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Kim Bum in Talks to Play a Criminal in Upcoming Movie "The Miracle"

Kim Bum, currently making waves in his portrayal of a guardian angel in “Padam Padam,” is likely to star in a film for his follow-up project. Local news agencies report the young actor was offered and is in final negotiations to play one of the leads in “The Miracle,” a fantasy thriller

Orange Caramel Pyeongchang Miracle Concert

Orange Caramel at the Pyeongchang Miracle Concert on July 27th. Credit: Zkawk (Korean) & Afterschooldaze

Kim Bum Is a Graffiti Artist in "The Miracle"

Kim Bum, who has recently wrapped the cable drama “Padam Padam,” is set to play a graffiti artist suspected to be a criminal in the film “The Miracle.” Reports from local news agencies confirm the earlier buzz

Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo to star in ‘The Miracle’

Actors Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo will be starring in a new movie called ‘The Miracle‘. ‘The Miracle’ has been receiving widespread attention, as it boasts a unique fantasy thriller scenario

Lee Seung Gi to schedule a meeting with ‘Miracle Child’ Cho Eunseo

Top star Lee Seung Gi responded to the wishes of ‘Miracle Child‘ Cho Eunseo. ‘Miracle Child’ Cho Eunseo is a 7 year old girl and the first person in Korea to receive seven internal organ transplants

Lee Seung Gi keeps his promise and visits ‘Miracle Child’ Cho Eunseo

As promised, singer Lee Seung Gi (25) made a surprise visit to ‘Miracle Child’ Cho Eunseo. ‘Miracle Child’ Cho Eunseo is a 7 year old girl and the first person in Korea to receive seven internal organ transplants

Kim Beom shoots a thriller movie, Miracle

Actor Kim Beom has been cast for a thriller movie, Miracle. Kim will visit the audience as a mystery man Joon. Kim who played the role of a guardian angel on TV series Padam Padam, will turn into a mysterious man Joon

Kim Bum starts work on ‘Miracle’

Kim Bum Actor Kim Bum has been cast in the new thriller film “Miracle,” directed by Kwon Ho-young. The movie will be Kim’s first since 2009’s “Emergency.” The announcement comes about two weeks after the star’s agency said Kim was thinking about what to do after the JTBC drama “Padam Padam” came to an end in early February

Kim Bum Begins Work on "The Miracle"

The cameras grind again for Kim Bum, who most recently received praise for his acting in cable channel jTBC’s launching drama “Padam Padam.” According to reports from local news agencies, the actor has started work for his film “The Miracle,” which began filming on March 15

Sean and fellow YG Family members participate in “10,000 won Miracle Project”

Sean and his fellow label mates from YG Entertainment participated in a charity event. On March 20th, Sean posted a photo on his personal Twitter and wrote, “The 15th participant for ‘10,000 won Miracle Project‘

BIGBANG, 2NE1, and Se7en Joins Sean’s “10,000 Won Miracle” Project

YG Entertainment’s main artists have joined hands to help a good cause led by Jinusean’s Sean. On March 20, Sean tweeted, “2NE1, the 21st member of the ’10,000 Won Miracle,’ has joined us to help fund the construction of a children’s hospital

MBLAQ’s Mir receives ‘miracle’ cure on ‘Star King’

MBLAQ member Mir continues to see some health improvement on SBS‘s ‘Star King‘! Mir became one of the most search people on Korean portal sites after being on last week’s episode of ‘Star King’, and he continued to show drastic health improvements on the most recent airing

‘Star King’ participant Lim Hyun Suk once again surprises viewers with his miracle cure

Stars that guested on the latest broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Star King‘ were once again met with miracle improvements with the help of Lim Hyun Suk‘s one-minute self-cure exercise. The March 31st episode was a continuation of last week’s one-minute self-cure exercise by guest Lim Hyun Suk

New CCM artist Grace to debut with ‘Miracle’

Upcoming singer Grace will debut as a Core Contents Media artist with her first album titled ‘Miracle‘ on April 26th. Singer turned producer, Yang Jung Seung, produced “Miracle“, while Grace helped to write the lyrics to the track, which has a ballad and funk version

Stills from ‘Miracle’ starring Kim Kang Woo and Kim Bum revealed

Photos from the set of ‘Miracle‘ (directed by Kwon Ho Young) starring actors Kim Kang Woo and Kim Bum have been revealed. Kim Kang Woo tweeted on May 10th, “At the Jecheon set filming for ‘Miracle’,” and added a set of photos from the location

Kim Bum faces off against Kim Kang-woo in Miracle

Now, if this isn’t the very definition of a tease: These newly released images from Miracle, the upcoming movie starring Kim Kang-woo and Kim Bum, aren’t even official stills but a glimpse at the raw footage

18 minutes of medical miracle

Shin Hyung-jin, "Stephen Hawking of Yonsei University", talks about this daily life using a speech generating device at the TEDxEonjuro event on April 28 at Gangnam Severance Hospital, Seoul. Shin suffers from spinal muscular atrophy

KARA’s Hara thanks her fan club Miracle on its 3rd year anniversary

KARA member Hara showed appreciation for her fans in a recent tweet. Hara posted on June 6, “‘Miracle’ 3rd year anniversary! It was yesterday, and all I had to do was make a post, but I fell asleep with [my phone] in my hand

Upcoming Korean movie "The Miracle"

Added the upcoming Korean movie "The Miracle"'s page to HanCinema database"The Miracle" (2012)Directed by Kwon Ho-youngWith Kim Kang-woo, Kim Beom, Park Seong-woong,...SynopsisCriminal case detective tracks a young male graffiti artist, a criminal suspense and a fantasy thriller

"Being in Girls' Generation (SNSD) is Like a Miracle for me" says Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon, Girls Generation, SNSD, DWTS Season 2 "Being in Girls' Generation (SNSD) is Like a Miracle for me" says Hyoyeon Girls' Generation member Hyoyeon shared, "Being in Girls Generation is like a miracle for me