled at Sungkyunkwan University in 2006 to study Korean language and literature but had to defer time and time again, while her cohorts graduated in 2010

Moon Geun Young to Graduate from College This Fall

Actress Moon Geun Young will graduate from college this fall. An official from Moon Geun Young's agency Namoo Actors stated, "Moon Geun Young applied to return to school this coming semester."  Moon Geun Young is currently a senior at Sung Gyun Gwan University with only one semester left to graduate

Moon Geun Young’s mature look in a black-and-white picture

Actress Moon Geun Young released a picture of herself to show how she’s doing now. On March 22, Moon uploaded a picture of herself recently taken on her personal website. In the picture, Moon is wearing a winter jacket and taking a picture of herself in front of a bathroom mirror

Moon Geun Young Expresses Respect and Envy for Ha Ji Won

Actress Moon Geun Young couldn't hide her respect and envy for her senior, Ha Ji Won.After the first episode of "The King 2hearts" was aired on March 21, Moon Geun Young made a post on her mini-homepage

Moon Geun Young with chubby cheeks looks like Ko Hyun Jung

A recent state of actress Moon Geun Young has been revealed, creating a stir. On April 6, a picture titled “Moon Geun Young on a spring day! How do you like it?” was uploaded on the official Facebook account of Namoo Actors

Moon Geun Young’s cute face 11 years ago

Moon Geun Young’s cute face 11 years ago is currently attracting many people’s attention. On April 20, a picture under the title of “Moon Geun Young’s cute face 11 years ago” was uploaded on an online community board

Moon Geun Young Is the Leading Candidate to Star in Historical Film 'Princess Deok Hye'

Moon Geun Young is in discussions to play the lead role in directorHeo Jin Ho's melodramatic historical film "Princess Deok Hye." DirectorHeo Jin Ho, who has received lots of love for his melodramatic filmslike "Happiness" and "April Snow," is looking to introduce the tragicstory of Joseon Dynasty's last princess Deok Hye to the Korean audience

Moon Geun Young's Growing Beauty over the Past 11 Years

Recently, a picture of Moon Geun Young from 11 years ago popped up on an online community forum. The revealed photo is a captured image of Moon Geun Young from a music program in 2001. This photo prompted fans and netizens to rediscover Moon Geun Young's past

Moon Geun Young receives sweet and lovely birthday presents

Moon Geun Gyoung is getting a lot of attention thanks to pictures of her birthday presents. On May 6, Moon posted pictures on her mini homepage with the comment, “Thank you so so much everyone. I really want to thank you

Moon Geun Young Shows Off Birthday Gifts from Fans

Actress Moon Geun Young had a big smile on her face recently because of the birthday gifts she received from her fans. On May 6, on her mini homepage, she wrote, "Really, truly thank you to everyone. Really, truly thank you so much

Moon Geun Young sees the musical Finding Mr. Kim to encourage So Yoo Jin

Recently, actress Moon Geun Young has attended the musical Finding Mr. Kim to encourage So Yoo Jin who is a part of the cast. On May 25, So tweeted a picture with the comment, “Thank you Geun Young for coming to Finding Mr

A recent photo of Moon Geun Young showcases her youthful beauty

Actress Moon Geun Young‘s baby face hasn’t changed since. On May 25th, actress So Yoo Jin tweeted a photo with a description that said, “Moon Geun Young visited the ‘Finding Kim Jong Wook‘ musical team! She is such an angel

Moon Geun Young's Recent Photo with Actress So Yoo Jin

A photo of Moon Geun Young has recently surfaced on the internet. On May 25, actress So Yoo Jin tweetted, “Today, Moon Geun Young, who has the heart and mind of an angel, came to visit me while I was preparing for ‘Finding Kim Jong Wook’

Moon Geun Young studies hard for her last semester #moongeunyoung #marystayedout

Actress Moon Geun Young is currently studying hard for her last semester. On June 18, a spokesperson for Moon’s agency, Namoo Actors, said that Moon is studying hard for her final exam to take full credits to graduate this year

Moon Geun Young: I dont have Twitter or Facebook accounts

Actress Moon Geun Young recently cautioned people about someone using her name. On July 7, Moon wrote a note on her mini homepage, “I have Cyworld account but not Twitter or Facebook. No, I don’t

Who Is 2PM Nichkhun's Doppelganger? 'Actress Moon Geun Young'

2PM, Nichkhun nichkhun moon geun young On the July 19 broadcast of KBS "Happy Together 3," Nichkhun admitted that he is often told that he resembles actress Moon Geun Young. He shared, "In the past I heard that I look like Moon Geun Young

Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young were class mates?

An old picture of actor Song Joong Ki and actress Moon Geun Young was recently released. An online community posted a picture with the comment, “Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young are waiting for the class together