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Kang Hye-jung returns to television in The Marriage Plot

Lee Kyu-han (Smile, Can You Hear My Heart) steps into the main hero’s role, which will be his first time playing a lead in a drama miniseries, though it’s not his first time as chaebol; he plays Kang-jae, the son to the owner of a food corporationKang’s such a talented, quirky actress that it was a shame to see her sidelined; her unconventional, understated 2007 drama Flowers For My Life remains one of my favorites Lee Kyu-han (Smile, Can You Hear My Heart) steps into the main hero’s role, which will be his first time playing a lead in a drama miniseries, though it’s not his first time as chaebol; he plays Kang-jae, the son to the owner of a food corporationHa, is she trying to encourage compatibility in some kind of progressive way, or is she trying to provoke a shotgun wedding? And just how does she scheme to force eligible bachelors into such a living condition? I’m thinking Mom’s got a few shady tricks up her sleeves…Kang Hye-jung’s character Gun-hee is a strong and smart modern woman, but also prone to making the odd silly mistakeLee Young-eun (While You Were Sleeping)plays the eldest sister Sun-hee, who possesses a personality that’s diametrically opposite to second sister Gun-hee, which naturally leads to confrontations between the sisters ” I’ll be looking forward to seeing Kang headline a project again, since she was pretty much wasted in her last drama, Miss Ripley, where she was all set up to be a formidable rival… and then fizzled into meaninglessness

Kim Hyun Joong to sing OST for "Marriage Plot"

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong will be lending his voice for the OST of tvN's drama "Marriage Plot." As Lee Min Woo, who directed the smash-hit drama "Boys Over Flowers", will be the director of the new comedy drama "Marriage Plot", Kim Hyun Joong immediately volunteered to sing the OST for the drama

An introduction to tvN’s Marriage Plot

She gets paired with Lee Kyu-han, a 32-year-old chaebol son to a food corporation president whohappens to be one of Mom’s lodgers She gets paired with Lee Min-woo (Princess’s Man), who plays 35-year-old Jang-won, another boarderShe doesn’t have a romantic partner yet, but she does have a crush on unni’s man Jang-won (Lee Min-woo) In the first teaser below, Kang and her leading man Lee Kyu-han pull pistols on each other and say sweetly, “I love youOn the other hand, there’s good-looking Se-won (Kim Jae-deuk), a 24-year-old playboy partier who spends money freely and gets into accidents left and rightAt least, it had better be metaphorical; this drama isn’t aiming to be Myung Wol the Spy Gets Married

Marriage Plot: Episode 1

I love the way the actress (Cha Hwa-yeon) plays Mom, as quietly pained and contemplative, which makes me think her whole Marriage Plot will be more poignant and thoughtful than I’d assumed it would beThe SWAT team rushes in and the head agent yells at the bride, “No! You’ll get nothing out of killing someone like him!” Satisfyingly, the groom’s voice cracks: “Kill? Me? WHY?!” What, could you not just hear yourself?Groom makes a break for it, dodging explosions ) Having this kind of motivation means that no matter how outlandish the shenanigans get, I’m more willing to go with it because I can see what it’s rooted inShe beats him up, growling that she’s made herself ill because of him, grinding her teeth ”Kang-jae: “You’ll fire me?”Dad: “Not fireGun-hee bites out, “Aren’t those words for Dad? I only remember what he looked like from the back

Marriage Plot: Episode 2

Kang-jae, on the other hand, isn’t a character I necessarily connect with yet, but he’s flat-out hilarious so I enjoy watching him fume and grumble under Gun-hee’s supervision ” Gun-hee makes her proposal, presenting it as an idea meant for Mom’s benefit: If she sells now, she can get a good price for the company, “So join up with my companyShe wonders why she feels such foreboding, and encounters a number of little bad-luck signs on her way out of the building: a scraped bumper, a black catOn the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mom was actually backing away from her business as a last-ditch effort to “turn her daughters into people,” as she puts it ) She updates him on her plans, saying that this will give her the chance to bond with her daughtersI don’t mean in a super-melodramatic makjang sense, but in the way that a long-buried resentment may fester, perhaps even without her realizing it

Marriage Plot: Episode 3

Then there’s the boardinghouse itself, which I see much more hilarity afootKang-jae reflects on the metaphorical mention that the boardinghouse will be a cellar, glancing at Gun-hee for a moment He looks over at smiling Jang-won and a big talking Se-won and sighs, “As usual, I can only depend on my own two feet Jang-won catches Min-ji sneak out the back door and lets her tag along with him to the stunt school (Hey it’s the same one from Secret Garden!)But like the man-child he is, he calls her by that name again, this time fake coughingThat is, a breakfast that calls for an instant heart attack of fried foods and pizza, to Mom’s horror

Marriage Plot: Episode 4

That’s good and all if it weren’t for Kang-jae’s childish interruptions, joking that it’s not recording or that her ‘expression isn’t right Kang-jae calls out the president’s secretary and asks if he was the one who suggested that the kimchi project be scrapped But he has better idea – they can work to save the kimchi project – togetherHe adds that they’ll end up happily ever after… in the dramaAnd if I liked Gun-hee more, this would mean more to me

Marriage Plot: Episode 5

Su-ho cuts right to the chase – is he asking if they ever dated? The answer’s no – he liked her, but she always found him “comfortable Eyes wide, he spits out if his actions deserved a slap, citing that even a dog won’t bite a cat trying to become friends  Now that they’re friends, Sun-hee asks cautiously if she can share a secretBut we still needed to know and understand Gun-hee, because let’s face it, she didn’t give off a great initial impressionNow that he knew he could, there was no point in trying  Now that they’re friends, Sun-hee asks cautiously if she can share a secret

Marriage Plot: Episode 6

She wonders what could’ve been if she went out to that date ”Gun-hee storms back into the office, furious, refusing her iced coffee (a manifestation of her desire of an ‘exciting lover’), seething that she’ll have a sweet one insteadShouldn’t you be giving yourself this lecture Princess? Min-ji visits Jang-won at the stunt school and he’s initially cautious about eating the packed lunch  COMMENTSWhat a beautiful ending – more beautiful if it didn’t end up like this:Yunno what I’m saying? That’s just far, awkward, and uncomfortableHe mused that everyone seemed to do that nowadaysGun-hee dismisses him, annoyed that her chat with Su-ho is interrupted yet again

Marriage Plot: Episode 7

He tests it out, remarking that she’s a red light so he better stopHe gets offended but then tells her isn’t it better to have a stalker since she’s lonely? Or why else would she go see her first love?SMACKHe gets offended but then tells her isn’t it better to have a stalker since she’s lonely? Or why else would she go see her first love?SMACKHanding it back to him, she asks how he found her hereHe suggests then that they be squished or even sssmmmuusshhedd together insteadIt’s Sunday and Gun-hee blurts in shock that it seems so sudden

Marriage Plot: Episode 8

Dad chides him for his casual Hawaiian attireGun-hee’s in no mood to play however, but she hesitates thinking about that stale scentWhich is when she sends her knee straight into his family jewelsShe then lets out a small squeal of excitement, having discovered what might be the answer to their kimchi problemSo even if you chase me out, I won’t leaveEven if it took an Instant Cold to do it

Marriage Plot: Episode 9

He cups her face in his hands and pulls his hands away the next momentHer mind fills with random concerns like his health, or the awkward silence Staring straight at her, he tells her that she needn’t be afraid of the dark anymore because they can walk home hand-in-hand The sticker chart looms over her head and Kang-jae catches her looking at it every spare moment Not yet willing to give in, she smiles, “But you survived because of itShe comes clean that she didn’t find the answer, wondering aloud if this was all she was capable of

Marriage Plot: Episode 10

He’s thankful, however, that she did call him when she needed helpAt the same time, Dad enjoys some kimchi with makgulli with the general manager, recounting his love for it as well ” So she’ll just hang around and waitNo… it doesn’t matter if I am Kang-jae insists if he can tag along – he’ll just hang back like a shadowIn a moment  of uncontrolled rage, she throws down her food tray in front of the ajumma citing that it’s unsanitary

Marriage Plot: Episode 11

Our couple finally gets to express their feelings for each other with lots of cute coupleified moments. Hidden truths start to emerge and wedge themselves into the budding relationship. From Cloud 9, you can start to see the edge of the oncoming storm on the horizon

Marriage Plot: Episode 12

Noble Idiocy? That’s not what I ordered. Why are you coming and ruining my kimchi? Wait, is this even about kimchi anymore?EPISODE 12 RECAPThe boardinghouse throws Kang-jae a birthday surprise of confetti and cake the next morning

Marriage Plot: Episode 13

This series is in need of emergency of an overhaul of storyline being sucked into a stupidity vortex. If lying for the sake of the other person wasn’t enough, then the advice around our main couple sound like a poor greeting card

Marriage Plot: Episode 14

We’re back and the truth is out. Chinjung is in dire need of a superhero and our leads are finally forced to take matters into their own hands. It’s time to suit up and roll your sleeves ’cause this is going to take a lot of work

Marriage Plot: Episode 15

Memories can leave a different taste in our mouths – they can be sweet, salty, or even bitter. Gun-hee searches to rediscover Chinjung’s unique taste while Kang-jae ponders on what it means for kimchi to taste like a memory

Marriage Plot: Episode 16 (Final)

Time to look into the kimchi vat and see how well our batch has fermented. Or how much it didn’t ripen at all. There’s nothing unexpected in this finale and I can safely say that although it’s not the most unique or delicious kimchi I’ve ever tasted, it doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth either

MBLAQ’s Seungho reveals, “Other than mom all international marriage”

MBLAQ member Seungho revealed an unusual family history. Seungho attended the production report of KBS Joy ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby’ on January 16th and shared, “When I was little, my dream was to become a young father