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The “Missing” Episodes of The Life of A SONE

Well, since you guys requested for it, here then are the missing earlier episodes of the comic series. Somehow, whoever conceived the idea for this comics series has gotten the SONES’ trials and joys down pat

We Got Married, Lee Jang Woo – Ham Eunjung missing in action?

Lee Jang Woo – Ham Eunjung did not make their appearances resulting in hugely disappointed viewers. On the December 17th episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, Kim Won Joon – Park So Hyun couple’s cooking contest and Leeteuk – Kang So Ra couple’s first proposal was put on air

Kim Jung Hoon No Regret for Missing the Role in Moon-Sun (TMETS)

On the afternoon of February 14th, 2012, actor Kim Jeong Hoon appeared on YTN channel variety show News and Isu-Isu and People, and revealed that he was invited to star as the role of Heo Yeom, but ultimately he had to give up due to busy working schedule

Lee Hyo Ri missing her sharp jaw line: She looks like a different person

The original “idol” singer Lee Hyo Ri is seen missing her sharp jaw line. The fashion magazine Nylon released the cover page of its March issue on February 16, and Lee Hyo Ri is seen having a round jaw instead of the sharp one she used to have

“The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s” Staff Apologize for Missing Kiss Scene

On February 23, fans of the popular series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” starring Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, and Jung Il Woo, were delighted when they saw the preview for the 16th episode as they were teased with a long-awaited kiss scene between main leads Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In

David Choi releases music video for “Missing Piece”

David Choi is back with a new music video for “Missing Piece“, a new track off his latest album, ‘Forever and Ever‘! The music video is directed by Ross Ching, who’s previously worked with Death Cab for Cutie, Kina Grannis, Clara C, AJ Rafael, and stars Ellen Wong (Knives Chau in ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World‘)

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon releases ‘King 2 Hearts’ OST, “Missing You Like Crazy”

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon is known for her masterful vocals, and most recently, the singer lent her voice to sing a track for the OST of new MBC drama series, ‘The King 2 Hearts‘. The new track titled, “Missing You Like Crazy” is actress Ha Ji Won‘s theme song in the series, and the track consists of both modern rock and a little bit of punk

[Audio] Taeyeon released OST song of King 2Hearts "Missing You Like Crazy"!

Check out Taeyeon's new song for King 2Hearts OST!

SNSD’s Taeyeon tops the charts with “Missing You Like Crazy”

The soundtrack of MBC TV’s drama series The King 2 Hearts, in which SNSD’s Taeyeon participated, topped the charts. Released on March 28, Taeyeon’s “Missing You Like Crazy,” the soundtrack of The King 2 Hearts topped the charts of such major music sites as Melon, Bugs, and Mnet

After School Uee's Unedited Photo Shoot Pictures Show Missing Honey Thighs

After School’s Uee is recently attracting attention for losing her trademark “honey thighs.” Her unedited photo shoot pictures were uploaded on an online community board with the title: “Uee’s Unrealistic Photo Shoot Shooting

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon to perform her OST track "Missing You Like Crazy" on Music Core

On March 28th, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon released her latest track. The song is for the currently airing drama, "The King 2 Hearts," which stars Ha Jiwon and Lee Seunggi. "Missing You Like Crazy" is a ballad track that showcases Taeyeon's immense vocal talents

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon performs a special stage of "Missing You Like Crazy" on Music Core

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon released her latest track "Missing You Like Crazy" on March 28th. The track is for the currently airing drama, "The King 2 Hearts," starring Ha Jiwon and Lee Seunggi. "Missing You Like Crazy" is a ballad track that showcases Taeyeon's immense vocal talents and emotional voice

Girls' Generation Taeyeon Performs "Missing You Like Crazy" on Music Core

Girls' Generation Taeyeon is well-known for lending her beautiful voice to OST for famous dramas, including "Beethoven Virus," "Hong Gil Dong," and "Athena." Most recently, she participated in "The King 2 Hearts" OST with the track "Missing You Like Crazy

[VIDEO] Taeyeon performs “Missing You Like Crazy” on ‘Music Core’

In addition to being one of the three MCs, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon took the stage MBC’s “Show! Music Core” this week and performed her latest OST song, “Missing You Like Crazy”! Taeyeon released “Missing You Like Crazy” for MBC’s drama, “The King 2Hearts” on March 28th

SISTAR’s Bora Missing Her Sexy Look in High School Photos

Recently, old high school photos of SISTAR’s Bora surfaced on the Web, shocking many fans that have only seen the sexy and mature side of the star singer. In the photos titled, “SISTAR Bora who used to look innocent in high school,” Bora is seen wearing her high school uniform with barely any make up on

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why did Pak Ha asked Panda Prince Lee Gak if he believes that Sena is the crown princess he's looking for? did you remember Pak Ha reading a book about Joseon Era? what did she learn from it?

Rookie Vocal group Diatree preparing to make their debut with “Missing You”

Diatree is a talented 4-member vocal group made up of Juktoma, Daewanma, Heukyeol, and Julyeong. The group will not have the standard “lead vocal” as each of the members possess very unique voices

Dia Tree releases "Missing You" single and MV

Dia Tree released the first single off their upcoming album, "Longing," on May 7th. "Missing You" is a ballad track that highlights the beautiful vocals and harmony of the members of Dia Tree. Dia Tree is a 4-member vocal ballad group that is made up of Dae Wanma, Jeokta Ma, Jeolyoung, and Hyukhyeol

Missing drummer found

Kim Daan, the drummer from the rock group N.EX.T has been found, just a few days after he was reported missing by his friends and family.According to the police on May 5, Kim was located by a squad from Gangnam Police force on May 4

N.EX.T drummer Kim Daan opens up about going missing for six days

The drummer of the band N.EX.T, Kim Daan, has used his Facebook account to explain to fans what happened when he vanished as was found six days later. "First off, I'm so sorry and at the same time so grateful for all your concerns about my welfare