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Teen Top Unleashes Dance Version Music Video for "Going Crazy"

Following up to the release of their music video last week and having their comeback performances, Teen Top's dance version music video for "Going Crazy" was released today on LOEN's YouTube channel. Their second mini album “It’s" contains six tracks and was worked on composer/producer Brave Brothers

Eat Your Kimchi Reviews T-ara's "Lovey Dovey" Music Video

This week for Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed T-ara's "Lovey Dovey" music video. Following up to last month's "Cry Cry," T-ara's new song also features a long movie style video.While they both thought that the song was totally funky awesome, it doesn't really fit the feel of the music video at all

Dal Shabet 1 Year Anniversary and BTS Pictures of Music Video Set

The girl group Dal Shabet talked about their aspirations now that it has been a year since their debut. Dal Shabet held a press conference where they revealed their music video set on January 6. Dal Shabet stated, “Today is our one year anniversary

MBC Music Core 01.07.2012

Check out today's Music Core performances by T-ara, Troublemaker, Teen Top, NS Yoon Ji, A Pink, Boyfriend, F.I.X., Fat Cat, Chaos, Koyotae, Park Hyun Bin, AXIZ, Monday Kiz and more. T-ara has started their comeback promotions of "Lovey Dovey," their followup song to "Cry Cry

KBS "Music Bank" - Jan. 6, 2012

KBS’ “Music Bank” celebrates the first show of the year, with IU taking the first K-Chart win of 2012. The “Music Bank” hot stage features fresh performances of IU’s “You and I” and a remix of Trouble Maker’s “Trouble Maker

Kahi Congratulates Uee for New MC Role on KBS “Music Bank”

After School’s Kahi shared a selca with Uee. On January 5, Kahi tweeted the following photo with the caption, “Came to see Uee, while preparing in the building across! I knew this was going to happen

Korea Times Announces Ticket Sale Date for Korean Music Festival 2012

The Korean Music Festival, one of the largest and most successful K-Pop concerts in America, is returning for their 10th anniversary show! The mega concert will take place on April 28, 2012 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

Park Shin Hye Picked as First Model of “MBC Music”

Park Shin Hye has been picked as the first model of MBC’s new music channel, “MBC Music.” Known for being an avid music fan, Park Shin Hye filmed the TV commercial and promotional photos for the new channel on December 28 and 29

Sunny Hill Releases “The Grasshopper Song” Music Video

After teasing us with a hilarious teaser video featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha yesterday, Sunny Hill has finally unleashed the full music video for “The Grasshopper Song.” Unfortunately, Narsha doesn’t appear in the full MV, but the addicting beats and unique lyrics make this a fun video to watch! The fable-like design comes from the song’s overall concept based off one of the Aesop’s Fables, “The Ant and the Grasshopper

KBS "Music Bank" - Jan. 13, 2012

IU and Trouble Maker slug it out for the week’s K-Chart winner on KBS “Music Bank.”  "You and I" by IU prevailed on the Friday the 13th edition of KBS’ weekly music show. Sunny Hill comes back to the “Music Bank” stage on today’s show

Chicago Sun-Times Music Critic Mentions JYJ, Super Junior, and HyunA

Earlier this week, JYJ, Super Junior, and HyunA were mentioned in a special column published by the U.S. daily newspaper, Chicago Sun-Times. In the column written by the paper’s music critic, Thomas Conner, the three leading K-Pop artists were mentioned as part of a concert and album preview for 2012

Nine Muses Have Music Core Comeback Performance With "News"

Making their comeback performance this week is Nine Muses with their new song "News," their second digital single. They had released the music video earlier this week.  This is the first track that includes their eighth member, Kyung Ri, who was added after ending promotions for their debut track, “Figaro

Sunny Hill Performs Comeback “The Grasshopper Song” on Music Core

Mixed group Sunny Hill made their comeback performance on Music Core today with “The Grasshopper Song.” They also released their music video for the song two days ago. “The Grasshopper Song” has addicting beats and unique lyrics make it a very interesting listen

A Pink Performs "My My" Remix Ver. on Music Core

Rookie group A Pink sure has been busy since their debut last April. Despite "My My" being released in November, they won their first music show win last week on M! Countdown.Today on Music Core they performed the remix version of "My My

Teen Top Performs "Going Crazy" on Music Core

Check out Teen Top's performance of "Going Crazy" on Music Core. After releasing their music video on January 5, they also made their comeback performances last week on the various music shows. They have continued to be in the news this week as they received criticism for swearing in the song and also had their agency flooded with calls from parents for another reason

T-ara Performs "Lovey Dovey" on Music Core

Check out T-ara's performance of "Lovey Dovey" today on Music Core. Earlier this week they released the Zombie Version Music Video of "Lovey Dovey." The song has had a really strong start as it took #1 on the Billboard K-Pop chart this week

MBC Music Core 01.14.2012

Music Core performances today by: T-ara, MBLAQ, Teen Top, A Pink, Lee Hyun, Sunny Hill, Glow, Boyfriend, NS Yoonji, Rainbow Pixie, Dynamic Duo, Park Hyun Bin, Nine Muses, Chocolat, CHAOS, FAT CAT, F.I

Win Tickets to Attend KBS Music Bank in Paris!

Hey Soompiers in Europe!We are excited to announce the arrival of KBS Music Bank in Paris -- and a chance for you to win tickets to watch it live! Soompi has five pairs of tickets for you to attend the K-Pop Festival Music Bank in Paris, produced by KBS

Sunny Hill sings “The Grasshopper Song” on ‘Music Bank’

Talented pop quintet Sunny Hill have just released their new single album, ‘The Grasshoppers‘. On today’s episode of KBS ‘Music Bank‘, Sunny Hill continued to perform their first comeback stage with their title track “The Grasshopper Song“

Nine Muses breaks some ?News? on ‘Music Bank’

The ladies of Nine Muses are back to conquer with their latest release, “News“! The girls returned to KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘ on January 13th to put on a exhilarating performance that is out-and-out sexy