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Girls’ Generation members’ doppelgangers found in internet memes?

A hilarious photo compilation comparing Girls‘ Generation members to internet memes had fans and netizens laughing. The photo above was recently posted on a Korean online community bulletin with the title, “9GAG Girls’ Generation“

Girls' Generation members compared to 9gag memes

Comparions between the members of Girls' Generation and various 9gag internet memes have caught netizens' attention. The pictures were uploaded onto an online community recently under the thread title, "9gag Girls' Generation

Best K-pop Memes Ever Invented Part I

daesung, top, soyoung, shinee, taemin, onew The Internet is hilarious and the people behind it make it the grandiose and marvelous place it is. One brilliant thing that the Internet has produced is something called memes

Pinoy fans make KPOP Republic 2013 memes! #Teambahay!

Pinoy fans who can't come at the KPop Republic 2013 made their 'depression' into different memes (funny comments and photos).  One fan who can't come on the concert made do-it-yourself ticket Various fans made hashtags

Best K-pop Memes Ever Invented Part II

SHINee, lee joon, heechul, exo, top, tiffany You know you loved the first batch of incredibly hilarious memes so why wouldn't I make a part II? If you're just clicking in, here's what a meme is for the 5 of you who don't know

The 7 Best Exo Memes on the Internet

Everyone is obsessed with new group, EXO, me included. They are all handsome, talented, young, and so darn adorable! Oh yeah, and there are 12 of them so who is complaining? I am in love with memes, especially ones with my favorite rookie group so let's take a look at the 7 best EXO memes floating around the internet! This gif of Sehun cracks me up