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Mnet "M! Countdown" - Jan. 12, 2012

Dynamic Duo, A Pink and T-ara battle it out for Song of the Week for the second “M! Countdown” of 2012. T-ara dislodged A Pink from last week to emerge the winner for today’s show, with "Lovey Dovey

New Mnet reality show trains Boyfriend to become Hallyu leaders

Boyfriend will be hosting their very first reality program through Mnet! The show is called ‘Boyfriend’s W Military Academy‘, and the members will be expected to undergo various missions and training sessions in order to become new leaders of the Hallyu wave

Mnet "M! Countdown" - Jan. 19, 2012

"Lovey Dovey" by T-ara takes “Song of the Week” on this week’s “M! Countdown.” It's T-ara's second win in a row for "Lovey Dovey," besting MBLAQ and Teen Top in the three-way battle.  Today is a treat for MBLAQ fans as the group performs “White Forever,” their special digital single released during the Christmas season

TEEN TOP’s Chunji goes on a date with ulzzang Kang Hye Yeon for Mnet show

TEEN TOP‘s Chunji was recently spotted on a date with famous internet ulzzang Kang Hye Yeon. But don’t worry Angels, it’s only for Mnet‘s TV program, ‘Hidden Track Romance‘

2ne1 on Mnet (100916)

Photos of 2ne1′s performance on mnet.

Mnet "M! Countdown" - Feb. 2, 2012

"This Is War" by MBLAQ takes Song of the Week on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on the first Thursday of February. MBLAQ, T-ara and Teen Top slugged it out on the top three. The good-looking, five-member band FT Island came back to the “M! Countdown” stage with their track “Severely,” from their fourth mini-album “Grown Up

"Nicole Goes to School" to Premiere on Mnet US

Kara's Nicole will have her reality show "Nicole Goes to School" premiere in the US on Mnet America next week. The program, which originally started airing in November 2009 in Korea, showed Nicole taking veterinary courses at Kunkook University

MBLAQ wins Mnet ‘M! Countdown’ and does the front roll celebration

Group MBLAQ won the first #1 spot after making a comeback. On January 26th, MBLAQ’s ‘This Is War’ became the #1 song of the week on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’. MBLAQ accepted the trophy and stated, “Thank you for giving us the victory” and the members thanked the fans, their family, and their agency

‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ nominated for ‘Best Mini-Series’ for 2012 NY TV Festival

Hit KBS 2TV drama series ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘ has been nominated for an award at the 2012 New York TV (NY TV) Festival under the Mini-Series category, and has a very good opportunity to win its very first international accolade

‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’: ‘Best Mini-Series’ 2012 NY TV Festival Nominee

February 7, 2012 11:28 AM EST Sungkyunkwan Scandal, JYJ, Park Yoochun, Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki KBS ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ that aired in 2010 based off a novel by Jung Eun Kwon has been nominated for 2012 New York TV (NY TV) Festival in Mini-Series category

Park Ji Yoon "I was scared to perform on stage after the scandal with Kangta"

Park Ji Yoon opened up about her scandal with Kang Ta. On the 7th broadcast of Story On 'Lee Mi Sook's bad scene' Park Ji Yoon stated "there was a scandal with Kang Ta. At the time H.O.T was really populary and wherever you went over half the crowd was H

"Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and "The Greatest Love" Are Finalists at the 2012 New York TV Festival

It's been announced that popular dramas KBS’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and MBC’s “The Greatest Love” have been named finalists in the mini-series category of the prestigious 2012 New York TV Festival

Park Ji Yoon talks about fan reaction to rumors of her past scandal with former H.O.T member Kangta

Park Ji Yoon opened up about a dating rumor that spread like wild fire back in the 90′s. The singer guest-featured on the February 7th episode of cable channel Story On‘s ‘Lee Mi Sook’s Bad Scene‘ and said, “There were some rumors that suggested I was dating H

Mnet "M! Countdown" - Feb. 9, 2012

"Severely" from FT Island is named “Song of the Week” on today’s “M! Countdown.” Se7en, FT Island and MBLAQ battled it out on the top three spots on the “M! Countdown” charts. The spotlights were on the stage for the comeback of one of K-Pop’s finest, Se7en

SCANDAL: Kpop Star Getting Blackmailed For $890,000 By Ex-Girlfriend

Posted: February 9, 2012 2:13 PM EST scandal, blackmail According to a little birdie at TV Report dropped quite the bomb on kpop fans which was comprised of a naked video, an ex- girlfriend, and $890,000

2AM Im Seurong's Smile, "Getting Over with the Troublesome Scandal"

In the new photo on his Twitter, 2 AM Im Seurong is shown with a big smile as if he is cheering himself.  Earlier this month, he was involved with a love scandal with Wondergirls Sohee. He added a comment, "Puzzles always have troubles and difficulties

Sexual assault with fans scandal Christ Golightly calls for press conference

Christ expressed his thought on the sexual assault scandal revolving him and his fans. Mnet 'Super Star K3' Top 11 member Christ Golightly called for a press conference in Seoul cafe. On this day, Chris showed up with his Korean friend and a translator

JYJ’s Yoochun Shows He’s OK Amidst Naked Photo Scandal

On February 10, JYJ’s official Facebook page released an surprise picture of Yoochun making a funny face, despite the naked photo allegation that surfaced all over the web earlier today. He wrote, “I’m the Prince of the Chosun Dynasty

Block B welcome fans into their dorm on ‘Mnet Wide’

The boys of Block B welcomed fans into their living space! ‘Mnet Wide‘ recently visited the dorm of Block B and the members revealed some never-before-seen secrets to their dorm, including some surprising possessions belonging to ‘baby face’ member Taeil

Rookie group B.A.P holds in-studio interview with ‘Mnet Wide’

Mnet Wide recently caught up with rookie group B.A.P, who made a powerful entrance into the K-pop scene with their fierce new single “Warrior“. During the brief interview, the boys hilariously tried to emulate Bang Yong Guk‘s husky voice as well as maknae Zelo‘s unique rap skills