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miss A’s Suzy appeared to have asked for the sympathy of supporters after appearing to have donated fans' presents to charity

miss A’s Suzy  appeared  to have  asked   for   the  sympathy of  supporters  after   appearing to  have  donated  fans'  presents  to charity

To celebrate Children’s Day in a meaningful way, miss A‘s Suzy has decided to donate some of her plush toys, originally given to her by fans, to less privileged children. . ... Read more

miss A"s Suzy donates a pile of adorable dolls for Children"s Day

miss A

miss A”s Suzy made sure to recognize Children”s Day, May 5, by doing her share of good.

She posted the below photo of adorable dolls to Instagram as well as the message, “On Children”s Day, I know it”s not much, but I”m going to donate the dolls at my house to an orphanage. The dolls left at the dorm and the dolls fans gave me. I”m sorry to the fans who gave me the dolls, but they”re being used for something better and a good cause, so I trust that you”ll understand! Thank you.”. ... Read more

Yoo Yeon Suk and Miss A"s Suzy flaunt their perfect chemistry for "Beanpole"

Yoo Yeon Suk and Miss A

Yoo Yeon Suk and Miss A”s Suzy are really one of the best visual couples.

“Beanpole Accessory” has released some of the photos and the promotional video for its upcoming 2015 Summer Collection featuring the two stars.. ... Read more

miss A"s Suzy considering Chinese drama "Imperial Guard Night Travels"

miss A

miss A“s Suzy had previously put her solo acting career on hold as she is currently making a splash on the music scene with miss A”s successful comeback with “Only You“. Now she”s reported to be considering the Chinese drama “Imperial Guard Night Travels“.. ... Read more

Suzy declines role on movie "Kitty" to focus on miss A activities

Suzy declines role on movie

Suzy has decided to decline her “Kitty” movie offer.
JYP Entertainment revealed, “Suzy has decided not take a role on the movie “Kitty” because of schedule conflicts. miss A just recently released their album, so she declined her role to focus on her singing activities.” . ... Read more

Suzy talks about miss A being a sunbae group now that they"re in their 5th year

Suzy talks about miss A being a sunbae group now that they

Look at how time flies! miss A have been in the music industry for nearly 4 years now, and Suzy talked about what it was like to be sunbaes.

On the April 10th airing of KBS” “Music Bank“, miss A was interviewed along with EXO and Shin Bora. When asked if anything changed for the girl group as they”ve become sunbaes, Suzy replied, “It”s our 5th year since our debut, but [we work] with the heart of rookies, so there isn”t anything like that. When we see hoobaes work hard, we become inspired. When they bow to us in the waiting room, it makes us feel awkward every time.”. ... Read more

Suzy won"t be wearing heels for miss A"s "Only You" promotions due to ankle injury

Suzy won

Suzy won”t be wearing heels for miss A”s “Only You” promotions due to an unfortunate ankle injury.

The idol star was spotted on this week”s “M! Countdown” and “Music Bank” with flat sneakers unlike her fellow members, who wore heels as expected. During miss A”s interview on “Music Bank”, Suzy was asked if she had any intention to wear heels, and she responded clearly that she didn”t.. ... Read more

Even miss A didn"t know about Suzy"s relationship with Lee Min Ho?

Even miss A didn

Suzy took everyone by surprise with her relationship with Lee Min Ho–it was even news to her fellow miss A members! 

On April 8, Fei and Min were asked for their reaction to Suzy”s dating news during their guest appearance on SBS PowerFM“s “Kim Chang Ryul”s Old School.”. ... Read more

miss A"s Min and Fei reveal Suzy wrote lyrics for "Colors" in 2 hours

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miss A”s Min and Fei revealed that fellow member Suzy wrote lyrics for their recent “Colors” album in just 2 hours.On the April 8th broadcast of SBS Power FM“s “Kim Chang Ryul”s Old School“, DJ Kim Chang Ryul asked Min and Fei to brag about their album, which was definitely a success soon after its release. ... Read more

Miss A"s Suzy, Lee Hi, Kwon Jin Ah to have special stages with the Top 3 contestants on "K-Pop Star 4"

Miss A

This week”s SBS”s “K-Pop Star 4″ will present the special collaboration stages between the star representatives from YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and Antenna Music and the Top 3 contestants. ... Read more