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Kakao Talk flush with funds but lacking Midas touch

Kakao Talk, the dominant free mobile messenger application in Korea, recently clinched 92 billion won ($80.8 million) in investment deals from China's largest Internet portal service operator and a Korean online game firm

Under-fire Kakao offers beta version of VoiceTalk

The mobile messenger service KakaoTalk launched a beta version of its free phone call service VoiceTalk for local users yesterday, after taking flak for only launching the service overseas. "As many users are enthusiastic about this particular service, we've decided that we'll start by testing the service

Girls’ Generation’s Kakao Talk followers exceed 1 million

As of July 7th, Girls’ Generation have become the first celebrities to obtain 1 million ‘Plus Friends’ on ‘Kakao Talk’. ‘Kakao Talk’ is a smartphone-messaging application that is available for many countries around the globe, and very widely used in Korea

Kakao Talk found to be vulnerable to personal data theft

Personal information stored in Kakao Talk, a popular free mobile messenger service with an estimated 30 million users in Korea alone, has been found to be vulnerable to smartphone theft and loss. This is because even if a smartphone is protected with a password, it can be hacked into with simple technology

Kakao advises users to follow security tips following report

Kakao, the developer and provider of a free mobile phone application for text messaging, on Thursday advised users to follow three security principles to protect privacy, saying data not deleted from previously used smartphone software could be retrievable

‘Infinity Challenge’ emoticons on Kakao Talk to be released!

Proving their popularity, the members of MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge‘ became adorable and funny emoticons. According to MBC on October 9, a special ‘Infinity Challenge’ emoticon set has been released on the smart phone messenger service, Kakao Talk, where users will be able to download the pack to use while chatting with friends and family

Kakao rolls out 3 ambitious new services

From left to right, Lee Sirgoo, co-representative director of Kakao, Kim Bum-soo, the company's chairman, and Lee Jae-beom, another of its co-representative directors. NEWSIS Kakao, operator of Korea's most popular mobile messenger KakaoTalk, yesterday unveiled a handful of ambitious new services at the biggest press event it has ever held

Kakao to Launch Mobile Content Shop Next Year

KaKao plans to make another new leap forward. It all started with a free messaging service in 2010 and was followed by the introduction of mobile games in July. The games, such as the wildly popular Anipang, now bring KaKao a monthly profit over 40-million U

Preview of Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy” revealed on Anipang for Kakao

A new preview for Girls’ Generation‘s upcoming title track “I Got a Boy” was revealed through the mobile game Anipang for Kakao. The Anipang official blog added an update stating that you can receive a heart from each of the Girls’ Generation members for nine days

Park Si Hoo"s Accuser Releases Full Kakao Talk Conversation She Exchanged with Junior "K"

Park Si Hoo′s accuser ′A′ released the full Kakao Talk conversation she had with the actor′s junior ′K′ to counter Park Si Hoo′s claims.Through a press release on March 5, A′s attorney rebutted the points Park Si Hoo made to the press

Big Bang to promote smartphone app Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk, a popular smartphone messaging application in South Korea, is to embark on a set of promotional activities across Asia and has selected Big Bang as their main endorsers. Kakao Talk is set to release their first CF by the end of March, starting with Indonesia and Vietnam

Kakao Talk unveils promotional clip ft. Big Bang and Sherina Munaf

Kakao Talk reveals the first few commercial clips for Kakao Talk featuring Big Bang. Earlier today, Kakao Talk released the commercial clip for their promotional stint in Indonesia also featuring celebrity Sherina Munaf

Kakao Talk Transforms into a Full Mobile Platform

Korea's favorite messaging app, KakaoTalk, has evolved tremendously since we first wrote about it. Nearly ubiquitous in Korea, KakaoTalk has transformed into a full mobile platform that supports a whole ecosystem of apps

Psy gets his own character on the mobile game ‘Wind Runner for Kakao’

Psy is set to literally ride on a horse this time as he’s been made into a new character for popular mobile game ‘Wind Runner for Kakao‘. YG Entertainment and Wemade Entertainment teamed up to bring gamers the new Psy character with his trusty horse, which were updated into the game system on the 11th (Update to come at a later time for iOS)

G-Dragon gets his ‘one of a kind’ character for ‘Wind Runner for Kakao’

G-Dragon has become the next celebrity ‘runner’ after Psy to get his own ‘one of a kind’ character for the popular mobile game ‘Wind Runner for Kakao‘. YG Entertainment and Wemade Entertainment previously teamed up to bring gamers the beloved Psy character, and they’ve now put their thinking caps on again to create an adorable in-game version of G-Dragon

‘Kakao Talk’ launches a new set of ‘sound-cons’ for Psy

Psy is taking over the popular mobile app ‘Kakao Talk‘ with his character for ‘Wind Runner For Kakao‘ and now with a second set of emoticons on the messaging app. Those of you with the ‘Kakao Talk’ app may already have Psy’s first set of emoticons downloaded, but now a second set has been launched in 230 countries to commemorate his latest release! The new set is made special in that they’re not just regular old emoticons, but ‘sound-cons’ (sound emoticons)

2NE1′s Dara gets her own sexy character and sidekick for ?Wind Runner for Kakao?

2NE1‘s Dara has become the next YG Family member to get her own character for the popular mobile game ‘Wind Runner for Kakao‘! Dara shared the news on Twitter, “Dara & Dadoong!!! I finally arrived in ‘Wind Runner’!!! Everyone around me has fallen for ‘Wind Runner’ these days~

Korean Technology: Kakao Revisited

I'm sitting at my desk typing today's article with my laptop wirelessly connected to the Internet and my smart phone streaming in music via a VPN. I might appear old, but the truth of the matter, is that I have been working online since the Internet went public

Kakao Talk releases adorable emoticons featuring Jung Woo

Actor Jung Woo has become the face of a new Kakao Talk emoticon set! His agency Bell Actors said on February 4, ""Jung Woo Emoticon", possible for use on Kakao Talk, has been released on February 4 in the afternoon

Big Bang and Sarah Geronimo make a Kakao Talk CF!

Kakao Talk enters the Philippines with a new CF with Korea's very own Big Bang and the Pop Royalty of the Pilipinos, Sarah Geronimo. The two music royalties of Asia joined their forces together for the newest CF of Kakao Talk