Matoki Earthventure Season 2

No new season for spinoff

No new season for spinoff
Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin Famed producer Na Young-seok said he has no plans to make a second season of the spinoff of the show “Three Meals a Day”, currently one of the hottest reality TV programs. ... Read more

Insiders say "We Got Married" producers are looking for new couples for fresh season

Insiders say

Although producer Sun Hye Yoon has officially denied looking for replacements for the current season, there are still reports that “We Got Married” producers are searching for new couples for the reality show.. ... Read more

"Superstar K" Draws Curtain Of Seventh Season with an Amazing Teaser


Mnet’s “Superstar K” will be opening the door to its seventh season on March 5 by receiving sign-ups for the first round.

Mnet revealed the logo for “Superstar K7” and its first teaser. The short clip contained the audition program’s determination to create an even more entertaining season than the past six years by depicting themselves as seven-year-old children.. ... Read more

tvN drama "Let"s Eat", starring Doojoon, gets ready for the premiere of season 2 with posters of the cast

tvN drama

tvN drama “Let”s Eat” is gearing up for a comeback with a second season! As mentioned before, B2ST“s Doojoon, who made hearts flutter with his role last season, will also be starring in the second season!. ... Read more

Tiger JK and Zhang Yuan Make Cameo Appearance in First Episode of "SNL Korea" Season 2

Tiger JK and Zhang Yuan Make Cameo Appearance in First Episode of

Tiger JK and “Abnormal Summit” member Zhang Yuan will be making a brieft cameo appearance on the first broadcast of “SNL Korea.”

On February 11th, “SNL Korea” announced that while the first episode will not have the usual celebrity host and instead follow a “crew show” format, there will be celebrity cameos from Tiger JK and Zhang Yuan.. ... Read more

"Grandpas Over Flowers" Heads To Greece For Filming Of Third Season


Grandpas Over Flowers” has revealed the final destination for its third season!

On February 9th, the “Grandpas Over Flowers” producer Na Young Suk revealed that, “We have finalized the destination for this season’s ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ to Greece.”. ... Read more

SONAMOO Reportedly Next in Line to Star in New Season of Reality Show "SONAMOO's Pet House"

SONAMOO Reportedly Next in Line to Star in New Season of Reality Show

SONAMOO will be starring the new upcoming season of the reality show “Pet House.”


A representative of SBS MTV revealed that, “It’s only been about a month since the girls debuted, and they’ll already be having their “SONAMOO’s Pet House” through SBS MTV. Through the show, the girls will be taking care of various dogs, meeting all sorts of different kinds and learning how to take care of them.”. ... Read more

"Superstar K" Confirmed To Open The Curtain For Seventh Season


The singing audition show “Superstar K” will draw its curtain for another season!

On February 2nd, Mnet officially announced, “’Superstar K7’ will be broadcast this year. Please look forward to it.”. ... Read more

Full 11-member lineup for "Real Men" season 2 confirmed!

Full 11-member lineup for

After a lot of speculation and reports, MBC“s “Real Men” has revealed the official 11-member lineup for season 2!

Actor Lim Won Hee, comedian Kim Young Chul, chef Sam Kim, former pro basketball player Kim Seung Hyun, actor Lee Kyu Han, actor Jung Kyu Woon, Super Junior“s Kangin, Untouchable“s Sleepy, Sam Ochiri, and Boyfriend“s Youngmin and Kwangmin have been confirmed as the new cast members to transform into soldiers. Unlike the previous season, all 11 members of the upcoming show have gotten short haircuts as appropriate for military men. . ... Read more

MBC Carries Out Lineup Changes In Second Season Of Variety Show "Real Men"

MBC Carries Out Lineup Changes In Second Season Of Variety Show

Lately, a representative of MBC revealed that they are carrying out a change in the whole lineup for the second season of “Real Men.”

It was previously revealed that K.Will and Park Gun Hyung had left and the remaining members were in talks to continue, but it seems all the original cast members will be leaving.. ... Read more