Matoki Earthventure Season 2

"Crime Scene" releases posters featuring Hani, Park Ji Yoon, and more for second season!


“Crime Scene” has released its posters for its upcoming second season! 

In the posters, the cast members for the second season of “Crime Scene”, Hani, Jang Dong Min, Hong Jin Ho, Park Ji Yoon, and Jang Jin, pose before an ominous gray background with the words, “Don”t trust anyone,” lingering above their somber faces. While one poster contains security height ruler as if the group is taking a collective mug shot, another is splattered with blood and contains an outline of a body, adding a dark tone to complement the show”s theme. . ... Read more

CLC to be the opening act for the pro-baseball season opening game

CLC to be the opening act for the pro-baseball season opening game

This week”s episode of MBC“s “Show! Music Core” is unfortunately canceled because of the pro-baseball opening game, but there is a silver lining! You can at least see CLC”s performance of “PEPE“, as they are the opening act for the game! . ... Read more

Jiyoung to debut as a radio DJ for her own show, "Jiyoung"s Season"!

Jiyoung to debut as a radio DJ for her own show,

Kamilias are sure to have missed this face. Well, you”re in for some good news as Jiyoung will be making her debut as a Japanese radio DJ soon! 

On March 25, it was announced by Japanese media outlets that Jiyoung will be the DJ for her own regular radio program Tokyo FM“s “Jiyoung”s Season,and her first day as DJ will be on April 7. . ... Read more

SBS Considers Making Changes For Next Season of "Roommate"

SBS Considers Making Changes For Next Season of

PD of SBS’ entertainment show “Roommate” revealed that they consider making changes for the next season!

Roommate′s PD, Park Sang Hyuk told Newsen on March 19, “We are preparing the next season, but nothing has been confirmed about the direction of the reformatting. We′re currently discussing it.”. ... Read more

"Let"s Eat - Season 2" Yoon Doo-joon and Seo Hyeon-jin


Yoon Doo-joon and Seo Hyeon-jin are starring in the tvN drama “Let”s Eat – Season 2“. They act out a cute couple.

Pictures of Yoon and Seo show them standing together with their scripts in their hands. Then again, they can be seen apparently sour at each other. . ... Read more

EXID"s Hani, Park Ji Yoon, Hong Jin Ho, Jang Jin, and Jang Dong Min confirmed for "Crime Scene" season 2


EXID“s Hani, Park Ji Yoon, professional gamer Hong Jin Ho, director Jang Jin, and comedian Jang Dong Min has been confirmed for the second season of “Crime Scene“!
Park Ji Yoon and Hong Jin Ho were on the first season. Park Ji Yoon caught the most criminals, and Hong Jin Ho won the most amount of money from the first season. Director Jang Jin is well known for his various movies and is a “genius” director. Jang Dong Min is the winner of “The Genius“, and EXID”s Hani has been known for her 145 IQ. . ... Read more

"Roommate" to end this season soon and kick off a new season with new members


Roommate” will be going through another lineup change!

A broadcast insider told Ilgan Sports, ““Roommate” will be finishing up its 2nd season and be continuing toward a 3rd season. The panel will include mostly actors who have not been on variety shows.“. ... Read more

"Let"s Eat - Season 2" Seo Hyeon-jin fights Yoon Doo-joon with sweet and sour pork


Seo Hyeon-jin was caught in the making of the new tvN drama “Let”s Eat – Season 2” poster.

She is holding up a sweet and sour pork and looking determinedly at the camera. When the camera started rolling, she became a whole different person. She posed as if about to attack with the pork-on-a-stick. . ... Read more

Yoo In Na and Kim Jong Kook Team Up to Lead "Fashion King" Season 3

Yoo In Na and Kim Jong Kook Team Up to Lead

Kim Joong Kook and Yoo In Na have been selected as new host for the third season of  SBS’ fashion competition show “Fashion King.

According to industry insiders, the hosts recently confirmed their appearance on the show, and have already participated in the first shoot which was held today on March 5.. ... Read more

Lovelyz release prologue for "LOVELYZ DIARY Season 2"

Lovelyz release prologue for

For the fans of rookie girl group Lovelyz, you can get to know more about the girls as they continue to provide you their “Lovelyz Diary” in season 2.

There are lot of things to discover about these adorable girls so make sure to tune in and keep updated.. ... Read more