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Singer NS Yoonji Is Making Her Acting Debut in "Marriage Clinic: Love & War 2"

Singer NS Yoonji will be taking her first step into the acting world. On January 6, NS Yoonji attended the celebratory 100th episode press conference for KBS’s “Marriage Clinic: Love & War 2,” along with Seo Kwon Soon, Min Ji Young, and Choi Young Wan

MBLAQ’s Seungho reveals, “Other than mom all international marriage”

MBLAQ member Seungho revealed an unusual family history. Seungho attended the production report of KBS Joy ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby’ on January 16th and shared, “When I was little, my dream was to become a young father

Park Si Yeon, ‘Marriage must suit her’ even more beautiful than ever

Actress Park Si Yeon showed off her maximum beauty. Park Si Yeon visited New York last December for the shooting of an ad for a cosmetics brand to be revealed this spring. The picture revealed shows Park Si Yeon in a shoot for the lipsticks for the brand she is representing

Sung Yuri “As for marriage…”

Singer-turned actress Sung Yuri has expressed her opinions about marriage. The MBC show "A Good Day" visited Sung Yuri and the actress Jeon Inhwa on the set of the drama "The Feast of the Gods." Laughing, Sung Yuri confessed that "Ms

‘Glory Jane’ Ends Happily with Marriage Proposal

A man has proposed to a woman he has cherished since childhood in the final episode of the KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama “Glory Jane.” On the December 28 episode, Kim Yeong-gwang (Chun Jung-myung) quits the Geodae Group and goes back to the baseball field

Chinese media reports rumor that Hankyung & Jiang Kai Tong are headed for marriage

Former Super Junior member Hankyung has been recently rumored to be dating Chinese actress Jiang Kai Tong who is five years his junior, but now netizens are speculating that the two will soon be getting married

Tiger JK talks about his marriage on ‘Sketchbook’

Tiger JK caused the ‘Sketchbook‘ audience to roar in laughter after making an unexpected confession about his marriage. Hip hop artist Tiger JK and singer Brian Joo guest-featured on the February 24th episode of KBS‘ ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘ and discussed dating and marriage

B1A4′s CF for Thai Cosmetic company ‘Wuttisak Clinic’ revealed

The boys of Super Junior have been endorsing Thai cosmetic company 12 Plus for quite some time now and now it seems another Thai cosmetic company has recruited a K-Pop boy group to endorse their products

Jung Hyun Dong pretend marriage, pregnant instead of Guri "I don't want my wife to have a hard time"

Jung Hyun Don, who has pretend-married Guri in 'LuluLala' made everyone laugh by stating that he has become pregnant in place of his wife. December 18ths episode of MBC TV 'Our Sunday Night-LuluLala; will capture the imge of Jung Hyun Dong and Guri as well as Kim Shin Young and Bang Young Guk as they visit baby goods store as 'couples'

Kang Hye-jung returns to television in The Marriage Plot

Lee Kyu-han (Smile, Can You Hear My Heart) steps into the main hero’s role, which will be his first time playing a lead in a drama miniseries, though it’s not his first time as chaebol; he plays Kang-jae, the son to the owner of a food corporationKang’s such a talented, quirky actress that it was a shame to see her sidelined; her unconventional, understated 2007 drama Flowers For My Life remains one of my favorites Lee Kyu-han (Smile, Can You Hear My Heart) steps into the main hero’s role, which will be his first time playing a lead in a drama miniseries, though it’s not his first time as chaebol; he plays Kang-jae, the son to the owner of a food corporationHa, is she trying to encourage compatibility in some kind of progressive way, or is she trying to provoke a shotgun wedding? And just how does she scheme to force eligible bachelors into such a living condition? I’m thinking Mom’s got a few shady tricks up her sleeves…Kang Hye-jung’s character Gun-hee is a strong and smart modern woman, but also prone to making the odd silly mistakeLee Young-eun (While You Were Sleeping)plays the eldest sister Sun-hee, who possesses a personality that’s diametrically opposite to second sister Gun-hee, which naturally leads to confrontations between the sisters ” I’ll be looking forward to seeing Kang headline a project again, since she was pretty much wasted in her last drama, Miss Ripley, where she was all set up to be a formidable rival… and then fizzled into meaninglessness

Jeon Ji Hyun denies marriage rumors

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun has denied the circulating rumors about her walking down the aisle this June. The sweetheart of smash hit film "My Sassy Girl" has been the talk lately after she admitted to being in a relationship with the hanbok designer Lee Young Hee's grandson, Choi

Ooh La La Session confirms their member’s marriage and pregnancy rumors

Mnet‘s ‘Super Star K3‘ winner, Ooh La La Session will be celebrating one of their member’s marriage in coming May. Earlir today, Ooh La La Session‘s agency Mnet confirmed with OSEN via phone call that their member Kim Myung Hoon will be getting married to his girlfriend on May 12th

After quick marriage, rumors circulate about Hyeun Young pregnancy

Hyeun Young In the latest of what has been a rapid-fire succession of startling announcements about entertainer Hyeun Young’s personal life, some entertainment media have begun to speculate that she is three months pregnant

Ha Jeong-woo comes clean about breakup following marriage rumors

Ha Jeong-woo and Ku Eun-ae An exaggerated report by SBS has forced actor Ha Jeong-woo and model Ku Eun-ae to come clean about their relationship, with Ha’s agency announcing that the two split back in January

Ha Ji Won, 33, says, “I don’t know what marriage is”

Actress Ha Ji Won recently talked how she feels about marriage. On March 8, Ha attended a press conference for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series The King 2 Hearts and was asked about marriage. Ha replied that she doesn’t know yet

Ha Ji Won: "I Don't Know What Marriage Is Yet"

On March 8, actress Ha Ji Won attended the press conference for her new drama, "The King 2hearts."  In the drama, Ha Ji Won plays the role of Kim Hang Ah, a former agent and current instructor of the North Korean special forces

Jeon Ji Hyun's Marriage Is Pushed Forward to April 13

Jeon Ji Hyun will be marrying a bit earlier than planned! The date of her marriage changed from June 2 to April 13. Jeon Ji Hyun’s entertainment agency “J & Co. Entertainment” stated “Jeon Ji Hyun’s wedding date changed to April 13 because of the shift in overseas filming schedule for the movie ‘Berlin

Kim Won Joon denies marriage rumors with former ‘We Got Married’ co-star Park So Hyun

Singer Kim Won Joon denied marriage rumors with his former MBC ‘We Got Married‘ co-star, Park So Hyun. A representative from his agency informed MyDailyon March 12th, “The marriage rumors with Park So Hyun are ridiculous

Girl who rejected Jay Park’s marriage offer finally cuts her hair

  Remember the girl who rejected Jay Park, when he offered to marry her if she gets her hair cut? (See previous article here.) Well, her and her two sisters have recently undergone a 180 degree transformation after much hesitation! The three sisters previously appeared on the February 27th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘National Talk Show Hello‘, after their father requested to participate in the program in concern for his three daughters, who have never cut their hair since they were born

Marriage is a Crazy, Emotional Thing

(Some spoilers.) A fall afternoon. A blind date. Two people, meeting over orange juice and coffee. Polite smiles, banal conversation, a dull movie that she’s already seen. This is the perfectly benign set up for Yoo Ha’s Marriage is a Crazy Thing