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Uhm Tae Woong on Su Ae and Jung Ryeo Won: "I Like Both Women"

Uhm Tae Woong revealed his feelings towards “Never Ending Story” co-star Jung Ryeo Won and actress Su Ae (“A Thousand Days’ Promise”) on the KBS “Happy Together” episode aired on January 12

Big Bang G-Dragon Is Wearing Women's Clothes on "When I Can't Sing" MV

As we reported earlier, Big Bang’s G-Dragon appeared as a cameo in the music video for “When I Can’t Sing.” It appears that the clothes that G-Dragon is wearing in the brief scene are actually women’s clothes! G-Dragon is wearing a white t-shirt and shiny jacket

G-Dragon Wears Women's Clothing

seven, music video, big bang, g-dragon, wears women clothes It has been reported that Big Bang's G-Dragon wears women's clothing. G-Dragon made a cameo appearance on Seven's music video "Even If I Can't Sing" which was released on February 1

Boyfriend on ‘Inkigayo’ shake up the hearts of the women

Boy band Boyfriend have come back with a new song shaking up the noonas. On the January 1st SBS’s ‘Inkigayo – New Year’s Special’ Boyfriend sang their song ‘I’ll Be There’

Jung Yong Hwa’s pic is “a gift to the women” per Jun Hyun Moo

Announcer Jun Hyun Moo prepared a special gift for the female fans. Jun Hyun Moo tweeted on December 24th, “Everyone Merry Christmas^^ Hyun Moo’s special gift for the female followers. The one on the left is a lemon so return it…” along with a picture

[It Style] “Are women looking different from behind these days?”: Perfect fashion items to look perfect from behind

Amid the popularity of several mix-and-match and unisex fashion styles, new styles of women’s bags are also coming out. Shoulder bags or tote bags have been popular so far; however, backpacks that make women look more stylish from behind are now the trend

Kim Soo Hyun is Top Actor Women Wants to Confess on Valentine’s Day

Kim Soo Hyun is selected as the most popular man whom the girls want to confess during Valentine’s Day. A survey was conduction among around 270 female members of various professional dating agencies for their choice of “the actor who is most wanted to confess to on Valentine’s Day

Lee Seung Gi owns a pair of women’s kill-heels?

  Recently, Lee Seung Gi addressed the rumors that stated the singer was seen purchasing a pair of women’s ‘kill-heels’. On the Valentine’s Day special of SBS‘s ’Strong Heart‘, Seo Ji Hae squashed the rumor listed under the “Celebrity X-files” about her dating actor Lee Jung Jin

The music video of “I Need You” captivates many women’s hearts

The music video of K Will’s “I Need You” l is sweeping across all music charts and gaining popularity. Yeo Jin Goo, actor Ji Chang Wook and Sistar’s Bora who are recognized as talented actors by playing lead roles on MBC’s The Moon That Embraces The Sun, appear in the music video and unravel a love story on K Will’s new song “I Need You” The separation and encounter are displayed in special ways

G-Dragon’s Role Model Cho Young Nam Gives Advice on Dating Women

Veteran singer Cho Young Nam gave some advice to G-Dragon on dating women. On the February 20 episode of SBS “Good Morning,” Cho Young Nam was told that Big Bang’s G-Dragon had picked him as one of his role models

The Bodyguard Drama: When Women Protect Men

There’s very little in this world that can make you feel as safe as a bodyguard can. Their sole purpose is to protect you, to ward off potentially harmful vagrants, and to take a bullet for you if the moment calls for it

[Hot Fashion Tip] Men are attracted to this type of women’s styling

It’s a basic rule to obtain as much as information about the other person before going on a blind date. The success or failure of the date depends on your first impression. A good first impression is not completely in accord with objective beauty standards

Actor Kim Soo Hyun captivates women’s hearts with cute charms

Actor Kim Soo Hyun’s cute charms made netizens’ heart flutter. On the episode of MBC’s Good Day that aired on February 27, Kim Soo Hyun and child actress Kim Yoo Jung were seen at a commercial shooting site

Actor Jeon Ji Hyun joins the ranks of beautiful married women

J&Co. Entertainment, Jeon Ji Hyun’s agency, announced on March 1 that as shown in the headlines, Jeon Ji Hyun is planning to hold her wedding on June 2 in Hotel Shilla in downtown Seoul. “Helps us celebrate her new journey as a happy bride and a devoted wife

JYJ’s Jae Joong looks prettier than any tolerable women

On March 5, JYJ’s Jae Joong tweeted a photo with the comment: “My hair has grown a lot.” In the photo, Jae Joong shows off his clean-cut features. With his long flowing hair to the front, he is staring toward the camera, a sullen expression on his face

Hyun Bin captures women’s hearts in a white uniform

A picture of actor Hyun Bin was recently released and is receiving an explosive response. The Office of Military Manpower Administration posted a banner on their website with the caption, “Taking a picture of the ‘Military Service Family of Pedigree

The one thing MBLAQ’s Mir can’t understand about women is…?

What are the mysteries about women that men have trouble understanding? On the March 9th episode of SBS‘s ‘$100,000 Quiz Show‘, the question for round six was, ‘The #1 thing men in their 20-30s cannot understand about women?‘

MBLAQ Mir's Dangerous Remark about Women Wearing Mismatched Underwear

Idol group MBLAQ member, Mir, is drawing attention for his live appearance on SBS “One Million Quiz Show” aired on March 9. The idol appeared with fellow member, Lee Joon. As the quiz asked about “Things Women Do That Are Hard to Understand,” the male panels were asked, “Which things about women are hard to understand for you?” Mir picked from one of the multiple choices that women going to the restroom together was hard to take in because it made him assume that they are leaving to gossip about him

Kim Jang Hoon Runs a "Comfort Women" Ad in the New York Times

Singer, Kim Jang Hoon, paid for an advertisement in the New York Times to disseminate facts surrounding the horrific treatment of comfort women and to compel the Japanese government to offer an apology to all comfort women

Patty Kim’s jealous of SHINee’s Tae Min because he’s prettier than women

Patty Kim is jealous of SHINee’s Tae Min. In the episode of KBS 2TV’s Immortal Song 2 – Patty Kim Special Part 2 that will air on March 31, Patty Kim says she’s jealous of Tae Min because he’s prettier than women